UUPL XII - Week Seven

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i failed to correctly do tags so yea. happy to fully start my first season so i wanted to write some stuff + some thank yous

This tournament wasn’t what I was expecting at all really, 3-4 isn’t bad but if you were talking to me throughout you would know that I have not been exactly happy about any of my wins; I had to win 8 Sucker Punch mind games versus passion, a speed tie versus viv after I threw the mon that guaranteed me the game, and not being able to play monster really soured my perception of my ability. The losses were even worse, since I had very good odds to win most of them but lost sight of the bigger picture. The wins were always just out of reach, and I felt that especially with Week 1 and Week 5 — two weeks where my inexperience and nerves showed up a because of my inability to really understand the sequences beyond the surface. With the exception of this week of course, Week 2 onwards I stopped building my own teams for my games, instead feeding these to my friends on other teams and my teammates because of my own insecurities about what I wanted to make and whatever, it also took some stress away because turns out meticulously planning out teams a little bit every day going through a bunch of different ideas every week tends to add an unnecessary amount of pressure to the game itself (for context, i made about 146 SV teams for just this tour alone). In fact, I think after Week 2 I just stopped testing and scouting as a whole because I felt both were very unnecessary things to be doing and while I still think there is merit to going through your opponents tendencies, I think for me at least this approach worked a lot better than the alternative because having less investment in my own slot made the nerves a lot better than they otherwise would have been. All in all, I definitely have a lot of room to grow and had I been more attentive, 5-2/4-3 was definitely a lot more realistic. Every tournament game is a new sample for improvement after all I suppose.

Monsters, you were a fun cast, sad it had to end the way it did but I truly do not regret anything, actually maybe not getting a DPP but who cares… I hope we team in more things Separation I am a huge fan of you, this tour and SCL were both really entertaining watching you pilot with great understanding of the game and how to win. It is a shame that you couldn’t find another perfect season here but I assure you, as well as everyone else, Separation is one of the best guys at this tier and I hope you continue to play it my friend. I was dead set on you from day one for SV and I do not regret it at all.

With that out of the way, I want to thank all the people who gave me advice whether it be about mentality and how I should try and improve my play or have just been pretty cool people to me for no apparent reason: gum passion (!) Lily, vivalospride, umbry, Punny, Lyssa, Nat, CrashinBoomBang and a special mention to TPP McMeghan during SCL last year. kumiko (we will win something together someday eventually) teal6 3d Sabelette different from the rest but equally important, you guys never fail to make me smile and have salvaged some pretty bad vibes with your hearts of gold. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day multiple times over to talk with me about whatever, I truly value it from the bottom of my heart and its conversations like these that keep me coming back with the will to keep improving. That also goes to all the social circles I was in over the years so s/o to 5.0/boots/gaspsties/ducks/Flub for all the fun talks and stuff. Thank you Expulso and avarice for buying me in UUFPL 2 years ago, it really was the thing that brought me in and kept me here, so thank you for that. Same can be said for all the managers who got me especially Savannah for trusting me to play in Week 7 with our season being balanced on a silk string. Also thanks to Vulpix03 and Rewer for letting me help out with the BIGs BW for SPL. BW is beast. See you in Blind Draft or whatever we have coming up next! :heart:

Separation gum passion Lily Lyssa umbry Nat CrashinBoomBang TPP McMeghan 3d Sabelette kumiko teal6 vivalospride Expulso avarice Punny
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