Tournament UUWC I - Signups

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إسمي جف
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Name: Adaam
Tiers Played: SS, SM, ORAS
Primary Eligibility: US East (MA)
Secondary Eligibility: no
Interested in Captaincy?: I can be ass man ;)
Significant Time Missed: no
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Name: SR765
Tiers Played: SS UU
Primary Eligibility: US West
Secondary Eligibility: None
Interested in Captaincy?: None
Significant Time Missed: None
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El patrón del mal
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Name: GunGunJ
Tiers Played: SM UU / ORAS UU / DPP UU
Primary Eligibility: Latin America related stuff
Secondary Eligibility: RoW
Interested in Captaincy?: I have captained championship teams in the recent past in spanish communities, I would like to do the same here / help as an assman
Significant Time Missed: Noup
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