Tournament UU World Cup II - Signups

Name: Nightingales
Tiers Played: SM / ORAS / DPP
Primary Eligibility: US South
Secondary Eligibility: US West
Interested in captaincy: No
Significant Time Missed: Unsure

Recently moved to CA, so if primary/secondary need to change give me a shout
I regret that the tour host decided to exclude Team China from this UUWC. As a team, we have made a lot of preparations for this competition in advance and we have asked enough people to sign up on time according to the requirements of the tournament. We very hoped that we could join this game as a team. Our enthusiasm is not only because we love this metagame, but because we will be able to represent our country honorably.
WC has never been just a team tournament. We always feel that the name of the national team cannot be simply replaced by ROW, especially in the situation that we have met all relevant requirements.
I regret to announce that I will not participate in this UUWC, nor will I be the captain of ROW. Players originally planned to register for Team China will still be available to ROW if they do not change eligibility to China Only.
In addition, I respect the contributions made by American players in the Smogon community and the Pokémon battle. I also understand that there are multiple US teams in the WC in order to meet the participation needs of a large number of American players. But WC is WC. After all, it is not a US civil war. I don't think it is reasonable to have 4 US teams when the tournament format of 12 teams is not negotiable.
I'm sorry for this withdrawal, I hope we can see you guys again in other tournaments in the future.

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