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amazing banner by the wonderful lydian, thank you so much!
hosted by Lilburr

Hiya! Welcome to the first edition of the UU Snake Draft! Every year, 8 teams with 8 starters will fight on the big stage and try to come out on top. Who will win? With no defending champion, the lucrative title of UU Snake Draft Champion is even more valuable this year! Who will win? Be sure to stick around and find out! As always, any feedback on the tournament and how it's being run is much appreciated, particularly since this is our first iteration.

You can sign up here. Signups will be closed on Saturday, November 21st at 11:59 PM EST.

The teams, their managers, and their tryout discord server links if they have one:

Dreamyard Diancies - managed by martha
Brave Mew World - managed by Ramolost - contact ramolost#6846 for tryouts
tbd - managed by TDK
Union Cave Dunsparce - managed by CBU
Dragon's Den Dragonairs - managed by Indigo Plateau
Los Cherno Bouffalants - managed by Bouff - contact Safir#7965 for "whatever, but not tryouts"
Bebo Brand Barboaches - managed by Bebo
Mossdeep Space Center Mega Rayquazas - managed by hs

The format for this tournament will be:
Best of luck to everyone participating! And yes, this is the place to drop any memes you may have, but please be sure to keep things civil.


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Message me if you want me to write about you!

Underrated or Unknown Players that I am familiar with (in sign up order):

Tiers Played: SS > DPP > BW/SM > ORAS
Timezone : GMT-8

An active Smogon player who has recently dabbled more into UU, 52gambit had one of his most notable performances in the UU forum trio tour. In this tour, he scored a win against well known UU player Juno, although he likely benefitted from a Hurricane miss. Managers might want to ask himself - was 52gambit a genius on turn 27 for not trying to double out as his opponent scouted a choiced EQ? Or was this just a lucky mistake? The only way to find out would be to draft him.​

Tiers Played: ss / sm / oras / bw / dpp
Timezone: gmt +8

Not an unknown, but certainly an underrated player, TMM has nerves of steel being able to take down Avarice in the UU Tundra Cup (who eliminated me in the UU Blitz tour). The game was Veil vs Screens match up which as mentioned takes great nerve to play well and despite an arguably bad footing to start off the game, TMM was able to rally to sweep with Volcarona, giving him a crucial game 2 win to rally the entire series and eliminate Avarice, who himself is still in UU Majors quarterfinals.​

Tiers Played: SS UU/SM UU
Timezone: GMT+5.30

Not venturing much in the UU forums but making his presence felt in the UU discord, Zephyr has very notably received a perfect 4-0 score in his UU Majors pool including a win over the regular player agenS. In the game, Zephyr played calmly and correctly identified his best chance of winning, not losing hope even when the score was 5-3. He found that Weezing had a nice match up and saved it until the end to profit and get stop his opponent's momentum, ultimately getting the W with his Slowbro-Galar / Slowking core, a strong innovation not recognized by some other players until later. Also, he has an OP timezone.​

Tiers Played: SS UU / SM UU / ORAS UU / ADV UU
Timezone : GMT-8

While most PS UU room users know BigFatMantis from his positive presence, the forums is just discovering his talent and knowledge. He recently posted in the NP thread correctly identifying many of the key aspects of current top tier mons. His metagame knowledge is shown in points like Salamence not yet being the threat it was anticipated to be. Let's see if his prediction is correct tomorrow, that the most bannable mons right now are Hawlucha, Dracozolt, and Blacephalon. Knowledge aside, he's certainly a competent player as he's now in round 3 of the UU Tundra cup.​

Tiers played: SS/SM/ORAS UU
Timezone: GMT +1

Socrates' most notable performance came in his undefeated run in the UU trio tour, but his most recent UU tournament win came vs pazza in UU Majors. That game saw Socrates quickly identify his top threat Golurk to get as much mileage as possible vs a tricky looking HO team and then he quickly built up a lead in the game that his opponent never overcame. Will he be able to bury his opponents for your snake team just as he buried pazza in this game? You know there's only one way to find out.​

Tiers played: ORAS / USUM / BW
Timezone: GMT +8

One of UU's longest time and best contributors, most players know Euphonos from his Iron Chef days, an extremely popular and intensive project that he spearheaded in 2015. Recently, he participated in UU World Cup. He went positive in his pool, defeating the known players Bobby Dagen/rodribultar and A Hero's Destiny. His game with A Hero's Destiny demonstrates that Euphonos knows how to identify his win condition and execute properly, as he willingly got a position down 4-6 knowing he could weaken his opponent enough for a decisive Abomasnow sweep. Let's see if the spurned manager would-be will perform as a player.​

little maths
Tiers played: SS >SM
Timezone: GMT+2

Tutored by one of the top French players Basaninho so you know he can only improve, little maths has been dabbling in UU for the past few months, including qualifying for tie breaks to enter UU Majors Stage 2. In a game that I assume was part of a French tour, Little Maths was able to score a nice prediction on turn 13 to eliminate his opponent's Ground type and convert that advantage with his Thunduruss. This game shows he knows how to convert advantages and is able to pull the trigger at critical moments in order to get the advantage.​

Tiers played: BW UU
Timezone: GMT +1

Choolio is well known but I thought to include him anyways because he's a gen5uu player and people who play tiers older then gen7uu need these introductions more in my opinion. Anyways, he's had strong showings in UU Premier League and BW Cup for years, his most recent gen5uu showing was in UU World Cup where he beat Mr. Aldo using a tough rain team. His game showed that early game hax wouldn't deter him and he could still find the safest way to convert a good match up advantage.​

Bad feeling
Tiers Played: SS UU / ADV UU
Timezone : GMT+1

One of the top ladder players, Bad feeling has dabbled this past year in Smogon tournaments as well. One of his more notable contributions to the metagame included inventing max SpDef AV Reuniclus right before Venusaur was banned in order to counter top threats like Venusaur and Gardevoir - this set remained surprisingly strong in the metagame even showing up in UU Ladder Tour finals. He's not afraid to post on Smogon also participating in suspect discussions and creating an RMT showcasing some of his innovations.​

Tiers Played: SSUU / SM UU / DPP UU
Timezone : GMT+1

One of the most consistent contributors to the UU research week project, KSt3eve has shown he is able to compete with Smogon regulars as well, beating Chloe in round 1 of UU tundra cup. In that game, he was able to navigate through an offensive onslaught by his opponent's HO team and able to turn the game around with a surprising Psyshock on turn 13. He demonstrates an ability to throw counterstrikes if given a chance and his consistent contributions to the UU research week project should indicate his metagame knowledge is top notch.​

Tiers Played: SS UU
Timezone : GMT+1

Known to most PS UU room regulars, ojr has shown plenty of interest in UU recently. One of his more notable wins came vs SpenderofTime, who is currently in the quarterfinals of UU Majors. He has shown an ability to use relatively creative sets like Quiver Dance Ribombee to clutch out wins while also not shying away from Pokemon like Mudsdale which while lacking popularity with mainstream players, was known to be a strong choice in the metagame. You can expect ojr to know add quirks to his team to try and beat the metagame.​

467 11 11p
Tiers Played: SS UU
Timezone: GMT -4

A well known presence in the PS UU room, 467 11 11p is no slouch at battling either, being able to beat pokemonisfun in his UU Majors pool. He shows that he is able to combine strong metagame techniques with pulling the needed trigger to get a decisive advantage by turn 11 using Megahorn on a Rotom-C switch in prediction. Given his vast experience playing in room tours, the ladder, and general presence in the PS UU room, he will certainly be able to compete against any other player in the draft.​

Fogbound Lake
Tiers Played: SS UU / SM UU
Timezone : GMT +2

A newcomer to the UU community, Fogbound Lake has been on a tear in the most recent UU circuit tour, UU Majors, having qualified for the quarter finals of the tournament and notching a perfect 4-0 record in his pool. His most recent win in UU majors was a steamroll where he used a relatively unused strategy in a tier that's currently spamming Hawlucha terrain, Screens, bulky sand offense, and stall. This game shows he's able to think independently and keep on top of the meta.​

Tiers Played: ORAS
Timezone: GMT+8

While he's known player and has played in multiple UU Premier Leagues, I'm including him because like choolio he's only interested in an old gen. One of his best games came from UU Premier League in 2019 where he beat highways after he identified that his powerful offensive core of Entei + Gardevoir. The win was particularly impressive as you could see for the entire 33 turn game - with no exceptions - Kreme was ahead in the game and never relented. He's a more than competent gen6uu player and can certainly do plenty of damage to this snake draft.​

Tiers Played: all
Timezone: GMT -3

An immensely versatile player who qualified for UU Classics playoffs, LpZ is capable of scoring wins against people in any tier that he plays. For example, he won this game in DPP UU Cup vs pokemonisfun being able to defend an onslaught of rain sweepers in a tier where rain is often considered overpowered. He showed he was able to make crucial predictions like on turn 28 U-Turning on a Toxicroak - this is important because the position was still murky. It's easy enough to make predictions when you're at the knife's edge but when the position is less clear, these predictions become more difficult because the payout is less clear.​

Tiers Played: SS/SM
Timezone: GMT-5

Also known as Zephyyyr, BeTheShadow is one of the more known faces in the PS UU room and has shown great talent, being able to dispatch one of the top UU players Sabella in stage two of UU Majors. During the first game, BeTheShadow was able to keep calm and score the first KO with Dracozolt despite several desperate and good predictions by Sabella. Zephyyyr never gave up the advantage and took advantage of inaccuracies in Sabella's plays by using Hippowdon optimally and scored a relatively clean win. In a nutshell, he can win games.​

Tiers Played: SS
Timezone: GMT -5

One of the relatively few players to reach #1 on the ladder when I was in the middle of dominating it, Chuerk also has demonstrated ability to win tournament games like versus Ramolost in UU Majors pool. Undeterred after losing Slowbro-Galarian early on to a Shadow Ball Sylveon, Chuerk managed to eke out a win by correctly identifying one of his top threats Zarude. Throughout the game, he showed that he didn't have to risk his position using a fancy prediction, instead opting to use Zarude as his win condition.​

Tiers Played: SS UU / SM UU / ORAS UU / BW UU / DPP UU / ADV UU
Timezone : GMT-4

Known to most regulars of the PS UU room, Mygrein or at least someone on his account, was able to win a gen7uu game vs BushTush in what I think was the m00la/solonor tour. Calling the game a win would be a bit of an understatement considering how strong it was, freeze hax aside. He clearly knows that while some sets like Taunt Mega Aerodactyl can be wonky, they can also be effective.​

A Cake Wearing A Hat
Tiers Played: SS UU, SM UU
Timezone: Central Time

A legendary UU contributor, Cake has contributed to countless projects including checking and writing many UU analyses over the past several years. His recent tournament win in the Cannonmons tournament hosted by Euphonos shows he's capable of adapating and thinking creatively. Even in standard metagames, he can methodically take down tough opponent's like Pokemonisfun's stall team here in PS Premier League. He identified one of his best ways to win, using Calm Mind Sylveon, and waited to pull the trigger until the moment was ready to take a large lead his opponent could not recover from.​

Tiers Played: SS UU/BW UU/SM UU
Timezone: GMT -7

A known presence in the PS UU room, taxicab also managed to qualify for stage two of UU Majors and beat Chloe in the process. During game three of their series, taxicab was able to keep up the advantage granted in matchup and never risked anything. Taxicab demonstrates he is able to build and play with very meta and solid teams that can somehow favorably deal with the cheesey teams that standard bulky offenses so often have trouble with.​

Tiers Played: SS UU / SM UU
Timezone : GMT-3

Currently in the quarterfinals of UU Majors, SpenderofTime will spend little time dismantling his opponents with infuriating substitute techniques like he did vs Cynde in UU Majors. His Substitute Aegislash hardly gave his opponent a chance and he used an innovative Substitute Togekiss in the previous game showing that he is able to innovate to stay on top of the metagame.​
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I missed some people who should have been noted or wanted to be noted so this post remedies that. Anyways this is all just my opinion because I would like for the tournament to be as competitive as possible and I'd like to see as many UU players as possible involved. It would be awesome to get other people's thoughts on the pool. I absolutely do not want to give the impression that my opinion is particularly weighty, I'm just showcasing what these players already achieved independent of me.

Tiers Played: ss / sm / oras / dpp
Timezone: gmt -5

Avarice is a longstanding UU community member known to anyone who frequents our forums and discord. His latest achievement is still playing in UU Majors where he reached the quarter finals by dispatching top UU players like Lilburr and Vivalospride. During his 2-0 match with vivalospride, Avarice used some of the styles he was known for like screens but also a powerful stall in the linked replay. He shows an uncanny ability to identify his strengths and was able to correctly predict the right time to sacrifice Chansey to weaken his opponent's main breaker, Dracozolt.​

Tiers Played: SS, SM, ORAS
Timezone : GMT +5:30

Participating in many of our tournaments, Raj.Shoot notably received a perfect 3-0 score in his UU World Cup pool, beating seasoned tournament players like Rodribultar and Eternal Spirit in gen6uu. He showed a good ability on turn 15 to sacrifice relatively unnecessary Pokemon in order to break open a hole using Tyrantrum's Head Smash and then found another opportunity to sweet with Gyarados to get a decisive advantage. Turn 39 was pretty impressive to me, plenty of players could have mindlessly clicked to get a free KO but Raj.Shoot correctly saw that a Gyarados sweep would yield higher rewards.​

Tiers played: SS UU / SM UU
Timezone: GMT +1

Dabbling in our community, SanJl has shown instances of being a strong player. For example, during last year's UU Premier League tryouts with Sage, he was able to nab a win by taking advantage of several overpredictions from his opponent such as by keeping in Primarina on Sage's Roserade's Hidden Power Fire on turn 28.​

Tiers Played: SS UU / SM UU
Timezone : GMT+1

Mindnight has been around in UU for a while, participating in UU Premier League in 2019 for example and most recently advancing to the current round 3 of UU Blitz tournament. To get there, Mindnight won a match against BigFatMantis in a tough game where he threatened to initially sweep a Trick Room team. It's pretty cool how Mindnight was able to set up a sweeping attack vs a Trick Room team and even when that didn't completely work out, he still had enough of an edge to easily win.​

Tiers Played: SS UU
TImezone: GMT -5

Another UU Majors quarterfinalist, Juno reached that point by beating one of the greatest UU players of all time, Adaam, in stage two of the tournament. Instead of making fancy predictions, Juno correctly identified one of her biggest threats in Blacephalon and simply outlasted Adaam's only good counterplay in Hydreigon. That forced Adaam to quickly throw in the towel and concede.​

LNumbers (Clark_03 on SD)
Tiers Played: SS UU / SM UU
Timezone : GMT +1

A force on the ladder, LNumbers is able to take down any UU player as he demonstrated in this rated game vs one of gen8uu's top ladder talents, The Flawless Win. While the game was close, it's extremely impressive to see a player be able to maneuver around a Pain Split Rotom-Heat mainly using a standard defensive Celesteela set. Additionally, the last several turns were quite impressive, LNumbers showing his attention to detail by setting up a sacrifice to entry hazards with Dracozolt in order to expertly wear down Rotom-H to death via Sand and Celesteela's protect. Very classy.​

Tiers Played: DPP uu
Timezone : GMT +1

It might seem weird to put an individual trophy player here, but as he's signing up for an old gen I wanted to remind people how strong Mael can be such as in this game I presume that was for a gen7uu tournament. It was just a super solid win by Mael, after he got the first kill with Sharpedo he navigated the game cleanly by constantly putting up pressure, for example, he gladly traded his Spikes on turn 7 so his Scarf Latias could nab a free KO as his opponent did not yet Mega Evolve his Altaria.​

Tiers played: SM
Timezone: GMT -5

One of the most active participants in UU subforum projects, Sickist can make a strong case he understands the metagame more than a typical player. For example, prior to the November 15th tier drop which saw Terrakion shockingly drop to RU, Sickist noted in a PS UU room seminar that Terrakion was likely underrated. Given the chance, Sickist will likely be underestimated in the tournament and is certainly capable of upsetting other players.​

Tiers Played: ss / oras (both with teams, can do others also if required)
Timezone: gmt +8

A player relatively interested in most Smogon tournaments, Gorex is capable of beating any player as I have first hand experience - he was able to handily beat me in a best of 5 battle factory match. In UU World Cup, he showed an instance of great play and ability to beat very meta teams by utilizing NP Rotom-W in a tier that was largely prepping for defensive Rotom-W. He never made any major risk to smoothly convert a nice match up advantage and will certainly be able to do that for any team drafting him.​

Tiers Played: SS UU/ORAS UU
Timezone: GMT +1

Eliminating well known tournament players like Xiri and Mysterious M in his UU Majors pool, Laevin known presence in the PS UU room and definitely capable of taking out any player. During his game with Xiri, he won partly by letting Xiri fall on his own sword with an overprediction on turn 22 and then never turning back with Zarude and Toxic Spikes giving him a decisive advantage. He's also capable of venturing out to relatively uncommon sets like Choice Scarf Porygon-Z when Choice Specs was being spammed.​
thanks pokemonisfun <3
for managers scouting me for some reason, heres some of my better replays alakazam cup vs pif himself old replay from early SM OU, but i mindread the fuck outta this guy, predict misses, and play him like the clown he is unrelated to SM UU, but my luck is so high that I can just hax the fuck outta whoever for no reason, so draft me if you want luck based wins is what im sayin just some ladder games from back then more recent one from a room tour my only viable UU tour replay where I smoked Serene Grace and then immediately got smoked the next 2 games by stall

just some replays for ya'll to look at, watch this get me not drafted


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We did mock draft #1 today, alongside some uh... hiccups...-

Encouraging the mock managers to post their rosters here. I'll host more of these if there's some demand!


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THE Bebo BRAND BARBOACHES (Is this the actual name dude idk)

ss: Sjneider
ss: pokemonisfun
ss: vivalospride / Feliburn
sm: Gondra
oras: Pak
bw: Finchinator
dpp: brewfasa
adv: BKC

subs: beatiful, atomicllamas, DOOMstadt

r7 fatty :pimp: r9 gondra :afrostar:

s/o to Doomstadt for washing me in the crown tundra tour, consider him in a late round
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