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Welcome to the first edition of UU Swiss! Whether you're a UU veteran or someone just wanting to learn the tier and start out, this is the perfect opportunity for you to play some UU! I'm looking forward to seeing who will emerge victorious and looking forward to seeing some cracking games!​

  • Standard SS UU.
  • All rounds will be best of three, you may switch teams in between games.
  • Any changes to the tier that occur in the middle of a round will not apply until the next round.
  • You are expected to know and follow all general tournament rules.
  • VMs are only thing that matters for activity. Use this guide to ensure you don't lose via activity or coinflip.
  • No extensions will be given unless absolutely necessary.
What is a Swiss Tournament?

A Swiss tournament is a tournament where everyone starts in a sort of round-robin. After Round 1, instead of being eliminated or advancing to a higher part of a bracket, you are paired with someone that has the same record as you. You will play every week after the new round is posted. After seven rounds, the tour will conclude and people will be awarded circuit points based on their record!


Luirromen  vs  JustFranco
Xiri  vs  damien the genius
Sulo  vs  Estarossa
pichus  vs  NHelioX7
pokemonisfun  vs  (Mister Magnus vs Tal0)
jay  vs  Cam
Fakee  vs  udongirl
Lily  vs  Micciu
kythr  vs  pinorska
TeamCharm  vs  Sirwings
Chloe  vs  Liz Angeles
BigFatMantis  vs  zben
Moutemoute  vs  (avarice vs Armada)
false  vs  (Negative_emotions916 vs bb skarm)
crying  vs  TSR
Quartosa  vs  Floss


dnagerbdager  vs  martinvtran
senegal  vs  ProDigeZz
Mimilucha  vs  Highways
DugZa  vs  pannuracotta
Ikaishi  vs  hariyana grande
Indigo Plateau  vs  Misterioussaint
(Corporate Donkey vs Goblin)  vs  dunoks
TheKingKarp  vs  basaninho
Kaneki-san  vs  Yves Stone
YasuKe  vs  justdrew
Elfuseon  vs  Cielau
Goro Yagami  vs  Jorgeta57
Ara  vs  haxlolo
(SOMALIA vs ibeat) vs  Totomon
Venuesaur  vs  Sage
Shaterhoven  vs  Monky25
(Mister Magnus  vs Tal0) vs  HaxxLR
Brexus  vs  Alpha Rabbit
GasaiYunoSan  vs  esqimo589
xujing691691  vs  Fluore
Inder  vs  Slip
HydreigonTheChild  vs  Fc
Corperate n  vs  Sabella
(skimmythegod vs Davidoar15) vs  sanguine
XelloW  vs  yogo896
sasha  vs  (Negative_emotions916 vs bb skarm)
Carmin  vs  robjr
Eivor  vs  StarFalcon555
(Sificon vs Meru)  vs  Chrome_
(avarice vs Armada)  vs  Draphirion
LoveStallLiveLife  vs  SilverNote3
giove97  vs  Jordy004


IdolCian  vs  (Sificon vs Meru)
MultiPokemon  vs  romanji
Sakura&Seele  vs  Ahy Wddicted
Parpar  vs  Spacial
eu  vs  Siddakid
(skimmythegod vs Davidoar15)  vs  Louna
javitu  vs  King Billu
Exit scam  vs  BlazingDark
goodragoov  vs  Hax Believer
KM  vs  Mr.Bossaru
omicorio  vs  Notily
NoahDeKnight  vs  Blue YM
Spl4sh  vs  Corporate Donkey
tomatosoup110  vs  (SOMALIA vs ibeat)
Nezloe  vs  Bye 2
hamiltonion  vs  Bye 3
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Sage we have really unfitting schedules, all of his available times are on times i cant really play ( which means morning-working hours of the afternoon during the week) so we have like 3 scenarios

1- A Coinflip(which would be unfortunate if he wins cause he gets into 2-0 without playing a single game LOL)

2- extend the round into the weekend so we can play( which has a big chance of snowball effect) ( I mean ok there is not a real deadline but well)

3- Act on my side( which i have to admit i was not that much more active than him for our round so I feel like i dont have the strenght to call on this)

Just to make the situation clear, and I'm cool with whatever decision is taken

Tagging Tal0 for clarity
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Sage is there an extension deadline? My potential opponents seem to have not played yet and I want to have sufficient time to play them

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