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Welcome to the UnderUsed Premier League X! This year's UUPL will be hosted by me? Everyone must sign up here, including people that are being retained. Please only sign up if you can be active for the vast majority of the tournament (roughly 3 months).

Example sign up post:

Player Name: Adam the Onion Sniffer
Tiers Played: SV UU / SS UU / SM UU / ORAS UU / BW UU / DPP UU / ADV UU / GSC UU
Timezone: GMT -6 (CST)
YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST USE THE FORMAT ABOVE TO SIGN UP OR ELSE YOUR POST WILL BE IGNORED. We use an automatic script to scan signups into a spreadsheet for the draft. The tiers are SV UU, SS UU, SM UU, ORAS UU, BW UU, DPP UU, ADV UU, and GSC UU.

Be aware that if you sign up for a tier, a manager may draft you and expect you to play that tier. You may be purchased by any team, so please do not sign up if you are unwilling to work with one or more of the managers. Please only list formats that you would seriously be willing to play competitively at a high level. Do not sign up for tiers you don't play as a joke.

Some rules and regulations for retains, managers, and players:
  • One of the two managers can purchase their playing rights - see below for explanation on the pricing.
  • Including purchasing yourself, you may only retain 3 players as a manager.
  • Retention rights may not be traded.
  • Each manager starts with 120k credits.
  • The minimum number of players per team is 12 (10 starters + 2 substitutes).
  • The maximum number of players per team is 20 (10 starters + 10 substitutes).
  • Tournament banned or circuit banned users are not allowed to sign up.
  • Stay tuned regarding Baton Pass and other rules in old gens, specifically ADV / DPP / BW. I will make sure to alert the managers through a Smogon PM or Discord channel.

Team A: Moomoo Farm Mysterious Sisters - Managed by KM and mncmt
Team B: Violet City VTubers - Managed by Bouff and umbry
Team C: Camphrier Town Ladies - Managed by bb skarm and Cam
Team D: Mikan Island Monsters - Managed by TDK and Pearl
Team E: Snowpoint Temple Commanders - Managed by pokemonisfun and Aqua Jet
Team F: Safari Zone Smashers - Managed by Shiba and Thisbemyalt
Team G: Iki Town Idols - Managed by Lily and zoe
Team H: Cinnabar Arcade Stars - Managed by Pak and TSR

Standings / Prices from UUPL X

If you would like to retain a player, the price to retain them will be the player's cost from the previous UUPL with an additional 3K cost. The minimum cost to retain a player is 10K credits. The following players, however, were retained in the previous UUPL, and the costs to retain them are as follows:

Friend Safari Pokemon Trainers (Violet City VTubers*)
LpZ - 16k
Meru - 16k

Mikan Island Monsters
Pearl - 24.5k
Star - 24k
Ark - 17k

Snowpoint Temple Commanders (Victory Road Ace Trainers)
Askov - 16k

Safari Zone Smashers
robjr - 26.5k

Iki Town Idols
umbry - 23.5k
Bouff - 22.5k

Cinnabar Arcade Stars
TSR - 17k

If you would like to self-purchase as a manager, you may do so. The cost will use the following formula:

(Price last UUPL you played in or 10,000, whichever is higher + (10,000 + (# of wins last UUPL you played in * 1500))) / 2 , rounded up to the nearest .500.

So for example, if I were to do this for myself, my price would be as follows:
(10,000 + (10,000 + (1 * 1500))) / 2 = 10750, rounded up to 11,000.

This is essentially the average of your last player price and manager purchase price to balance comanaging.

Players, if you wish to tryout for a certain team, be sure to contact the managers listed above either through PMs or Discord. Player signups spreadsheet will be made and linked in the near future!

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