V.I.P Showcase Galleria

perfect 5iv riolu adamant stead fast w/ bullet punch
perfect 5iv cottonee impish prankster
perfect 5iv heracross jolly swarm
perfect 4iv purloin timid prankster w/ yawn and foul play
perfect 5iv feebas modest swift swim w/ dragon pulse and hypnosis
perfect 5iv frillish modest cursed body w/ confuse ray

perfect 5iv 0 speed ev trained amoongus relaxed effect spore ( battle ready)

for hp ice electrike?
Would you do the Electrike for the Wynaut, and I'll throw in the Chansey for free? (Wynaut is an intense pain to breed, but Chansey is a breeze, figure it might even out worth a simpler HP mon ;) ).
Okay, I have both mons in stock, so I've added you. If Electrike could get a nickname, Amperro, that'd be perfect. Can trade any time in the next two hours if you'd like.

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