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Sassy Stakataka = Stalker
Lonely Stakata = Lei

Is that right? If so, it's finished, let me know what day/time works for you.
Big Archive Stuff, as usual NFT so don't ask, you can bother the OT, one day celesteela and guzzlord and blacephelon will have a Black/White sprite

Everything was obtained in a trade from xtr3m3 on emulator
My own 7 deadly sins

Timid Beast Boost Nihilego

OT: Virgil | ID: 000021
Nihilego attaches to someone and has that person does its bidding, hence the Greed sin

Jinmu and Winsor McCay
Adamant | Beast Boost Buzzwole | Impish

OT: Virgil | ID: 198623
There was a mosquito who tried to steal Emperor Jinmu's blood
Winsor McCay animated a silent film called How a Mosquito Operates in 1912
The six-minute short depicts a giant mosquito tormenting a sleeping man

Naive Beast Boost Pheromosa

OT: Virgil | ID: 000021
Its code name is UB-02 Beauty, hence the Lust sin

Timid Beast Boost Xurkitree

OT: Virgil | ID: 000021
It steals electricity from power plant because it's too lazy to produce its own, hence the Sloth sin

Sassy Beast Boost Celesteela

OT: Virgil | ID: 000021
In the story of Kaguya, the other villagers are Envious of the father for all the fortune, hence the Envy sin

Jolly Beast Boost Kartana

OT: Virgil | ID: 000021
It looks angry to me, hence the Wrath sin

Modest Beast Boost Guzzlord

OT: Virgil | ID: 000021
Its codename is UB-05 Glutton, hence the Gluttony sin

Modest Beast Boost Poipole

OT: Virgil | ID: 198623
In Ultra Space, it is popular as a starter pokemon. I guess it takes pride in that, hence the Pride sin

Lei and Stalker
Lonely | Beast Boost Stakataka | Sassy

OT: Virgil | ID: 000021 |
Lei is the name of Sun's Stakataka in the Pokemon Adventure manga.
Stalker is the name of a guardian in Breath of the Wild

Wei Boyang
Timid Beast Boost Blacephalon

OT: Virgil | ID: 000021
Wei Boyang was a Chinese chemist who documented the chemical composition of gunpowder​
More archiving and NICKNAME event mons for trade, might as well as some rules regarding event mon. Also moves some stuff around, all nickname by Xucrute

1. All Events Mons on Post 5 are Semi-Redis. Meaning whomever obtained it directly from me can trade it.
2. Nickname Event mons are Fully-Redis, it also will be at the bottom of post #5
3. Both need to be credit me~

Timid Magician Hoopa

OT: Alexander | ID: 10036
Pokémon Hoopa Distribution - Legit Wondercard (Alpha Sapphire Save)
Name after the Djhin Dara from The Daevabad Trilogy by S.A. Chakraborty

Adamant RKS System Silvally

OT: Aether | ID: 102317
Shiny Silvally GX Tie-In - Legit Wondercard (Moon Save)
Name after the Nue from Japananese Folklore

Archiving, NFT, bug the owner

Jolly Volt Absorb Zeraora
OT: Fula City | ID: 100118
Obtained in a trade from Tatertot, legit wondercard
Name after Enel's move 雷獣 (Kiten), means thunder beast
The name is also a pun to the electrical beast created as Kiten is similar in pronunciation to kitten

Golden Hook
Modest Beast Boost Poipole
OT: Ultra | ID: 091718
Obtained in a trade from Tatertot, legit wondercard
Name after Crocodile's golden hook from One Piece
Hello, i'd like to trade with you on 3ds. Not sure i have anything you are looking for, you can nonetheless contact me on discord if you are interested.

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