UUWC III - Finals (Won by Rest of World)

Congratulations DugZa tko and all of RoW, you guys really deserved the win.

To US West, thank you so much all of you for the experience. I felt really good about this team, unlike anything I've ever been a part of. Everyone was great from Day 1 - even before Day 1, from Day 0 when signups were still open. I'm so happy with the vibes we had and we made an amazing run in this tour, a tour that nobody really expected us to make much noise in. I said from the beginning that West was a Top 5 team and nobody believed me - turns out we were a Top 2 team and almost brought it home I really wish we did, and I'm so sad that we didn't, especially since I lost my game, but I'm happy for RoW because I think they all had an amazing run as well and fought hard all season to get to this point.

vivalospride TSR Monky25 I'm sorry I couldn't help get your rings, I really wanted to make it happen. Viv I'm really happy you joined - I know you hated UUWC since forever and didn't want to play initially until I kept pressing you on it. But having you around made a big difference just from your presence alone. Crushy thanks for signing up to captain - you were a great captain, always helping out where you could, and similarly to Viv I know I kept pressing you too to sign up but I'm happy you did too. None of this happens without you, and you've been helping me in almost everything I do since last year and I'm eternally grateful for you as a friend and as someone that has helped me up my game to the next level.

Attribute I'll be honest, I think I am a pretty good SS UU player. So I don't say this often and believe it but man you're better than me at it and it's probably not as close as I think it to be. 6-0 is impressive no matter what tour it is, and your run was masterful too, I don't even remember you ever being in a rough spot in any games. EternalSnowman we all went nuts when you signed up, you were the goat and carried us for the entire season, don't worry about that final game. Let's just win rands wcop instead.

dex velvet you got us some key wins when we needed them, it was a pleasure teaming with you and hope we can do it again in the future. Stop playing for South though dex.

Everyone else maki Mystras MrSoup sanguine Bella UnzipsCrogre you were all part of the experience too. I'm really really really happy to have been a part of this tournament with all of you - I was actually very sad when I started writing this (see above) but now I'm not so sad remembering how nice it was.

ken Vertigo goated hosts, thank you. Let's bring this tour back please, it was great all around, one of the best UU Tours in a long time.
This feels like r1 of reg wcop vs Oceania, too bad we couldn’t get the redemption we wanted. But nonetheless, congratulations to ROW o/ been wanting to learn uu a bit so kinda glad I decided to sign for this. Everyone in west were amazing as ever and hopefully we can team up some more in the future.:pikachu-phd:


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We won AAHHHH. This was a super fun tour, especially since no one expected us to do well but damn everyone on the team was on top of their games throughout the tour. Starting off 2-6 and qualifying 13-11 in groups, going from 1-4 to 4-4 in QFs vs. East and winning the TB and winning finals 5-3 after being 1-3; everything just went so well in the most unexpected ways. It's funny coz me and tko signed up to manage as a half-joke at first since no one else signed up but things just clicked after that.

I think I speak on behalf of the whole team but memcho is honestly one of the best managers ever; put in tons of effort, made the chat so much better and was cooking hard in every slot every week; the speeches were the cherry on top and hard carried team chat. Very satisfying to win this together after how MPL and LCPL went. :psycry:

Glad I got to team with everyone on the team and looking forward to future WCs with the gang, again thank you to everyone for making this an extremely fun experience. Want to give a special shout-out to Queen of Bean for all the support behind the scenes, was pumping out 10+ teams every week and was the main reason behind our success in SV and easily one of the best teammates ever, always enthusiastic to help out in any capacity. Thank you to all the helpers who were helping in the server, couldn't have done it without you guys either and everyone else that supported the RoW dream :heart:.
won vs velvet, gg and good games west. I've always been a fan of your support and team choices this tour BFM, and this finals was super close.

I don't even know where to begin. RoW was facing such an uphill battle this entire tournament, from before it even started. If someone went back in time and told me we would have won this tour, I probably wouldn't have believed it. Even since pools, when we were down 2-6 at the beginning it looked pretty dire. And then we had to play US East into Europe into US West, all with absurdly stacked rosters. I think it'd make sense as to how I would not believe that we won this tour. And yet, here we are. I know I did pretty well this season, and there was a lot of "hoo-haa"s about the memshow, but I couldn't have gotten here without all of you and so for that I just wanted to be sappy for a second and thank you all.

First, I think it's unfair to shoutout anyone before giving credit to Queen of Bean. Absolute team player, and I'm glad we got to give you a 2peat for UU subforum team tour wins. 100% deserved. If anyone is unaware, QOB's government name is "Serial Builder," and serial building she did. Personally speaking, I wasn't too adjusted to the meta when the tour started, and your teams were the reason that I did well in pools. But it wasn't just me; ask anyone on the team, such as DugZa, ninjadog, damien, and they'll back this up. All of us used a QOB team at some point and it was absolutely clutch that we had you as a backbone. And even if DugZa or I weren't great with our own builds, you were able to give some frameworks around our ideas which was also integral to our success, the best example I can think of being the Dudunsparce build that I was originally going to use (which zS thankfully cooked with).

But also it wasn't just that, it was the support in tests, listening to concerns about teams and adapting, and being one of the most active chat presences in the tour. Really, it's unfair to say that we could have won this tour without you and I'm glad you joined and had faith in our playing. Hope that next time your computer doesn't fry like that again, so that you can start and get some more tournament experience that you deserve.

DugZa god damn... was it worth? If anyone is unaware, DugZa and I had to sacrifice countless tours in order to win this tournament. I'm not joking. We both big time flopped in MPL and LCPL; unfortunate, to say the least. In all reality, I'm really glad we won this dug. Considering we mostly signed up for the memes and giggles, it's good to see that we won. Here are those logs for reference:

It really looked dire in all of the tours that we were not winning, but we absolutely owned it as a manager duo here. With your help we were able to clutch up pools, clutch up a tiebreaker in quarters and then clutch up yet AGAIN in finals together. And, I'm glad that you were able to keep a cool head for when I was starting to say "it's dire," and for adapting from the SV to SM change. Absolutely absurd, and it was really fun. The team wouldn't have done it without you...

and on the same note as the last sentence, ninjadog ohhh my god... you combining 16-4 with dug and I was absolutely nuts. I'm glad that we FINALLY got to win a team tour together, because the amount of teams that we were on together that got to finals, let alone playoffs, and then losing was heartbreaking to say the least. I'm actually really happy that we finally got this ring here. I absolutely had faith in your play as one of the best pilots this tour, and it worked out.

spellcaster I also have to include you here at the top; your teams were, as you say, "goob sheist." I think you gave me teams for arguably the 2 most important weeks; quarters tiebreak and finals. And both teams cooked super hard. But it wasn't even that, I knew I could count on you for support when you agreed to do ungodly late night laddering during the pools stage. I'm glad that, even though we recently met in the Daves, I was able to count on you for help throughout the tour and for being a good friend. For the flub.

Chloe one of the best moments this tour was when you won the semis game, which made me forgive and forget that the game happened at one of the most ungodliest hours in the night, at least for tournament standards. Literal clutch god moment, and this is only the beginning. We still have yet to win RUWC, and I know that we can for sure cook the world cups like PUWC next year as well.

ChrisPBacon Similarly, you stepped in quick during the playoffs and helped us, especially in the semifinals like Chloe. Gotta appreciate the effort you put in here; piloting and testing during the playoffs also really helped me get familiar with my builds. I thought your play here was solid, and although the finals matchup was rough, I think you played well the entire tour.

zS Idk if you realized this but you started the whole "memshow" train thing. Not gonna lie, quarterfinals was lookin dire. Being down 1-4 with you, dug and I left against 3 of the East members was an uphill battle for sure, but it gave birth to the memshow entirely. Definitely a team player. The wins you accumulated in the playoffs were absolutely key, and you also hit hella activity during the start of the playoffs. Because of all of that, I'll forgive you for using my beloved Dudunsparce, haha.... and you know that I'd want to team with you in the future. Good work here man, we did not let the memshow die at ALL.
This was prob my favorite moment this entire tour (the triple memshow post into tiebreak):
damien the genius you pulled up with integral wins that got us out of the hell that was the pools stage. Things were looking slightly bleak in the ADD era (for those who don't know, After Damien's Death), but the Resurrection in the finals was all we needed to get the show back on the road. Thanks for playing here with us man, and similarly to ninjadog, you are one of the GOAT pilots that we had the pleasure to work with.

udongirl With my limited knowledge of the playerbase before the tour started, I said this to dug:

and I'm glad it worked out. Absolutely clutch performance in the semis and finals, saving us from a tiebreaker TWICE.. great work. And not even that, but the suggestions you made to my team in pools helped me clutch out my first win in this tour, starting a domino effect. Thanks for playing with us and becoming the clutch god at the end.

Liz Angeles I know it was only for a short while, but you must know that I appreciate any help that is given to a cast of players that you're not a part of. And as such, I am very appreciative of the team help and discussions you were engaged in our SS channel. I see you and QOB as similar, and I hope to see good things out of you and her in UU tours going forward.

Tal etern gorex Aqua Jet Luthier Thank you all for agreeing to be on the team or in the chat. Everything contributed towards our win, and I'm glad that yall were here for the ride to support us too :heart:

Gotta shoutout my boy HT for randomly deciding to ladder again, and dabbling in some test games with me. It helped me get used to the team that spellcaster passed me, so you helped me clutch up as well.

Feliburn LOSERRRR LMAOOOOOO how's it down there below me in the HOF?
Glad I was able to disprove this, but you also helped me test and for that I love u man :heart:

And finally, this is the third tier in which I've managed and brought a team to victory. Gotta shoutout my boys Nineage shiloh and Bouff, winning LCPL and RUSD with you guys as my support really does mean a lot to me. I'm stoked that I can call this my third tier victory.

What started off as a meme ended up as a victory. Thanks for accepting me UU community, hope you all enjoyed the memshow.

memcho out.
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grats to RoW, you guys were impressive all throughout poffs and took down strong teams to make it this far; very well deserved. west, this one is gonna sting for a bit but we definitely surpassed 90% of people's expectations (including viv's lmaooo sorry had to say it) so we should be proud of ourselves for not necessarily proving people wrong, but for proving ourselves right. i had more fun this tournament than i thought i would when i signed up, and that is thanks to the great environment that was established from the beginning, encouraging everyone to put their best foot forward and to have fun while doing it. we will be back west, just a matter of waiting and trusting the process :blobthumbsup:. thank you to everyone in the team cord for making this experience enjoyable, you all know who you are. this tier is extremely fun and is complimented by a great community; hope to stick around for a bit. ggs all


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I first wanna give a big shout-out to the UU community for being incredibly welcoming, I don't think I've experienced so much fanfare for a tour and man was it cool. US West for UU was such an amazing experience, I already knew BigFatMantis but meeting TSR and Monky25 was really great, y'all are some talented individuals that I hope to team with again. I know my 2-4 score wasn't great, but I think SV UU is an awesome meta and I hope to stick around in the community this gen. I like to think I improved down the stretch and I'm gonna keep contributing to the West legend as I can. Thank y'all for welcoming me onto West and for letting me experience the drive y'all have, y'all got some warrior spirit. If anything, I hope to inspire leagues of matchup fishers in this tier for years to come.

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