Valentine Lovebirds (Done. Winners, pm/vm me to pick up)

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Doesn't look like Pikachu knows what today is...

Valentines Day...ah, the dreaded day for some, a holiday of sweets (in many ways) for others! However, is it good to spend the day alone? Well, Santa Chu is here to play cupid, so long as you follow the rules!

Santa Chu's Rules:
1. All responses must be posted here. They must be satisfactorily answered (as in more than 3 sentences) and must follow the stipulation posted: a Luvdisc sprite (to show you read the rules!).
2. I will be distributing these Pokemon. Winners may vm/pm me to pick up the Pokemon if they see their name on the list.
3. This is a 5th Generation giveaway, so B/W fc is needed.
4. One Pokemon per person. You may choose which one (and mention it in your post. In that aspect, one entry per person (no editing your post!).
5. ICBB/Blacklisted members may not participate.
6. All Pokemon are non-redistributable.
7. Breaking any of these rules disqualifies you from this giveaway.

In order to win, share with us the following:

Share with us a Valentine moment. It can be good, bad, whatever. Just make sure you feel comfortable sharing it!

Lovebirds of the day:

Nidoqueen: Bold ♀ Lv. 100
*Sheer Force
IVs: 31/2/31/31/31/31
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
[Earth Power] [Toxic Spikes] [Ice Beam] [Flamethrower]

[OT: +Jedi]
*Love dictates you must treat your sweetie as royalty. If you cannot, to the dungeon with you!

Heracross: Adamant ♀ Lv. 100
IVs: 30/31/30/6/28/31
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
[Megahorn] [Close Combat] [Stone Edge] [Sleep Talk]

[OT: Cecilia]
*Love has struck you hard. You want to forget the hurt with a love shaped horn to the rear, even in your sleep!

Milotic: Timid ♀ Lv. 100
*Marvel Scale
IVs: 30/27/31/30/31/31
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
[Hydro Pump] [Ice Beam] [Recover] [Hidden Power (Grass)]

[OT: +Jedi]
*Your love is the most beautiful creature in the world. Tender, loving...and kicks your ass hard if you let them down.

Roserade: Timid ♀ Lv. 100
*Natural Cure
IVs: 31/7/31/31/31/31
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
[Sleep Powder] [Leaf Storm] [Sludge Bomb] [Toxic Spikes]

[OT: +Jedi]
*A rose by any other name...isn't Roserade? If you are the romantic type, pluck a lovely rose for your sweetheart!
-Texas Cloverleaf

Reuniclus: Modest ♀ Lv. 100
*Magic Guard
IVs: 31/27/31/31/31/31
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA
[Psyshock] [Focus Blast] [Recover] [Shadow Ball]

[OT: +Jedi]
*Maybe love really is from the heart. And as we know, blood is pumped from the heart, and blood carries the specific coding of a species. Hence, love is part of one's DNA!
-M. Rock​

Giveaway ends at February 14th at 11:59p HST (to give the Hawaiian lovebirds a chance to participate).
Okay it was Valentine's Day a few years ago. I bought a rose for a girl I liked (at least then). Anyway, I gave it to her at lunch and she said thanks and that she'll keep it a her house. However, at the end of the day, I saw her throw away the rose I gave her. I was angry and sad at the same time. I never really like Valentine's Day to begin with, but now I just despise it.

I'll take the Nidoqueen please :)
I would post an interesting Valentine's Day memory, but I don't really have any, since I'm an introvert. The only Valentine Day memory I remember is in elementary school, passing around valentine cards. As one can imagine, it wasn't very romantic, and I didn't care for it much (even for the cheap candy :P)
Anyways, if this counts at all, I'd like the Nidoqueen as well.
A Valentine's Night (last year)I myself will not forget. I took my girl out that evening for a meal in my city. Naturally I dressed my best in a suit, we met, settled at our table and ordered. As we were eating, the song 'A Night To Remember' by Shalamar (an Old Skool classic band I love) started playing, I sang the lyrics to myself and to my surprise, my girl tuned in too. Turns out we concentrated more on singing than eating, but hey at least we were (and still are) together.

I'd appreciate Reuniclus please!

my valentines story was my first year of college. i had a special gift all planned out for her. since she was a chemistry major, i made her a valentines card using elements from the elemental table saying "be my valentine". However, the day before valentines day, she told me she was no longer interested in me. the "chemistry" was no longer there :(

i'm interested in the milotic please

Well, let's see how this goes. One valentines day, I woke up and went to school. There everyone was exchanging flowers. I got one then went home. At home I went on Minecraft and Smogon, because I do not have a date for today (I also was listing to white zombie and black sabbath).

May I please have the nidqueen?
I remember this one time. It was a couple years ago when I was in elementary school. My class had a valentine's day party. Everyone got candy and cards.

Can I get the Nidoqueen please?
So when I Was in third grade and I kissed my friend and she slaped me in the face. I kinda deserved it cause I was in her grill. I'm glad I did not get in trouble by my principal. an update since the 3rd grade she has a BF and I'm still single so.. that where it leads me (I could not find a Luvdisc sprite so I found this. awesome job on the Shiny btw I'll take the Reunicisis

Oh I stayed all the day with my lovely girlfriend.I bought her some flowers and a beautiful ring.Then we kissed for some minutes and i let you imagine the continuos... :)

Can i have nidoqueen or reuniclus please?:)
Ha ha, I got dis. It's a pretty good one.

I had a steady girlfriend back in high school. It was senior year on Valentine's Day and I had NO idea what to do for her. Totally stumped, my friend told me there were some red tulips/roses(can't remember) in full bloom just outside the library and to pick a few after lunch to give to her. I complied. Now, I'm the type of guy that's big on surprises and it was no different back then. I'm not just gonna give them to her outright. So, when she wasn't looking, I tucked them in her bookbag, but left them open enough to where she could see them.

Days go by and I hear nothing from her. I finally ask her a week later if she got the tulips/roses I sent her and she didn't even know. I told her to look in her bag and that's when she saw them.....all smashed up from her putting her textbooks in there, general abuse of the bookbag, etc etc.


She still gave me hugs, kissess, etc etc etc (don't ask me what the etc. is either)

As rosey as that story is, I'm gonna request Reuniclus though ;/

One of my best Valentines Day memories was actually today. Although I don't have a girlfriend this year, I still got plenty of love. Got some fudge from my Gov teacher during a test, a Rice Krispie Treat from my coach, and my friend found me a really cute prom date! To top it off, my sister got me a DBZ dvd box set. Not a bad day.

I'll have the Reuniclus, please

I'd like the Roserade please.

Well, today I brought in a whole shitload of candy to eat for myself and to spread around. At lunch time I walked into the caf with one of my friends and went to talk to my giftie buddies. Stopped at the table, opened the lid and whoosh, candy tilts all over the place. Not many people saw what what happened, so after a nice bonding experience where everyone pitched in to recover the candy a couple of us started mentioning how my friend went apeshit and "table tossed" the candy.

Much trolling ensued and many laughs were had by the end of it.

No sappy love story because i broke up with my ex a few months ago so funny story instead.
Well let's see. I just got home from a wonderful valentines evening with my wife. We saw this means war hich is actually a great date flick. Something for men and women. I highly recommend it. After thay we went and ate dinner at the olive garden where the food and service were terrible. Big surprise right? We hardly ever get to go on date nights because of the kids, so it was really nice to just spend time with the woman I love.

And thanks android for having full web access to check smogon while walking my dog so I don't have to go to the computer and look like an ass. :)

Ill show heracross some love.


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Ended, mods may lock.

For the record, spending time with anything Mass Effect related (for me) is torture. :)

Great stories by many! I only let one person fly with the valentines class one. There was one that was obviously a one sentence entry. Come on...don't try to fool an English major! >_>
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