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used a few interesting things this tour that i wanted to share
disclaimer: i prob didnt invent these sets or anything but just a touch up on me talking abt having success w them

Poliwrath @ Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs: 124 HP / 240 Atk / 144 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Focus Punch
- Waterfall
- Substitute
- Bulk Up

i think poliwrath is sick right now, with its main draw over sub punch azu being able to substitute on milotic toxic. this is an annoying dynamic that can stop azu from doing its thing, since it cant outspeed milo (unless its jolly lol). bulk up is a luxury really that can help punish stuff like curse regi even more, but the main takeaway is being able to sub up on things that would otherwise toxic azumarill before it subs

Qwilfish @ Splash Plate
Ability: Poison Point
EVs: 72 HP / 216 Atk / 220 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Spikes
- Aqua Jet
- Explosion
- Pain Split / Poison Jab / Waterfall

i love qwilfish, but i hate how a lot of the time it just ends up being dugtrio food. i also hate how if u run max attack to ohko dug w aqua jet, u cant outspeed venusaur to boom on it. splash plate helps with both of these, letting u ohko dug without having to use adamant so that u can outspeed venusaur. losing out on lefties can suck but it can be good on the teams that u want to have both these things checked off

Milotic @ Leftovers
Ability: Marvel Scale
EVs: 252 HP / 200 Def / 44 SpD / 12 Spe
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Surf
- Hypnosis
- Toxic
- Recover

milotic has a lot of funny moves it can run in its flex spots, we’ve even seen dragonbreath used before to success. hypnosis is just another way to punish venusaur switching in, completely flipping the venu vs milo dynamic on its head. ofc the accuracy still sucks ass but it can be pretty risk-free to fish for in a lot of scenarios

Alakazam @ Choice Specs
Ability: Synchronize
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 3 Atk / 30 SpA / 30 SpD
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball
- Focus Blast
- Hidden Power [Ground]

zams last move on specs is pretty flexible, and hp ground hits almost all the dark types you’d be afraid of getting pursuited by (doomer, skunk, drapion being the most relevant ones). its basically just a way safer click than focus blast if ur expecting a dark type switch, and cleanly ohkos all of these mons as well

not gonna share the spreads but since i didnt add too much heres some of the more fun squads i used this tour
I made a lot of things for this tour but feeling a bit sick rn so I will just drop them here with short explanations.

GSC UU - Setup STABs Girafarig + HB Chansey BO

Very fun Girafarig set that is really hard to stop once it gets going. Uses Curse + Amnesia to become unbreakable, and Normal + Psychic STABs means it threatens basically everything in the process. Additionally, it's not forced to KO Haunter and risk being taken out by Destiny Bond thanks to Return's large amount of PP. Has the advantage over Curse Hypno of having both Amnesia to boost SpDef and Normal STAB. Unlike Rest sets, this Girafarig is vulnerable to status and Toxic in particular, so I decided to shore up this weakness with Heal Bell Chansey, allowing Girafarig to not be permanently crippled by status. The rest of the team is pretty standard and just covers all the main threats of the tier.

GSC UU - Pursuit Ebuzz + Wigglybull BO

WigglyBull is a lot of fun but it REALLY hates Haunter. Electabuzz helps to solve this by virtue of being the only real Pursuit user in the tier and having the typing + special bulk to be able to switch into Haunter and reliably Pursuit it. Once Haunter is out of the picture, the Normals are free to boost up and pound the other team. Again, the rest of the team is just there to check all the usual defensive boxes. There is notably no Ground-type here, though, so you need manage opposing Electrics carefully (make good use of Hypno's Light Screen and Wigglytuff's special bulk). The team is also Spikeless and lacks removal, and probably could be improved there with some more tweaking.

GSC UU - Triple Normal Offense

I really like this one. The idea here is that lead Normals are very threatening, and lead Wigglytuff has the advantage over Granbull of increased special bulk, which basically forces your opponent to reveal their Normal resist immediately so as not to get bowled over by Wigglytuff immediately boosting itself with Curse. Having Wigglytuff in the lead slot also removes the issue of having to switch it into an attack midgame, which can be tough for it and hampers its potential. Once the Normal resist is revealed (mostly Haunter or Omastar but could also be Magneton or Graveler), you are able to use the latter half of the team to switch into them safely and begin pressuring with them. You can develop a gameplan of which Normal will be most useful in breaking through their Normal resist as well from there. The team does need to be played at a relatively fast pace to work, but it can also overwhelm opponents that don't adequately prepare to deal with their Normal resists being pressured hard.

SS UU - DD Gyarados BO

This is a modified team from Meru that originally had Celebi in Amoonguss' place and DD Salamence in Gyarados', but I felt that DD Gyarados was a better fit, with Amoonguss used for the better Zarude MU. The team has several bulky wincons while also having a solid defensive backbone and being adept at spreading passive damage and forcing switches. Toxic Celesteela was really the star of the show in tests with the team, heavily punishing switch-ins like Rotom and Slowking and paving the way for a late-game sweep. The team unfortunately did not win the game due to some bad luck but it's really solid and I'd still recommend using it now.

SS UU - Starmie + Sirfetch'd Spikes BO

Fun team I made that ended up being pretty solid, albeit having some difficult MUs. Starmie + Spikes is a classic combo that is really difficult to switch into, and I wanted to use Roserade rather than Skarmory to really punish Amoonguss and Tangrowth and to sleep mons that think they have a free switch (watch out for Goggles!). Sirfetch'd here was originally a Conk but the team needed a better Azelf MU and First Impression helps to remedy that. I went for a very bulky Mence spread here since it's basically just taking physical hits for the team and clearing hazards if really needed. The team has trouble with DD Gyara and Hydreigon (esp. Specs) since it has to use Celesteela to check them, but it's manageable.

SS UU - NP Rotom-Wash Balance

This team was really disappointing because it did well in tests but ran into a really rough MU in-game, that being Diggersby (which I admittedly probably should have thought about more given how much bunny has been on the rise lately). Basically this team was meant to capitalize on relatively poor answers to offensive Water-types, and I had considered others like Starmie and Suicune for the role, but NP Rotom-Wash can be really nasty (no pun intended) if the opponent expects to deal with it by switching in their special walls. Pain Split really forces the issue here because of Rotom's low HP stat, meaning it recovers a ton of HP from really bulky mons like Chansey, even when it is at relatively high HP itself. I wish the team could have had more opportunity to play its game, but it'll be something to rework in the future.

SS UU - CM Glowbro BO

Keldeo, despite how great it is, can actually be a giant pain in the ass to build with, because of how much it worsens your MU against opposing Waters. Glowbro is one of the best fixes to this, and the CM set is a giant threat in the current meta. I was really happy with how well passion managed to pilot this team as well - way better than I would have done - so major props to them there. The team has some obvious defensive holes but can keep up the offensive pressure with its members to help alleviate some of this.
ok so wanted to play adv again despite hating it for the better part of a year now cause the drops seemed fun and the meta seemed less virginious - the tier is definitely better and despite there being some weeks where i was kinda indifferent on ideas i think overall the tier is headed in a fun direction, operating under the assumption that swellow gets banned and the other two are free (that being said, i wouldnt even be that upset if swellow was unbanned but w/e)


first week so i wanted to mess around with some fun stuff without straying too far off the beaten path. from testing early on i figured that sunny day would be the best arcanine set; had both fblast and overheat here to ensure fatter kangs get booted outside of sun, but espeed is also a fine enough option for rking purposes. the haunter set is really fun as well, destiny bond is haunter's best quality imo and sub salac can make for some super obnoxious scenarios. the rest of the team is standard enough so not a major need to go in depth, but i do think stoise is better in this meta than it was before, and i have it here as a spinner instead of tenta for the bulk.


lanturn is a really fun mon to use given its typing and ability, and i figured it would be interesting to work with this week. it has a pretty flexible movepool that allows for a lot of variation. usually ive used toxtect boltbeam but i went with surf and twave instead, to serve as a better arcanine check and to allow increase the odds for solrock sub shenanigans to come into play respectively. typically i use reflect, sometimes toxic or hp grass on solrocks but sub was an osgoode tech that when coupled with paralysis can make for some major nonsense. rounded it out with some flying spam, wanted to make use of both gligar and swellow's breaking capabilties for each other. iron tail gligar supports swellow a lot thanks to nuking solrock lunatone and cradily, the last of which has become a viable mon again in this meta.

not going to paste the import because it's not my team, but i did wanna talk about stall briefly because it gets used very rarely, partly for good reason but imo it has a high ceiling. the main issues with it are that you have to be pretty delicate (but not passive) in your play, and if you get a bit of bad luck then the game just falls apart and you're left with not that many outs. i think the most flexible slots are stoise and muk, the other 4 are irreplaceable. stoise spins but doesnt necessarily die as fast as tenta to physical hits, and mean look muk can cheese a bunch of nonsense if positioned correctly. ran into a metang, lunatone, AND a gligar in my game and muk still managed to put in a ton of work. however, you can replace it with other wincons like cm slowking or sd vileplume.


probably the most standard team i used all tour, and easily the most boring. obv this sorta playstyle isnt bad but i think it just sorta lends itself to being a drag and uninteresting, especially in a mirror. as such i dont actually have a lot to say about it, but bu bull is probably the most obnoxious pokemon in the tier.


early on ish in the season pearl gave me the idea of wisp taunt haunter with a shit ton of pdef, which allows you to disrupt p much any common team, especially with spikes up. still have to play p cautiously with it though. other t han that it is basically the same conceptually as the week 1 team, save for the general tempo and the addition of sd stun spore plume, a set that has seen a p big uptick this tour and seems to have overtaken the typical demon plume as its best set.


knew i wanted to ho once because why not, and i was starting to get kinda unsure of what worked against particular opponents at this point. this is based around the old double spike hyper offenses i made in 2020-21, except this time i just figured id abandon the "double" part entirely - also very similar to the team of garay's below LOL. you can still use double spikes on this team though. this teams a lot less defensively than earlier variations, though, given the replacement of solrock for golem, scyther for swellow, and regular kanga for....endrev kanga. it didn't actually do a whole lot in the game but it was something i had just decided would be good a few hours before after i had figured sub endeavor swellow was gonna suck on this team. focus punch golem is a menace btw, props to heysup for coming up with that set.


another scyther ampharos tenta team...this time its marginally cooler than the last though, as it has a fallen from grace walrus and a metang!! both of which i think deserve some love. again though there's not a whole lot ot say about the team itself. :v

the following team isnt actually mine, but garay had asked me to write about it for him


thats right baby. its a pikachu. speaking honestly this is probably the best way to go about doing elec spam, because pikachu is a massive prick to switch into. almost always 2hkoing kanga with a volt tackle (pretty much always with a spike up) is not an easy feat for special attackers in this tier. in doing so you allow electrode to go buck wild as well, who has endure salac for weather insurance. the kanga set forgoes rest here because on these types of teams you dont really need rest that badly anyway. back qwil is interesting because its still great at doing what it would in the lead slot, but lead kanga has some better mus, mostly not folding to elec / haunter / psychic / glalie leads. having qwilfish in this position gives it a bit more staying power, letting it get in a bit more easily and therefore easing it in terms of getting spikes up. normal spam is also a strong concept here and functions similarly to the elecs, with hp steel swellow to dunk on cradily and the floaty rocks. finally golem provides a little more defensive backbone and makes it so that you have a good enough switch in to normals and scyther if needed. triple boom is a big boon to have on these teams because it is pretty much always insta progress.

as far as sets go there wasnt many things i thought of this season that were too crazy but i did try to work with some fun stuff;

michelle T (Kangaskhan) @ Salac Berry
Ability: Early Bird
EVs: 52 HP / 252 Atk / 204 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Return
- Reversal
- Shadow Ball
- Endure

this isnt really creative by any means, but it can pull some stupid shit late game. you could argue linoone might be better but i think linoone is a corny pokemon so never really bothered.

Swellow @ Sharp Beak
Ability: Guts
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Substitute
- Endeavor
- Hidden Power [Flying]
- Toxic

a very stupid set that is in most cases inferior to choice band, but can be cool on some flying spam teams with a scyther and or gligar (or ninjask?) to allow for some trades. a lot of things can go wrong with it and cb is usually more consistent and requires less fucking around.

Pupitar @ Leftovers
Ability: Shed Skin
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Dragon Dance
- Rock Slide
- Earthquake
- Hidden Power [Bug]

love this guy on hyper offense. obviously it is very awkward to fit, very awkward to set up, and unfortunately needs +2 to outrun scyther / jolly to outrun tentacruel. butttttt it really punishes those mono normal kang amph tenta boring ass teams. you can potentially do salac over leftovers, or maybe soft sand, but i havent really ran any calcs on it.

thanks to Lily and Jade for drafting me - sorry i couldnt do as well as i hoped but thats mons for u...big thanks to everyone who tested with me and listened to me ramble, wouldve been lost without your perspective
Just want to say thanks to skarm and Cam for picking me up, especially when there was a lot of other better people imo (please pick up May people, she's a total nerd for rby lol but she deserves it), and figured some of that influence was from eden. Sorry I couldn't pull more wins than I would like but rby being rby middle of the season games and team choice blunders I made later on didn't really help too much (plus bad lol). Thanks to team as well, was a blast, especially since by week 3 I hated this tier rofl.

I intend to make a larger post in the rby uu thread that i'll probably link here once it's put together, compiling some of my prep/thought process throughout the season, but couple of teams I ran/built at least the ones I thought are/did okay in practice. Use at your own discretion.



Loaded this against Torchic after some help from BFM (a huge help who will get proper shoutout) to decide on team choices to not be too predictable. It didn't win in a close game, Oma sucks honestly, and truthfully Rest is totally unviable in this tier atm, but it's alright against a lot of Cuno offenses which is what we expected from Torchic.


Loaded against Juoean (forgot spelling but w/e she'll be fine), expecting the usual Electrode offenses she likes to run. Game plan fell apart when we messed up team order to bring, where this should've been brought G2 instead of G1 and it might've been a little closer.


Dual Bird Hyper Offense. Good against Psychic cores, shaky against Kanga which is why Counter Hypno. Gives you a means to punish it since scouting Hypno without getting statused or taking boatload from Psychic impossible, so they're not going to ever do that.

:hypno::gyarados::kadabra::mr. mime::aerodactyl::persian:

Used against UD G1, conceptualizing psyspam. The idea was Mime would do the initial damage on Hypno to break it so Kadabra can have an easier time. Aero is unviable though, and honestly Mime is as well but once the word got to me and confirmed my suspicion that May was probably helping UD I was expecting a bunch of counterteams and tryhard prep. Figured I would just play 3D chess a bit lol.


There's like 10 different variations of this team used in the tier from different people, with most of them having Tenta over Dewgong, Cuno as the bird, etc. Most changes are preference or picking what you're fine with losing to, you lose to Buzz and Trode normally with Dodrio variants, or if you're going Tenta over Dewgong for example you're going to accept the fact Tenta will get frozen by Cuno in which Cuno proceeds to 6-0 everything.

Full post will probably be a bit more interesting but for here that's all I'll put.
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i am a bit late but id like to share some gsc shit bc why not. while our season didint go too great, im happy with how i did and got to build some shit. i like to meme and build for my opps so dont expect to conquer gsc uu w these teams btw but hf. ty to gum and Highways for drafting etc etc

week 2 vs hsa
:hypno: :piloswine: :mr mime: :scyther: :haunter: :qwilfish:

nightmare mr mime and scyther r rly good. if you want to be more secure vs piloswine u can run pinsir over scyther.

week 3 vs hsa
:hypno: :feraligatr: :scyther: :haunter: :piloswine: :haunter: :qwilfish:

feraligatr is actually pretty good. i shit u not i think screech is one of the best options on it btw. also scyther is amazing.

week 4 vs inder
:lanturn: :piloswine: :pinsir: :gligar: :haunter::qwilfish:

a different lanturn pilo version with gligar and pinsir on it. this team is pretty good prolly my 2nd favourite one this tour. this is the only time i did not use scyther this tour.

week 5 vs col49
:sudowoodo: :scyther: :granbull: :pinsir: :electrode: :haunter:

my fav one sudowoodo is pretty good on ho as the lead imho. also scyther is broken.

holly thoughts.
  • granbull scyther and hypno r the three best mons in the tier in that order. reflect is the best hypno set and is extremly good. granbull is the best mon but i think its only barely better than scyther. double edge scyther is the best set and is broken btw.
  • nidoqueen and especially gyarados are very overatted. use pilo more than nido. gyarados is on its own not a good pokemon but it counters pilo so it usually is decent.
  • rest + sleep talk mr mime is bad. other pokemon like hypno / piloswine / lanturn are better sleep talk mons and mr mime can become much more dangerous without wasting slots on rest talk and using options such as nightmare and thief that let it actually do something to hypno.
  • destiny bond is the best haunter set.
  • pinsir is excellent. its one of only like three mons alongside gyarados and feraligatr that can take advantage of piloswine, and pinsir is also just insanely threatening with sd double edge hp ground. its not as broken as scyther but its still a rly great mon with good advantages. rock throw pinsir is unironically decent btw.
  • sd mons that arent scyther or pinsir are very rarely worth using. kabutops has bad added weaknesses, worse speed, and can lack power. sandslash is slow and has meh spdef, and the less i say abt victreebel the better.
  • slowbro is underatted. while flawed and hard to fit on teams, it checks an insane amount of pokemon in one slot, including being the only thing that can check both piloswine and granbull. slowking meanwhile has very little reason to be used over hypno and slowbro
  • jumpluff doesnt need spikes. it is good on quagfat and even with spikes it doesnt rly do much. sleep powder is the best 4th move on it btw.
  • ampharos is bad but with fire punch it can be a decent fish into pilo offenses.
  • politoed is worthless and idk how it got used so much. growth is an awful sweeper and drum is a worse quagsire. agility pass mon only el em ay oh.
  • speaking of agility pass nuke it
  • electrode ho is a really good playstyle. despite having 5 locked mons its very dangerous and is good into a lot of common teams with its stack of broken setup mons. meanwhile, stall is overated as balls and ppl finally realised :).

  • gligar and feraligatr are both good users of screech.
  • arcanine, politoed, victreebel, pikachu, vileplume are all c rank pokemon who should not be used
  • have i mentioned that scyther is busted.

would just like to start by congratulating my fellow L.A.P.R.A.S teammates for accomplishing what we set out to do. i really enjoyed this season for multiple reasons, but near the top of the list was the solid management we had up top w/ pif and aj building a great squad and providing support when needed, as well as the confidence everyone had every week. even when we started off slow, there was no negativity, rather just an understanding of mons not going our way and us knowing we had the talent to pull this out no matter what. really solid showing bros and brolettes, congrats!

secondly, id like to turn my focus towards adv uu. i've played this tier for a while and even told pak when signing up that my preference would be dpp as always lol, but going in i knew i was going to be adving most likely especially with the new meta stirring up increased interest in the meta. in hindsight i appreciate being put there because i truly had a great time building around the new mons/meta and playing in what i thought was a super competitive pool. truly, i went into every week thinking i was going to have a challenge and most weeks turned out to be just as such. i also appreciate the new found willingness to tinker with old gens which helped contribute to some much needed changes to the tier. i don't think we're perfect yet, but i think this tour definitely helped to make some progress and at the very least stir up a little more excitement for adv uu.

i don't have a ton to say about my builds but i thought at the very least i could provide what i used this season and give a little bit of insight into my meta thoughts:


week one ngl i just wanted to abuse what i thought to be two of the more useful drops: arcanine and haunter. arc is a super cool drop because it provides an actually useful fire type to abuse offensively, but also comes with some solid bulk, intimidate to help soft check physical mons, and espeed to limit reversal strats or general ho shenanigans. haunter also provides a much appreciated shakeup to kanga interactions by completely walling traditional spd kang while being a more offensive/ disruptive force than missy could ever dream of. realistically, arc can run a shit ton of minorly different sets or spreads, but i settled on charcoal spa + espeed to just try to get the most of it w/ spikes. taunt haunt added to the ability to break down defensive cores, and from there i just wanted spikes (oma), spin (tenta), and offensive kang because i wanted more spikes abuse and was too scared to run non sball kang at this point anyways. i threw on last mon hypno, despite being terrible last meta, just because it seemed like a solid special sponge + wish support for this build. also built another version w/ wish kang + sub cm pig that i equally like.


going into bouff i wanted to use strategies that i knew could make progress and were also borderline cheesy to help give me whatever edge i could get. enter paraspam + cb rock. team is fairly standard other than cb kabu, which could be argued as being inferior to solrock but the extra attack was enticing + cool factor.


at this point i had realized that a mon in which i had taken for granted, swellow, was taking over the meta. the speed tier combined with a powerful stab and decent attack stat made it a threat vs every offensive mon in the tier while also giving fits to even the best of defensive builds. it single handedly was pushing cradily out of extinction and i thought it was time for me to see what the hype was about. despite me not getting the win here (kudos to garay for a very well played match), i had a hard time not bringing similar versions of this the rest of the tour because i felt like it was such a solid template.


this is just me remixing my new found love for arcanine and cb rocks. also if i haven't mentioned yet i basically used thief/ surf/ hp psy/ spin tenta all tour. i think someone said Heysup used this first but it's something that i prefer on almost every spikeless team that needs spin as well as whenever i feel like i can fit it. thief helps to ensure progress vs certain things like spd kang and you rly only need water + psy for coverage.


came into this week fairly busy irl and didnt feel like building all too much but thankfully Accel had graciously offered up this 6 earlier in the season and i had working with the idea ever since. i ended up tinkering a few things like adding hp ice to cradily to help w/ glig matchup and changing a couple spreads but overall i think this helps to highlight how strong clef (and certain spikeless builds) can be. i actually felt like this matched up fairly well with what heysup had brought up to this point but alas he brought a very well made noone squad and i failed to account for that.


abusing swellow take 2. i was excited going into this week as parpar had been playing great up to this point and i distinctly remember mentioned in my channel how much i liked the builds because i feel like they were teams i would bring. squads that can make progress in multiple ways while also being bulky enough to check what you need to. ok, minus the ghost usage. up to this point parpar had a strong track record of using oma + amph + tenta so i basically just built around lanturn + glig, with the former being able to switch into all three easily and paring well with gligar, who could also provide a strong ground to abuse the triple weakness further. obligatory kang, swellow to check everything + provide more offensive pressure, and luna to also give an extra ground + normal check and win con rounds it out.


playoffs and 2nd time playing parpar in as many weeks. my main three thoughts going into this week was i knew i wanted to bring a strong bo, still wanted to abuse a pretty consistent ground weakness, and i also wanted to bring golem as it was a normal check that i felt had been rly underappreciated. ive always been a golem believer as i feel like it's often the best rock to run if you're not going omastar as it can actually be very strong vs a lot of defensive cores. oh and not to mention demon plume to always give me a chance.


last but not least, as had become a theme all tour, i continued my infatuation with offensive rock types. heysups rock resists this whole tour had basically been 0, each team was overly dedicated to the spikes war, and he almost always brought arc. with that said, i thought it might be a perfect time to bring out a build i had been messing with for a while. spikeless begs for other ways to make progress as well as a need for rocks not named omastar. this opens the door for cb solrock + golem to be the norm resists you need while also always making offensive progress. slowking + tenta gives 2 solid waters to check arc with, and amph + spd kang rounds out the support core with hb and wish. overall this worked out rly well as i loaded cb rock lead into lead glalie, and the rest of the team took it from there.

overall i think this tour had a really solid adv uu showing and i only hope the tier continues to grow! as i mentioned earlier, it's not perfect yet and i definitely think some changes still need to be made, but nevertheless we're taking the proper steps. mainly, i think linoone needs to go and we might need to relook at swellow, but these are convos to have another time. thank you to everyone who supported me this season, and again congrats L.A.P.R.A.S!
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