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Hey all! Sorry for our radio silence lately, but we're excited to announce that we'll be reopening analyses within the week! The UU Viability Rankings are currently being worked on and should be done roughly 5 days from now or somewhere in that neighborhood. As soon as those open up, we'll drop a new reservation index for the post-DLC metagame. In the meantime, writers with analyses in progress will be contacted to gauge their interest in continuing their work should the Pokemon they had reserved still be viable in the new metagame. Thanks for the patience and we're excited to get working again!
Hello everyone, with the recent rises and drops the tier is going to change quite drastically. We're going to put a pause on everything for about a week. Regardless could you please remove all mentions of the following Pokemon: Hatterene, Ditto, Tyranitar, Kyurem, Toxtricity, Jirachi, Necrozma, and Skarmory. Thank you.
With the meta having stabilized a bit we are going to go ahead and start writing analyses again. The reservation index has been updated with more Pokemon that need sets completed. If you haven't done so already remove mentions of the Pokemon in the post above. Also, please go over your analyses again and update them with more relevant meta trends if it isn't in GP. Anything in GP that needs updating will be taken care of by a QC moderator before it is uploaded. Thank you for being patient everyone.
We have agreed to put everything on hold so I will be locking the reservation thread as a result. If any of your analyses get a GP check please do implement it and we will have them uploaded. We are currently unaware of which month we will get hit with the DLC shifts, so we can't confirm when this section will start back up again. Once the metagame has settled we will give you an update of how we will be moving forward with UU analyses. Just like before, you can expect sample sets to have been uploaded by that point.
Quick update on our plans for starting back up again. We ask that you remove mentions of Zeraora, Magnezone, Skarmory, Slowking, Kyurem, Alakazam, and Bisharp from your current analysis, though we recommend you wait for at least a week or so to get accustomed to the new meta. This way you'll have a better idea of what you can replace those mentions with. We won't officially be starting up again until we update the VR, which may take a few weeks, so just remember to try and do this by then. If you have any questions our QC team is always active on discord or you can post a message in the discussion thread.
We are starting back up again so make sure you update your analysis with more recent metagame knowledge and remove any Pokemon that we lost in shifts/banned/unranked. I'm going to give it a week for writers to give their analysis an update before I start hassling you about it. We've updated the reservation index up to B- for now. Once a majority of analysis are put into GP we'll just free everything else below. If you have any questions regarding anything the discord channel is rather active.
Start removing mentions of Mew and Scizor in your analysis if you haven't already done so. We won't be adding anything new to the reservation index until after we update the VR. Once that happens I'll make another post about it.
Everything else has been freed from the VR and can be reserved. We have also decided to add some new sets for the existing Pokemon. Kommo-o and Glowbro are getting more than one added. If you only want to write for one you can reserve that specific set but if you are comfortable enough to write both then you can simply consider it as one reservation and put both sets in the same post. Scolipede is the only Pokemon that is RUBL and UR on the VR so it will get a mini analysis. The VR rankings have been shifted around a lot so in the off chance I missed a Pokemon bring it up to me and I'll add it to be reserved. If you are unsure of what the sets should be then contact a moderator or post in the analysis channel on discord.
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