UU Stage 4 - Alt Identification Thread

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This thread is to identify your alt that you have achieved reqs with for the upcoming Heracross-Mega and Gallade-Mega vote. The requirement for voting is 2650 COIL on the UU Suspect Ladder and a game limit of 90 games. Please post a screenshot that shows your alt having the requirement, as well as proof that the alt belongs to you. Please put your screenshot in a hide tag, and just post "identifying as [alt]". The suspect test will be up until September 18th.

Make sure you show COIL, proof you own the alt AND # of battles in the screenshot. If your post doesn't meet these 3 requirements, it will be ignored.

E4 Flint

-inactive in BH due corrupt leader-
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i am uuhologram
fun tier, didn't appreciate the random ragequits from apparently notable uu players though
to whoever made the sharpedo team in the sample vault, made some modifications to it and it did decently well against all mu's
my final version of the team: (click on image)

replaced gliscor and latias with klefki and swampert, really helped cover things like other latias, manectric mega, setup raikou/suicune, rotomW and especially the two garde/gallade megas

this was the highest i could get before going on a spectacular 5 loss streak after being at 2631 lul
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