Tournament UU Snake Draft I - Semifinals


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this wonderful banner was drawn by lydian, thank you so much!

Scheduling Sheet (thanks Eyan!)

Tournament Rules and General Guidelines
- Assist and Copycat are banned in BW UU.
- Baton Pass is banned from BW UU, DPP UU, and ADV UU.
- All standard tournament rules apply.


Bebo Brand Barboaches (1) vs (3) TDK Today at 22:01 lily my team has decided we will not have a team name
SS: Gondra vs umbry
SS: Notily vs Ajna
SS: Bushtush vs KSt3ve
SM: vivalospride vs suapah
ORAS: Pearl vs obii
BW: EviGaro vs SoulWind
DPP: TSR vs Eternal Spirit
ADV: Plas vs Star

Los Cherno Bouffalants (3) vs (1) Dragon's Den Dragonairs
SS: Askov vs Kushalos
SS: Nat vs Feliburn
SS: Lyss vs LNumbers
SM: robjr vs PinkDragonTamer
ORAS: Garay oak vs Pak
BW: Punny vs Chill Shadow
DPP: Tomahawk vs Thiago Nunes
ADV: BKC vs brewfasa

Semifinals deadline is Sunday, January 17th @ 11:59PM EST.

Good luck and have fun!

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yo, idk why but i figured id write predicts for these, hf & grats playoff teams! uu community has done a great job of making this tour very hype so i hope playoffs live up to that '-'

Bebo Brand Barboaches (4) vs (4) TDK Today at 22:01 lily my team has decided we will not have a team name
SS: Gondra vs umbry - Man they are both so goddamn good!!! should be a great game. gondras 5-1 umbry is 6-1 sheeeeeesh what a good matchup, along with both being skilled players with positive records in their most recent official team tours. Idk I'm gonna bold gondra bc he's more established in singles tiers, PLUS looking at the SS slots I think the Bebos (and Bebo himself) will likely be more active about SS building than the TDKs now that SPL started. Man, idk tho, this could go either way.

SS: Notily vs Ajna - I think whenever I bold against ajna in one of these lower tier tours he wins and i look bad. i mean doesnt take much for me to look bad LOL see the custom title on the left. notily's 3-0 here which is fire but idk ajna is ajna, he went 7-2 / 8-2 / 7-3? / something ridiculous in the most recent UUPL and if he cares abt this tour more now that they are in playoffs, which 'jerk' teams like this tend to do, i think he can pull in the win regardless of notily's strong play up until now

SS: Bushtush vs KSt3ve - I find it super amusing that KSt3v3 is on this rly jerk/tour player-heavy team, good for him!! i'm sure he will learn a lot from being around such seasoned players. honestly i think it would be rly dope for the 82nd pick to do it big for em in the playoffs; bushtush is negative [2-3] this tour so it's prob possible but i'll default to choosing bushtush bc kst3ve is so new to this iirc. go kst3ve tho oml!!

SM: vivalospride vs suapah - Yea
ORAS: Pearl vs obii - Yea

BW: EviGaro vs SoulWind - Wtf i have predicted against Soulwind in bw ... Evi is extremely knowledgable about the tier (+ has some crazy plot armor rn), going 7-0 this season, and I mostly expect her to pull up with a better team and play it well. She's probably more comfortable with the standard sequences in this tier, given that she's 7-0 and has played it in multiple UUPLs whereas SW got slotted into this a few weeks into this tour. He is one of the most accomplished and skilled players on the site, so a win is very possible, but i will bold evi here

DPP: TSR vs Eternal Spirit - Gama is 5-2 this tour and hs told me he was 4-1 or 5-1 in DPP last UUPL, seems pretty dominant. I really like TSR in these lower tier boomer gens but 3-3 this tour isn't quite enough to convince me to bold him here

ADV: Plas vs Star - When playing ADV this tour my loss to Star was probably my worst loss, I really didn't have much of a chance at breaking his defensive core and he got me on the few 50-50s late-game that could've given me a shot. I lost to Plas too, though i got frozen and crit and it was still a close endgame iirc? anyways idk I trust Star's playing ability more and think he'll be able to use his greater tour experience to put Plas in a similar position as I was

prob more likely for tdks to win the series. i think gondra v umbry and bush v kst3v3 are the 2 closest games and i favored the bebos in those but they could easily go the other way


Los Cherno Bouffalants (2.5) vs (4.5) Dragon's Den Dragonairs
SS: Nat vs Kushalos - sheeeesh. both are really good players, i think kushalos' ceiling is probably a tiny bit higher but that's a small distinction, think 9 vs 9.5/10. nat won the first time around and has a better record this tour (3-1 vs 3-3), the only reason im not bolding her is that she hasnt played since week 5 so she might be out of touch with recent meta changes? i assume not really an issue but that's a small point in kushalos' favor. kush also has a reputation for stepping up in the clutch which counteracts nat's better performance so far this tour, man idk like gondra umby this could genuinely go either way so i'll call it even

SS: Askov vs Feliburn - ok askov i love u but the moute game literally broke me

SS: Lyss vs LNumbers - I dont think lyss is good, shes like 4-7 between this and the nusd which are the only tours ive seen her in. one of those uu wins is vs sensei axew who used a ru team LMAO. like this being a 5th or so round pick is crazy to me, she went before all the ppl above except kushalos who was just 1 pick earlier. ig now is the chance to justify such an early selection. meanwhile god clark is 4-3 here and seems super active in ssuu, go him. i mean no ill will towards lyss i just wouldnt bold her very often

SM: robjr vs PinkDragonTamer - Love pdt but i think he's better at finding success with his aggro plays in other tiers (like ss nu and ru, where he thrived en route to a grand slam finals appearance) than in SM UU. ive talked to other ppl that think his style has been prepped for pretty well in this tour, and i agree. also robjrs a god in sm so i would always expect him to win versus anyone lol

ORAS: Garay oak vs Pak - pak in oras, yep. i like garay but this is pak's tier in pretty much every possible sense; he beat garay before, went 5-2 this tour, and has written a small novel abt the tier in the RoA forum. yea. ok side note 0% chance i watch this ngl this tier might lowkey be worse than BW how tf??

BW: Punny vs Chill Shadow - i feel very tempted to bold CS after telling him to kys out of nowhere IM SORRY I DIDNT MEAN IT :(( but punny has been on quite the roll lately, dominanting ru circuit and the side tour ruwc (8-1!!) along with 5-1 in this. he's a tough opponent to figure out, CS is good in these lower tier tours too but has an average 3-3 record here + lost to Punny the first time around

DPP: Tomahawk vs Thiago Nunes - not gonna act like ive seen all the games for this, sry! few of them related to my team also dpp goes so fast wtf. but nunes is 3-0 apparently? wasnt sure hed do well on his own for dpp but he has done awesome, grats bro :-). imo tomahawk's just a more accomplished and skilled player (no shade to u nunes, thats just a very high benchmark). he has also been very impressive this tour, recording a 5-2 record, so think he should be favored here

ADV: BKC vs brewfasa - The BKC+Bouff support duo went 3-4 in adv this tour; brewfasa went 5-2 and wouldve been even better if i didnt crit a game deciding Reversal week 1. I'm moreso bolding brewfasa because he's been extremely strong all tour and im not completely sold on bkc having the massive teams+play advantage he would have in, say, ADV OU. Bouff cited their week 1 and week 5 teams in uu cord as some of the favorites he had ever built in advuu but idk..... one of them was just an extremely standard team LOL so im not sure theres anything magical in the works. i'm sure this will be an excellent game tho, likely the two best ADV UU players in this strong pool


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dix :psywoke:

Bebo Brand Barboaches (3) vs (2) TDK Today at 22:01 lily my team has decided we will not have a team name

SM: vivalospride vs suapah - viv is very handsome but it might not save him here
ORAS: Pearl vs obii - idk bolding obii in 2021 just feels wrong. no front tho
BW: EviGaro vs SoulWind - look at these clouds i think its gonna rain
DPP: TSR vs Eternal Spirit - avenge me son
ADV: Plas vs Star - star won the last encounter pretty convincingly and while magbyman has been doing well overall im going with the more accomplished player here

Los Cherno Bouffalants (2.5) vs (2.5) Dragon's Den Dragonairs

SM: robjr vs PinkDragonTamer - i will continue to bold rob bc his record speaks for himself. go pdt tho!!
ORAS: Garay oak vs Pak - cool ass mu
BW: Punny vs Chill Shadow - cs once stayed in on my rotom-mow with swampert to get up rocks and i hate him for that it worked out
DPP: Tomahawk vs Thiago Nunes - toma is the man but tnunes is just hot rn
ADV: BKC vs brewfasa - tight mu going with fatty because.

winner of bouffs vs dragonairs to take it all


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Bebo Brand Barboaches (7) vs (3) TDK Today at 22:01 lily my team has decided we will not have a team name
SS: Gondra vs umbry - umbry likes (and sometimes even loves) all my winposts
SS: Notily vs Ajna - notily has been using heat teams, wielding handsome pokemon such as Mimikyu, Bisharp, Seismitoad, and Sleep Talk users.
SS: Bushtush vs KSt3ve - bolding the real mastermind behind the tdks
SM: vivalospride vs suapah - not only do I want vivalospride to have more than a single win so badly, but I also not want not to be his only win
ORAS: Pearl vs obii - boomers rise up
BW: EviGaro vs SoulWind - she saved me $50 and has plot armor
DPP: TSR vs Eternal Spirit - tsr will tilt off the planet when the brazilian mafia spams his battle + gama will bring something like Charizard
ADV: Plas vs Star - I've seen his winpost on every week, big edge

Los Cherno Bouffalants (0) vs (10) Dragon's Den Dragonairs
SS: Nat vs Kushalos
SS: Askov vs Feliburn
SS: Lyss vs LNumbers
SM: robjr vs PinkDragonTamer
ORAS: Garay oak vs Pak
BW: Punny vs Chill Shadow
DPP: Tomahawk vs Thiago Nunes
ADV: BKC vs brewfasa

I was added to the Dragonair's server, bad looks to bold against anyone there
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