Tournament UUPL VI - Semifinals


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UnderUsed Premier League VI - Semifinals

After seven hard-fought weeks, we're finally here! Who will walk away with the coveted Invisible Trophy and bragging rights for the next year? Will the Smashers serve up a victory over the high-flying Battle Girls? Will the fearsome Monsters be able to hold off the too cool for school Delinquents? Only two more weeks to find out!​

(5) Blackthorn City Battle Girls
Safari Zone Smashers (4)

SM UU: Blackoblivion v Shiba
SM UU: Sacri' v HT
SM UU: Kink v Zukushiku
SM UU: Kory2600 v Freeroamer
ORAS UU: Pohjis v Wanka
ORAS UU: Rodriblutar v Pak
BW UU: EviGaro v Finchinator
DPP UU: Heysup v fatty
ADV UU: The Kyle v Plas
GSC UU: Sage v Bomber.

(4) Dewford Town Delinquents
Mikan Island Monsters (6)

SM UU: McMeghan v TDK
SM UU: reyscarface v Poek
SM UU: Lopunny Kicks v FLCL
SM UU: Arifeen v Empo
ORAS UU: Christo v Pearl
ORAS UU: Dundies v Nat
BW UU: kokoloko v Eternal Spirit
DPP UU: passion v Arii Stella
ADV UU: Sam I Yam v bro fist
GSC UU: Lavos v Kaori

Reminder: Baton Pass is BANNED in Adv and DPP UU.
Deadline June 3, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST.
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