UUFPL IV - Chapter 3 : Heroes of Might and Magic


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Round 3 Predictions. Sorry I'm late. Things happened.

Fc v. Maris Bonibell
Even with another loss, I think Fc looked better last week than in Week 1 (if memory serves). Maris showed big improvement last week too though. If she sures up her endgames, she has a good shot here. Should be a good set. Crazy that one of these players is opening 0-3; tough schedule for both.

ImposterOCE v. NotVeryCake
I'm bolding Cake again, but don't let this distract from the fact that River is the GOAT.

gastlies v. Tree69420
This set happened already, but I was planning to bold Tree all week. Just trust.

Unowndragon v. pac
pac had a pretty good showing last week, but I think UD still has the decisive edge.

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