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Welcome to VaporeMons, the third mod in the SylveMons series! Like JolteMons last generation, this mod looks to add and change moves, items, and abilities to create a more interesting Gen 9 OU metagame. Pokémon can also be given non-stat adjustments.
Submission Phase (5 days)
During the submission phase, you can submit 4 new or changed moves, items, and abilities as well as 4 non-stat adjustments to Pokémon. Templates are provided below. There are very few restrictions for what you can do with moves, items, and abilities, but please keep your submissions balanced and codeable because the council reserves the right to veto any submission deemed uncompetitive, broken, or unfeasible. For Pokémon Adjustments, you can change the Pokémon's typing, abilities, and add or remove moves. You cannot create new moves or abilities for the Pokémon, you must submit those as part of your moves or ability submissions. Multiple moves / items / abilities can be subbed in one slot if they are clones of each other and multiple Pokémon can be adjusted in one slot if they are direct counterparts of each other.

Voting Phase (1 day) -
During the voting phase, you may vote for up to 6 submissions in each category. You are allowed 2 self-votes. The top voted submissions will win and be added to the metagame, with at least 2 winners in each category.

Discussion (1 day) -
The discussion phase of each slate gives us a quick period of rest to get the newest slate coded, discuss what we got in the newest slate, and potentially do a little playtesting before the next slate. Unlike in JolteMons, distribution discussion is no formally longer part of the discussion phase, with distribution now being decided by council.

How is VaporeMons different from SylveMons or JolteMons?
VaporeMons follows the same format and vision and JolteMons did last generation, seeking to create an interesting take on the current OU metagame while remaining competitive. However, a couple changes have been made for VaporeMons this time around:

- VaporeMons does not share continuity with SylveMons or JolteMons, so none of the changes from either mod are present. Elements from either mod can be resubmitted, but do note that just because it's in SylveMons/JolteMons doesn't mean that it won't be vetoed here.
- As mentioned earlier, there is no longer a formal distribution phase. Distribution of new moves and abilities will be decided by council. You can still suggest ideas for distribution even if you're not on council, but distribution will now be more in the hands of council than it was last generation.
- Winners can also be nerfed if they prove to be broken after being added.
- Like JolteMons, VaporeMons will last for 10 slates.

- VaporeMons is based on Gen 9 OU, so National Dex Pokemon cannot be submitted for adjustments. Dexited moves, items, and abilities can be submitted, as that's no different from subbing a new move/item/ability.
- Terastalization will be banned immediately. With Terastalization being banned, Regieleki, Espathra, and Volcarona are unbanned. Ogerpon-Hearthflame and Terapagos were Pokemon introduced after VaporeMons started that were also banned primarily because of Terastalization and are also unbanned.
- One playtesting roomtour will take place after every even numbered slate, allowing us to check in on the state of the metagame and make any balance changes if needed.

Name: [Name of the move]
Power: [Base Power of the Move]
Accuracy: [Accuracy of the Move. Has to be a multiple of 5]
PP: [Power Points of the Move. Has to be a multiple of 5]
Category: [Physical, Special, or Status]
Type: [Type of the Move]
Effect: [What the move does. Can be a secondary effect or an inherent effect like Throat Chop's. Also include whether or not the move is a spread move]
Priority: [The priority bracket of the move. The standard priority of a move is 0]
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): [Specify which flags the move has. A full list can be found here.]
Potential Pokémon With This Move: [List a few Pokémon that could learn this move. The council ultimately decides what Pokémon get what moves]
Justification: [Explain why this move should be added]
Name: [Name of the item]
Effect: [What the item does]
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): [Specify whether or not the item can be Knocked Off.]
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): [Specify whether or not the item's effect is ignored by Klutz]
Fling Power & Effect: [The BP of Fling when used with this item and what secondary effect it has, like Light Ball causing paralysis]
Justification: [Explain why this item should be added]
Name: [Name of the ability]
Effect: [What the ability does]
Permanent (Yes or No): [Permanent abilities are abilities that can't be suppressed, Skill Swapped, or copied]
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): [Specify whether or not the ability is ignored by Mold Breaker]
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: [List a few Pokémon that could get this ability. The council ultimately decides what Pokémon get what abilities]
Justification: [Explain why this ability should be added]
:sm/pokemon: [Replace "pokemon" with the name of the Pokémon]
Name: [Name of the Pokémon]
Type: [The Pokémon's typing]
Abilities: [The Pokémon's set of abilities]
New Moves: [Any moves that you are adding to the Pokémon]
Removed Moves: [Any move that you are removing from the Pokémon]
Justification: [Explain why these changes should be added]
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound):
Potential Pokémon With This Move:

Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No):
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No):
Fling Power & Effect:

Permanent (Yes or No):
Mold Breaker (Yes or No):
Potential Pokémon With This Ability:

New Moves:
Removed Moves:
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Last Updated: 7/9/24

Alphabetically ordered

S Rank


A Rank

:great tusk:Great Tusk
:iron valiant:Iron Valiant

:iron jugulis:Iron Jugulis


B Rank

:gouging fire:Gouging Fire
:iron moth:Iron Moth

:iron treads:Iron Treads
:roaring moon:Roaring Moon

:iron crown:Iron Crown
:walking wake:Walking Wake

C Rank

:sandy shocks:Sandy Shocks

:iron boulder:Iron Boulder

:scream tail:Scream Tail

D Rank
D Rank represents Pokémon that had Adjustment subs voted in for them or a voted-in signature item, but are still unviable. The rank exists to tell you that they are unviable but to also make you aware that they have been significantly altered so you aren't caught off guard.
The following Pokemon have received nerfs so significant that we can't accurately rank them at this time, but they will be ranked at later date (assuming they're still viable)

:iron hands:Iron Hands
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Every Pokémon listed is C- Rank or higher on the VR + a select few others, separated by a |
Last Updated: 4/10/24 (Archaludon removed on 5/27/24, Inteleon removed on 6/27/24)

Stealth Rock / Stone Axe:
:gliscor::great tusk::skarmory::ting-lu::landorus-therian::clefable::cobalion::garganacl::torkoal::heatran::hippowdon::sandy shocks::clodsire::excadrill::iron treads::mew::muk-alola::diancie::garchomp::kommo-o::swampert::azelf::blissey::kleavor::scream tail::tinkaton::tyranitar:|:glimmora::mamoswine:
Spikes / Ceaseless Edge::ogerpon-wellspring::ogerpon-hearthflame::gliscor::skarmory::ting-lu::weavile::deoxys-speed::landorus-therian::greninja::meowscarada::samurott-hisui::sandy shocks::clodsire::mew::ogerpon-cornerstone::diancie::garchomp::spidops:|:froslass::glimmora:
Toxic Spikes / Dire Claw / Toxic Debris::gliscor::iron moth::sneasler::toxapex::clodsire::okidogi:|:dragalge::fezandipiti::glimmora::weezing-galar:
Healing Stones::milotic::shaymin::ribombee::hatterene::mew::diancie:|:fezandipiti::vespiquen::weezing-galar:
Sticky Web / Electroweb::ribombee::lanturn::spidops:|:kilowattrel:

Suicide Leads::weavile::deoxys-speed::landorus-therian::samurott-hisui::iron-treads::mew::ogerpon-cornerstone::ribombee::diancie:|:froslass::glimmora::kilowattrel:

Hazard Control
Rapid Spin:
:great tusk::magnezone::torkoal::meloetta-pirouette::excadrill::iron treads::meloetta::revavroom:|:avalugg::terapagos::tsareena:
Wash Away::alomomola::pelipper::rotom-wash::primarina::toxapex::dondozo::vaporeon::swampert:|:bellibolt::empoleon:
Tidy Up:|:cinccino::maushold::wigglytuff:
Shelter (only removes Rocks and Spikes)::goodra-hisui::slowbro::torkoal::hydrapple:|:chesnaught:
Court Change::cinderace::delphox:|:hariyama:
Magic Bounce::hatterene::diancie:

Hazard Removal Prevention (aside from just being a Ghost-type)::ogerpon-wellspring::gholdengo::enamorus::volcanion::clodsire::zapdos-galar:|:brambleghast::decidueye::gastrodon::wigglytuff:

Magnet Pull:
Sand Spit::sandy shocks:|:palossand:
Trapping Moves::heatran::toxapex:

Offensive Roles
Physical Wallbreakers:
:dragapult::iron valiant::ogerpon-wellspring::ogerpon-hearthflame::cinderace::great tusk::iron hands::gouging-fire::weavile::baxcalibur::blaziken::crabominable::dragonite::kingambit::zamazenta::barraskewda::ceruledge::basculegion::meowscarada::cobalion::iron-boulder::regigigas::rillaboom::roaring moon::sneasler::azumarill::hawlucha::hoopa-unbound::meloetta-pirouette::samurott-hisui::ogerpon-cornerstone::scizor::garchomp::okidogi::palafin::tauros-paldea-blaze::zapdos-galar::kleavor::lilligant-hisui::lycanroc-dusk::metagross::terrakion::tyranitar:|:breloom::charizard::cinccino::iron thorns::mamoswine::maushold::salamence::slither wing::ursaluna:
Special Wallbreakers::dragapult::iron valiant::magearna::raging-bolt::gholdengo::iron jugulis::jolteon::kyurem::thundurus::darkrai::deoxys-speed::iron moth::shaymin::zapdos::greninja::keldeo::walking wake::cobalion::enamorus::manaphy::tornadus-therian::delphox::heatran::hoopa-unbound::iron-crown::primarina::sandy-shocks::venusaur::volcanion::volcarona::enamorus-therian::serperior::vaporeon::diancie::indeedee::kommo-o::meloetta::zoroark-hisui::azelf::munkidori::scream-tail::typhlosion-hisui:|:charizard::decidueye::froslass::pyroar:
Mixed Wallbreakers::iron valiant::thundurus::greninja::hoopa-unbound::mew::diancie::garchomp::kommo-o:


Choice Item Users
Choice Band:
:cinderace::great-tusk::iron hands::gouging-fire::weavile::baxcalibur::dragonite::barraskewda::basculegion::meowscarada::iron-boulder::regigigas::rillaboom::roaring moon::sneasler::azumarill::hoopa-unbound::scizor::okidogi::zapdos-galar::lilligant-hisui::lycanroc-dusk::metagross::terrakion::tyranitar:|:mamoswine::salamence:
Choice Specs::dragapult::iron valiant::magearna::iron jugulis::jolteon::kyurem::deoxys-speed::iron moth::greninja::walking wake::cobalion::enamorus::delphox::heatran::hoopa-unbound::latios::primarina::volcanion::vaporeon::meloetta::azelf::typhlosion-hisui::hydreigon::lucario::zoroark-hisui:|:basculegion-f::pyroar:
Choice Scarf::great tusk::gholdengo::iron jugulis::kyurem::darkrai::landorus-therian::shaymin::basculegion::meowscarada::enamorus::regigigas::rotom-wash::latios::samurott-hisui::meloetta::okidogi::zapdos-galar::munkidori::typhlosion-hisui::hydreigon::indeedee:|:pyroar:

Setup Sweepers
Swords Dance:
:iron valiant::ogerpon-wellspring::ogerpon-hearthflame::cinderace::gliscor::iron hands::weavile::baxcalibur::blaziken::crabominable::kingambit::landorus-therian::ceruledge::cobalion::iron-boulder::rillaboom::sneasler::hawlucha::samurott-hisui::excadrill::ogerpon-cornerstone::scizor::garchomp::okidogi::scyther::kleavor::lycanroc-dusk::terrakion:|:brambleghast::fezandipiti::iron thorns::ursaluna:
Nasty Plot::gholdengo::thundurus::deoxys-speed::tornadus-therian::delphox::hoopa-unbound::hydrapple::zoroark-hisui::azelf::munkidori:|:landorus::pyroar::rotom-fan:
Bulk Up::great tusk::thundurus::ceruledge::palafin::tauros-paldea-blaze::zapdos-galar:
Calm Mind / Take Heart::iron valiant::magearna::raging-bolt::jolteon::keldeo::clefable::cobalion::enamorus::manaphy::latios::primarina::enamorus-therian::hatterene::vaporeon::diancie::meloetta:|:espathra::sinistcha:
Dragon Dance / Tidy Up::dragapult::gouging-fire::kyurem::baxcalibur::dragonite::roaring moon:|:cinccino::maushold::salamence:
Belly Drum::iron hands::azumarill:|:cetitan:
Quiver Dance::volcarona:|:frosmoth::oricorio-pom-pom::oricorio:
Scale Shot::baxcalibur::roaring moon::garchomp:|:salamence:
Meteor Beam::sandy shocks:|:glimmora::landorus:
Iron Defense::magnezone::skarmory::zamazenta::corviknight::garganacl:
Agility::iron-moth::walking wake::iron-crown:
Dragon Rage::raging-bolt::goodra-hisui::hydrapple:
Tail Glow::manaphy::scream-tail:
Speed Boost::blaziken:|:espathra:
Other::zamazenta:(Howl):iron moth:(Fiery Dance):greninja:(Battle Bond):skeledirge:(Torch Song):kommo-o:(Clangorous Soul):revavroom:(Shift Gear):lilligant-hisui:(Victory Dance) |:torterra::polteageist:(Shell Smash)

Chain Lightning:
:jolteon::thundurus:|:iron thorns:
Sucker Punch::cinderace::kingambit::meowscarada::samurott-hisui::muk-alola:
Cutting Remark::hoopa-unbound::kleavor:
Ice Shard::weavile::baxcalibur:|:mamoswine:
Accelerock::iron-boulder::diancie::kleavor::lycanroc-dusk::terrakion::tyranitar:|:iron thorns:
Vacuum Wave::keldeo::cobalion::meloetta:|:decidueye:
Aqua Jet::barraskewda::basculegion::samurott-hisui::azumarill::muk:
Jet Punch::crabominable::palafin:
Bullet Punch::scizor::metagross:
Other::raging-bolt:(Thunderclap):dragonite:(Extreme Speed):ceruledge:(Shadow Sneak):greninja:(Water Shuriken):rillaboom:(Grassy Glide) |:slither wing:(First Impression):rotom-fan:(Gale Wings)

:dragapult::ogerpon-wellspring::ogerpon-hearthflame::cinderace::gliscor::iron jugulis::thundurus::iron moth::landorus-therian::zapdos::corviknight::greninja::meowscarada::pelipper::rillaboom::roaring moon::sneasler::tornadus-therian::mandibuzz::meloetta-pirouette::ogerpon-cornerstone::ribombee::scizor::meloetta::moltres::scyther::zapdos-galar::zoroark-hisui::azelf::kleavor::munkidori::spidops:|:fezandipiti::slither wing::tsareena:
Volt Switch::iron hands::magearna::magnezone::raging-bolt::jolteon::thundurus::zapdos::cobalion::rotom-wash::sandy shocks::iron-treads::lanturn:|:bellibolt:
Flip Turn::milotic::alomomola::barraskewda::basculegion::keldeo::walking wake::latios::primarina::samurott-hisui::mew::vaporeon::palafin::swampert::lanturn::muk:|:bellibolt::dragalge:
Rollout::great tusk::magearna::goodra-hisui::pecharunt::iron-boulder::azumarill::hydrapple::iron treads::diancie::revavroom::terrakion::typhlosion-hisui:|:froslass::glimmora::salamence::snorlax:
Round::jolteon::delphox::primarina::skeledirge::vaporeon::scream tail::meloetta:|:sylveon::umbreon:
Parting Shot::pecharunt::revavroom::okidogi::munkidori:
Chilly Reception::slowking-galar:|:slowking:
Eject Button::amoonguss::hatterene:
Walkie-Talkie + Sound move::hippowdon:

Defensive Roles
Physical Walls:
:gliscor::great tusk::milotic::skarmory::slowking-galar::gholdengo::gouging-fire::alomomola::crabominable::landorus-therian::shaymin::zapdos::corviknight::pecharunt::pelipper::amoonguss::clefable::rotom-wash::slowbro::torkoal::hippowdon::mandibuzz::skeledirge::toxapex::dondozo::hatterene::hydrapple::vaporeon::moltres::tauros-paldea-blaze::wo-chien::scream-tail:|:chesnaught::fezandipiti::oricorio-pom-pom::sinistcha::palossand:
Special Walls::gliscor::magearna::magnezone::milotic::slowking-galar::ting-lu::goodra-hisui::garganacl::rotom-wash::tornadus-therian::heatran::mandibuzz::toxapex::clodsire::hydrapple::muk-alola::vaporeon::moltres::spiritomb::swampert::wo-chien::blissey::lanturn::muk::scream tail::tinkaton::tyranitar:|:bellibolt::dragalge::florges::snorlax::tsareena::wigglytuff:
Mixed Walls::gliscor::milotic::slowking-galar::alomomola::shaymin::corviknight::goodra-hisui::amoonguss::garganacl::hippowdon::primarina::skeledirge::toxapex::hydrapple::vaporeon::spiritomb::swampert::wo-chien::scream tail:|:fezandipiti::florges:

:alomomola::clefable::vaporeon::scream tail:|:wigglytuff:
Healing Stones::milotic::shaymin::hatterene::mew::ribombee::diancie:|:fezandipiti::vespiquen:
Healing Wish / Lunar Dance::shaymin::enamorus::clefable::enamorus-therian::hatterene::indeedee:|:cresselia:
Heal Bell::blissey:
Life Dew::milotic::shaymin::goodra-hisui::clefable::manaphy::primarina::hatterene::vaporeon::lanturn:

Uses an instant recovery move::ogerpon-wellspring::magnezone::milotic::skarmory::slowking-galar::gholdengo::gouging-fire::crabominable::dragonite::shaymin::zapdos::ceruledge::corviknight::goodra-hisui::pecharunt::pelipper::clefable::garganacl::manaphy::slowbro::delphox::hippowdon::mandibuzz::primarina::skeledirge::toxapex::volcarona::clodsire::hatterene::hydrapple::mew::muk-alola::vaporeon::moltres::tauros-paldea-blaze::wo-chien::blissey::lanturn::muk::tinkaton::weezing-galar:|:bellibolt::chesnaught::cresselia::oricorio-pom-pom::fezandipiti::palossand::sinistcha::tsareena:

Field Effects
Swift Swim::barraskewda::basculegion:|:basculegion-f:
Protosmosis::scream tail:|:brute bonnet:

Protosynthesis::raging-bolt::gouging-fire::walking wake:|:slither wing:
Other::ogerpon-hearthflame::cinderace::blaziken::iron moth::heatran::tauros-paldea-blaze::typhlosion-hisui:

Sand Stream:
Sand Rush::excadrill:|:pyroar::brambleghast:
Protocrysalis::great tusk::sandy shocks:

Snow Warning:
Chilly Reception::slowking-galar:|:slowking:
Slush Rush:|:cetitan:
Protostasis::roaring moon:

Grassy Terrain
Grassy Surge / Grass Pelt:
Photon Drive::iron hands::iron moth:

Psychic Terrain
Psychic Surge:
Neuron Drive::iron jugulis:

Misty Terrain
Misty Surge:
Rune Drive::iron valiant::iron treads:

Trick Room
Abusers::iron hands::magearna::crabominable::kingambit::azumarill::hoopa-unbound::enamorus-therian:|:decidueye::ursaluna:

Tera Shard & Signature Item Users
Viable Tera Shard Users
New Signature Item Users::meloetta-pirouette::revavroom::palafin::diancie:|:charizard::florges::wigglytuff:
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first, gg

Name: Heal Bell
Power: --
Accuracy: --
PP: 5


Effect: Heals the party's status conditions.
Priority: 0
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): Bypass Substitutes, Sound
Potential Pokémon With This Move: Old distribution + :azelf::calyrex::carbink::diancie::hatterene::meloetta::mesprit::uxie::eevee::ralts::maushold::scream tail::tinkaton::altaria::arboliva::florges::mismagius::indeedee-f::dudunsparce::farigiraf::vivillon::petilil::sawsbuck::vespiquen::wigglytuff::grumpig::oinkologne::appletun::flutter mane::magearna:
Justification: It's still somewhat viable, but I might as well throw stall players a bone here, you've had a rough generation. Notable users are the pre-existing Blissey + Hatterene, Sylveon, Scream Tail, and Tinkaton.

Name: Meteor Beam / Skull Bash
Power: 120
Accuracy: 90
PP: 10
(MB) /
(MB) /
Effect: Raises user's Sp. Atk (MB) / Atk (SB) by 1 on turn 1. Hits turn 2
Priority: 0
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): Protect, Mirror, Contact (SB)
Potential Pokémon With This Move::carbink::delphox::diancie::glimmora::sandy shocks::coalossal::stonjourner::mismagius::espeon::rabsca::bronzong::grumpig::rayquaza::eternatus: / :corviknight::iron treads::forretress::orthworm::copperajah::klefki::revavroom::perrserker::sudowoodo::drednaw::hawlucha::tauros::tauros-paldea-combat::tauros-paldea-blaze::tauros-paldea-aqua::sandaconda::bergmite::dugtrio-alola::dialga:
Justification: I have no original ideas and this move was sick, bring it back. Also sneak in Skull Bash, too, but make it good. Notable users of Meteor Beam would be Glimmore and Sandy Shocks mainly, with Magician Delphox in the background, while Iron Treads and Hawlucha would be best Skull Bashers.

Name: Beat Up
Power: --
Accuracy: 100
PP: 10


Effect: Each healthy party member attacks the foe, with a formula calculating their damage. New formula for BP of each hit: 8 + (Base Attack / 10) (Old formula was 5 + (Base Attack / 10))
Priority: 0
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): Protect, Mirror
Potential Pokémon With This Move: Old distribution + :iron jugulis::overqwil::squawkabilly::honchkrow::grimmsnarl::lucario::persian::persian-alola::perrserker::charizard::dugtrio::dugtrio-alola::krookodile::pincurchin:
Justification: I was originally making a sub based on TCG's Night March, but then I realized it'd probably just be better to buff Beat Up as they're very similar in concept and this is less likely to fall in the "either broken or unviable with no in-between" trap. This basically attempts to give Weavile a bit of its niche back by buffing the one bit of sauce it has left, that being Beat Up. You may not think adding +2 to the formula is much, but it can truly make a huge difference. For instance, with the old formula, Weavile's hit was 17 BP, so if you had 6 mons that also had 120 Atk, you'd hit an impressive 102 BP, same as Return. With the +3 to the formula, you get to 120 BP, matching Close Combat, giving Weavile that strong Dark move it misses so dearly. The buff being applied to the flat 5 that you get from the formula rather than the division part also means that weaker Pokemon you may want to use contribute a lot more than they'd usually would, making Beat Up Weavile slightly easier to fit on teams. It still has the typical problems of Beat Up of course, requiring a certain team composition, getting weaker as the battle goes on, and the multitude of good Fighting-types running around (not to mention like a million things faster than Weavile which just feels wrong to say), but this tiny buff might be enough to give Weavile something to do here as breaker and anti-lead. As for other mons, most don't go too crazy with it as they may lack the power or Speed of Weavile, with the only notables being Persian-Alola/Maushold (weak itself but Technician goes insane), Overqwil (naturally can be a lead), and Grimmsnarl (see Overqwil)
First example using a more balanced team, based on an old Chien-Pao sample team::cinderace::great tusk::slowking::weavile::amoonguss::dondozo:

Old formula (~93 BP):
252 Atk Choice Band Weavile Beat Up vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Corviknight: 151-178 (37.8 - 44.6%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Leftovers recovery

Old formula with Tera:
252 Atk Choice Band Tera Dark Weavile Beat Up vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Corviknight: 202-238 (50.6 - 59.6%) -- 82.4% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

New formula (~111 BP):
252 Atk Choice Band Weavile Beat Up vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Corviknight: 178-211 (44.6 - 52.8%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Leftovers recovery

Second example using this team I threw together: :dragonite::scizor::weavile::landorus-therian::hoopa-unbound::iron valiant:
Potential future buffs to mons like Glastrier or Slaking notwithstanding, this is around the strongest you can safely make Beat Up without being forced to use really bad mons (Haxorus, Slaking) or stack a ton of weaknesses (Ursaluna, Baxcalibur, Kingambit, Roaring Moon) aside from maybe adding Iron Hands.

Old formula (~112 BP):
252 Atk Choice Band Weavile Beat Up vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Corviknight: 180-213 (45.1 - 53.3%) -- 1.2% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

Old formula with Tera:
252 Atk Choice Band Tera Dark Weavile Beat Up vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Corviknight: 240-284 (60.1 - 71.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

New formula (~130 BP):
252 Atk Choice Band Weavile Beat Up vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Corviknight: 210-247 (52.6 - 61.9%) -- 98.4% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

Chien-Pao's Tera Dark Crunch for comparison:
252 Atk Choice Band Sword of Ruin Tera Dark Chien-Pao Crunch vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Corviknight: 230-272 (57.6 - 68.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

Name: Rising Voltage
Power: 70
Accuracy: 100
PP: 10


Effect: Deals double damage if Electric Terrain is active and the target is grounded.
Priority: 0
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): Protect, Mirror
Potential Pokémon With This Move::pincurchin::raichu-alola::raichu::kilowattrel::rotom::zapdos::eelektross::iron thorns::luxray::magnezone::miraidon:
Justification: Ik it's probably gonna happen at some point but I'm gonna throw this out here to try to prevent a better ESurge mon from being added later, since an actually good ESurge mon might make all the Quark mons kinda broken lol. Heck, even with Pincurchin being terrible, it still has a legit niche in OU rn, being in the Low category on the Viability List. With Rising Voltage, Pincurchin becomes a bit less useless thanks to having insane damage potential, while Raichu-A becomes a niche terrain abuser that loves being paired with the Dark-checking Valiant and the Ground-checking Iron Leaves. Kilowattrel or Zapdos could also make use of the move as well, while Miraidon becomes even stupider in Ubers, which is funny.
Name: Clear Amulet
Effect: If this Pokemon's stat stages would be lowered, the attacker's are lowered instead.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): Yes
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): Yes
Fling Power & Effect: 30 BP
Justification: I like how all the new items this gen are actually useful in VGC (aside from Ability Shield but that would only be viable in a world with a top tier Pillage or NGas mon), but as far as singles goes, Clear Amulet is quite bad. It's just not worth it when stuff like Intimidate or Snarl isn't nearly as common, even with Landorus existing, when you could just run a boosting item or something. Changing its effects to that of Mirror Armor could give it more of a purpose, now giving you a greater advantage when your opponent tries to disrupt you. For example, a Swords Dance user could use the Amulet to bait in Landorus, who gets its Attack lowered, making it easier to set up on it. It's still be extremely niche, but making Intim mons into setup bait is already a huge upgrade.

Name: Salt Cube
Effect: If the holder is an Eiscue, it grants the following effects:
- Makes the holder immune to hazard damage.
- Boosts the power of Ice-type moves by 1.2x.
- Replaces the holder's Ability with Water Bubble.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): No (Eiscue only)
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): No (Eiscue only)
Fling Power & Effect: 10 BP
Justification: Part of a 2 part plan to make Eiscue potentially at least a tiny bit niche. Part 2 only comes if this wins though, so rn Eiscue would be Iron Bundle at home.

Name: Big Root
Effect: Boosts the power of draining moves and Bitter Blade by 30% and boosts the heal from Leech Seed/Strength Sap/Ingrain/Aqua Ring by 30%.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): Yes
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): Yes
Fling Power & Effect: 10 BP
Justification: A slight adjustment to Big Root's effect to make it more appealing to draining move users like Hatterene, Bellibolt, or a potentially unbanned in the future Annihlape. Draining moves still technically heal 30% more damage, since doing 30% more damage is gonna net you 30% more draining (unless you KO the foe ig), so the power boost is just a nice cherry-on-top, especially when it's such a high power boost as well.

Name: Metal Powder / Energy Powder
Effect: If the holder is a Ditto, this Pokemon's Defense and Special Defense (MP) / Attack and Special Attack (EP) are boosted by 30%
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): Yes
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): Yes
Fling Power & Effect: 10 BP
Justification: Turning Ditto into BH Chansey and Pikachu but not as ridiculous due to Ditto's low HP. Potentially gives Ditto some more options in how it wants to function as a revenge killer and scout, especially with Metal Powder as it can make up for Ditto's poor HP and let it beat certain mons 1v1 without needing to outspeed them every turn.
Name: Sand Veil / Snow Cloak
Effect: Boost this Pokémon's highest non-Speed stat by 1.3x in Sand / Snow.
Permanent (Yes or No): No
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): Yes
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: Old Distribution + :gastrodon::mudsdale: / Old Distribution + :weavile:
Justification: JolteMons Sand Veil and Snow Cloak are cool, but here's a goofier idea that's likely a bit more viable. Sand Veil and Snow Cloak become diet Protosynthesis, making Pokemon like Garchomp or Weavile legitmate threats in their weathers. Snow Cloak is kinda guaranteed to suck thanks to the poor crop of Ice-types in the game (with the actually good ones having better abilities) + Snow not being viable to begin with, but Sand Veil on the other hand has a legit chance with Garchomp around, a free Life Orb in Sand is pretty appealing.

Name: Birds of a Feather
Effect: This Pokémon's moves deal 10% more damage for every unfainted Flying-type on the user's team, including the user. Maxes out at 1.5x. Activates on switch-in like Supreme Overlord.
Permanent (Yes or No): No
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): No
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: :staraptor::kilowattrel::flamigo::honchkrow::squawkabilly-white::squawkabilly-yellow::lycanroc-dusk:
Justification: BirdSpam. A ton of unique Flying-types are viable rn, mostly the genies but also Corviknight, Zapdos, and Dragonite, so having 2-3 Flying-types per team isn't uncommon. Partially inspired by TCG's Night March, this ability helps you abuse the fact that Flying-types are very appealing. With a Flying-type user of the ability, you just need 2 more Flying-types to get a free Life Orb boost, which is stronger than Staraptor's Reckless at that point. Also, if you're wondering what Lycanroc-Dusk is doing there, crows in real life are basically domesticating wolves, so this references that.

Name: Cute Charm
Effect: This Pokémon takes 50% damage from moves that share its typing.
Permanent (Yes or No): No
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): Yes
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: Old Distribution + :mismagius::vespiquen::scream tail::tatsugiri::arboliva:
Justification: Wanted to get rid of Cute Charm as I don't really like gender being competitively relevant now since Calm Mind Enamorus sets don't have a better ability, plus the ability has always been kinda cringe. With this new version, you remove that bit of RNG while giving a cool defensive ability to Pokemon that don't resist their own types (which applies to all 3 pre-existing Cute Charm mons actually), with Enamorus being an amazing example of that as it doesn't resist either of them. Also, while still worse than Seed Sower, Arboliva with Cute Charm would be one of a select few mons that resist Ursaluna's dual STAB while actually being able to hit it for big damage at that, making it a great check (until you get Fire Punched).

Name: Counteract
Effect: While this Pokemon is active, opposing Pokemon's moves and their effects ignore its own Ability.
Permanent (Yes or No): No
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): Yes
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: WIP
Justification: Defensive Mold Breaker was a really popular concept back in JolteMons that I believe even got 1 vote away from being added at one point, but was ultimately vetoed the next slate as it was impossible to fully code at the time (plus what could be coded would be a massive headache to do). However, both More Balanced Hackmons and Megas Revisited have shown that it is possible to code defensive Mold Breaker, so it's once again on the table here. Defensive Mold Breaker is a simple but very effective way for walls to take on attackers of all kinds that rely on their abilities, sorta combining what made Wandering Spirit and Unimpressed so good in JolteMons into a more simple package. In terms of OU, notable effected abilities would include Technician, Huge Power, Adaptability, Protosynthesis/Quark Drive (I think), Sharpness, and Supreme Overlord.

Name: Lechonk line

Abilities: Lingering Aroma (Male Oink) or Aroma Veil (Lechonk and Female Oink) / Misty Surge / Thick Fat
New Moves: Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Morning Sun, Roar, Curse, Thunder Wave, Recycle, Misty Terrain, Dazzling Gleam, Charm, Baby-Doll Eyes, Thunder, Thunderbolt
Removed Moves: N/A
Justification: We have no real bulky Fairies. Like, I mean resisting Dark bulky Fairies, none of that fake stuff that Hatterene and Scream Tail do. The closest is Enamorus-Therian, but it's a little awkward to use for that without recovery, being more of a tank or bulky sweeper. So here's a weird alternate. Both Oinkolonge forms have legitimately decent stats, with 110/75/80 bulk for Male Oink and 115/70/90 for Female. So, with a complete retyping and movepool overhaul, Oink could have some potential. With a pure Fairy-typing, great bulk, and most of the moves you'd ever want, Oinkologne can become the bulky Fairy that we're missing. Like any good Fairy, Oinkologne has a ton of good options, between 4 great abilities, Rocks, TWave, Yawn, and Curse, or even bootleg IronPress with Stuff Cheeks + Recycle + 33% recovery berry. Oink is still extremely passive without being setup, so a lot Pokemon that don't mind unboosted EQ and Play Rough can kinda just sit on, especially if they also don't care about TWave (ex: Gholdengo), which Oink will often not even have room for.
Oinkologne-F (F) @ Leftovers
Ability: Aroma Veil
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Impish Nature
- Play Rough
- Earthquake / Thunder Wave
- Morning Sun
- Stealth Rock / Thunder Wave

Oinkologne-F (F) @ Leftovers
Ability: Aroma Veil
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Play Rough
- Earthquake / Thunder Wave
- Morning Sun
- Curse / Stealth Rock / Thunder Wave

Oinkologne-F (F) @ Apicot Berry
Ability: Aroma Veil
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Play Rough
- Body Press
- Recycle
- Stuff Cheeks

:sm/iron jugulis:
Name: Iron Jugulis

Abilities: Quark Drive
New Moves: Swords Dance, Earthquake, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Roost, Agility, Thief, Defog
Removed Moves: N/A
Justification: Might replace this later, but for now, we have a slightly buffed Iron Jugulis. Iron Jugulis isn't a terrible mon, with great stats, a great typing, and a great movepool, but it's just now quite there in terms of OU viability. What it really needs is Nasty Plot, but I don't wanna go that far instantly, so let's start with some smaller things. 80 Atk is meh, but being the only Flying-type Paradox mon and already having Acrobatics means that Jugulis can pull off fun Booster Energy Acrobatics sets that Roaring Moon did with Tera, with it hitting quite hard after a Swords Dance, bolstered by added coverage in Earthquake. Roost keeps Jugulis healthy, especially if you forgo Boots for Booster Energy, Agility gives it a setup option, as it was already used on HO (though Goltres is likely much better for that now), and Electric coverage to go along with it already learning Charge Beam just makes its bag even deeper. Also, you're never using it, but Booster Energy into Thief is funny.
Iron Jugulis @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Quark Drive
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Dark Pulse
- Hurricane
- Fire Blast / U-Turn / Taunt
- Roost

Iron Jugulis @ Booster Energy
Ability: Quark Drive
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Agility
- Dark Pulse
- Hurricane
- Fire Blast

Iron Jugulis @ Booster Energy
Ability: Quark Drive
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Swords Dance
- Acrobatics
- Knock Off
- Earthquake

Name: Tsareena

Abilities: Leaf Guard / Queenly Majesty / Intimidate
New Moves: Horn Leech, Spirit Break, Leech Seed, Misty Terrain, Stomping Tantrum, Throat Chop, Foul Play, Power Trip
Removed Moves: N/A
Justification: Bulky Fairy part 2. Tsareena has always had potential, but a combination of 4MSS, a poor typing, and bulk that's really not as good as you'd think have always held it back. While I can't fix the first part (I can make the problem worse in fact!), the latter two can be fixed pretty easily. Grass/Fairy is an interesting typing that we don't have, providing all the great resistances of Fairy while adding useful Ground, Grass, and Water resistances, allowing Tsareena to take on a ton of OU's physical attackers like Great Tusk, Landorus-T, Zamazenta, Dragapult, Roaring Moon, and Lilligant-H. This job is made even easier with Intimidate, patching up Tsareena's only meh physical bulk to make it a real physical wall. Horn Leech gives Tsareena a form of recovery that doesn't take up an extra move slot, giving you the option of using both Power Whip and Synthesis or having a less powerful version of both in one slot.
Tsareena (F) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Impish Nature
- Horn Leech / Power Whip
- U-turn
- Rapid Spin
- Play Rough / Synthesis / Stomping Tantrum

Name: Wattrel line

Abilities: Lightning Rod / Wind Power / Competitive
New Moves: Rising Voltage, Hydro Pump, Surf, Dazzling Gleam, Defog, Encore, Reflect, Light Screen, Boomburst, Water Pulse
Removed Moves: N/A
Justification: This was originally a Raichu sub to bring back Rising Voltage Raichu-A while trying to make the Raichus the new fast Electric pivot (with coverage, sorry Regieleki), but their stats are too low for that to work, so here's this instead. For flavor reasons, I'm holding off on giving this Heat Wave even though it wants it very much, but I can give it a bunch of other great moves instead. Lightning Rod trades the longevity from Volt Absorb for more power, making all 3 of its abilities potential boosting options, Rising Voltage allows Kilowattrel to deal stupid damage in terrain while outspeed most things, Hydro Pump adds useful coverage for the Grounds that don't get hit by Hurricane, Gleam does the same for Dragons, and Encore, Screens, and Defog give Kilowattrel some nice utility options. Boomburst also exists and is the best way to beat other Electric-types that you may want to try to check with Lightning Rod, though you can also use Hydro Pump for that.
Kilowattrel @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Competitive / Lightning Rod
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Thunderbolt
- Hurricane
- Volt Switch
- Hydro Pump / Boomburst / Dazzling Gleam
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Name: Recover / Roost / Slack Off / Milk Drink / Slack Off / Shore Up
PP: 10
Justification: free recover

Name: Scald
Potential Pokémon With This Move: :toxapex::alomomola::gastrodon::quagsire::slowbro::slowking::vaporeon:
Justification: free scald

Name: Hotwire
Power: 80 BP
Accuracy: 100
PP: 10
Category: Physical
Type: Electric
Effect: User heals 1/8 max HP.
Priority: 0
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): Contact
Potential Pokémon With This Move: :iron-thorns::pawmot::eelektross:
Justification: spammable phys electric stab.

Name: Vital Throw
Power: 100
Effect: Raises the Attack of the user by 1 if it is hit before it moves.
Priority: -3
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): Contact
Potential Pokémon With This Move: :iron-hands::chesnaught::hariyama::primeape::medicham::crabominable::slaking::kingambit::tyranitar::ursaring::beartic::rillaboom: just heavy looking guys who have strong arms
Justification: a thing i had in my solomod experimenting with low priority moves
Name: Mycellium Might
Effect: This Pokemon's status moves with single-targeting move last in their priority bracket and set Leech Seed on the target.
Permanent (Yes or No): No
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): Irrelevant
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: :breloom::amoonguss::brute-bonnet:
Justification: reviving poketypos sub

Name: All-Seeing Eye
Effect: This Pokemon's Psychic status moves heal it for 1/4 max HP.
Permanent (Yes or No): No
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): Irrelevant
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: :uxie::hoopa::rabsca::oranguru::medicham::farigiraf::calyrex:
Justification: reviving iforgor/blindsided abil

Name: Regenerator
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: :iron-jugulis::tsareena::eelektross:
Justification: i loove regenvest mons

Name: Neutralizing Gas
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: :muk::muk-alola::skuntank::revavroom: (probably just one of these)
Justification: every meta gotta have their ngas
Name: Malicious Armor
Effect: If this item were to be removed, the attacker gets Tormented instead.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): no
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): yes
Fling Power & Effect: 80, inflicts torment
Justification: the the koff absorb

Name: Adrenaline Orb
Effect: If the holder's stats would be lowered, its Speed is raised by 1 stage instead. Single use.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): yes
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): yes
Fling Power & Effect: 80, raises the target's speed by 1
Justification: takes advantage of intimidate but it blocks the atk too

Name: Auspicious Armor
Effect: If held by Armarouge, holder is immune to stat drops, including its own.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): no, if armarouge is holding it
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): yes
Fling Power & Effect: unchanged
Justification: throw a bone at armarouge. synergizes v well w weak armor.

Name: Wise Glasses
Effect: User's special attack power is 1.1x and special moves accuracy is 1.2x.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): yes
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): yes
Fling Power & Effect: unchanged
Justification: run to make focus blast more bearable
Name: Revavroom
New Moves: Magical Torque, Wicked Torque, Blazing Torque, Combat Torque, Noxious Torque, High Horsepower
Justification: makes shift gear sets good

Name: Volcanion
New Ability: Water Absorb / Bulletproof
Justification: ur gholdengo counter

Name: Avalugg-Hisui
New Ability: Ice Body -> Technician
New Moves: Ice Shard, Accelerock, Icicle Spear
Justification: radical red reference

Name: Quagsire
New Ability: Damp -> Poison Heal
Justification: i like defensive ph
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Name: Tidy Up
Power: N/A
Accuracy: N/A
PP: 10
Category: Status
Type: Normal
Effect: Raises the user's Attack and Speed by 1 stage. Removes substitutes from all active Pokemon and ends the effects of Spikes, Stealth Rock, Sticky Web, and Toxic Spikes for both sides.
Priority: 0
Flags: None i guess???
Potential Pokémon With This Move: Maushold +

Justification: Giving lower tier Pokemon a chance to shine while maintaining flavor.

Name: Belch
Power: 70 if used without eating a berry, 120 after eating a berry
Accuracy: Unchanged
PP: Unchanged
Category: Special
Type: Poison
Effect: Belch as it is now, but usable at all times, albeit with a lesser base power if you haven't eaten a berry.
Priority: 0
Flags: Protect, Sound (new flag)
Potential Pokémon With This Move: All current users +

Justification: Coverage, mostly.

Name: Electroweb
Power: 65
Accuracy: Unchanged
PP: Unchanged
Category: Special
Type: Electric
Effect: Sets Sticky Web on the opposing side.
Priority: 0
Flags: Protect, Mirror
Potential Pokémon With This Move: All current users+

Justification: Turned into Sticky Web Ceaseless Edge/Stone Axe Clone.

Name: Revival Blessing
Power: N/A
Accuracy: N/A
PP: Unchanged
Category: Status
Type: Normal
Effect: A fainted party member is selected and revived with 1/2 its max HP, rounded down. Fails if there are no fainted party members or if the move has already been used. If PP to the move is healed, it still remains unusable for the remainder of the battle.

Priority: 0
Flags: N/A?
Potential Pokémon With This Move: All current users
Justification: Revival Blessing with a caveat to stop Leppa Berry Shenanigans.

Name: Body Armor
Effect: Holder's Def is 1.5x, but it can only select damaging moves.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): Yes
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): Yes
Fling Power & Effect: 80
Justification: It just always bugged me that there was never a counterpart to Assault Vest.

Name: Cure Stick
Effect: When the Holder uses a contact move, if the Pokemon it is attacking has a Status Condition, that condition is cured.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): Yes
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): Yes
Fling Power & Effect: 20, cures the target of any Status Condition
Justification: Beating Guts users up with a stick + Knock Off.

Name: Dubious Disc
Effect: Holder's STAB is 2 instead of 1.5, but halves the holder's speed.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): Yes
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): Yes
Fling Power & Effect: 50
Justification: Trick Room. Also love things where you have to decide whether the risk is worth the gain.

Name: Immolate
Effect: This Pokemon's Normal-type moves become Fire-type moves and have their power multiplied by 1.2.
Permanent (Yes or No): No
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): No
Potential Pokémon With This Ability:

Justification: Im love -ate guys

Name: Ball Fetch
Effect: If this Pokemon is hit by a ball/bomb move, its speed raises by 1. Ball/Bomb move Immunity.
Permanent (Yes or No): No
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): Yes
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: Paldea's Puppers
Justification: Making this ability useful.

Name: Run Away
Effect: This Pokemon has their pivot moves (Flip Turn/U-Turn/Volt Switch/Parting Shot etc) increased in priority by 1.
Permanent (Yes or No): No
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): No
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: Current users +

Justification: Ditto for Run Away

Name: Punk Rock
Effect: Unchanged
Permanent (Yes or No): Unchanged
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): Unchanged
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: Toxtricity +

Justification: I love Punk Rock and also Flavor.

Name: Weavile
Type: Dark/Ice
Abilities: Unchanged
New Moves: Knock Off
Removed Moves: No
Justification: Listen I just don't understand why it only got Knock as a tutor move, considering it fits the Sneasel line's flavor very well.

Name: Mabosstiff
Type: Dark/Ghost
Abilities: Unchanged
New Moves: Shadow Claw, Poltergeist, Shadow Sneak
Removed Moves: None
Justification: i'm sorry arven your dog is dead Only has one weakness now.

Name: Gardevoir
Type: Psychic/Fairy
Abilities: Synchronize, Trace, Triage (Replaces Telepathy)
New Moves: No
Removed Moves: No
Justification: Wishport Triage.

Name: Jolteon
Type: Electric
Abilities: Volt Absorb, Electric Surge (Replaces Quick Feet)
New Moves: Terrain Pulse
Removed Moves: Volt Switch
Justification: Electric Terrain Setter
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Name: Rage Fist | Last Respects
Power: 50
Accuracy: 100%
PP: Unchanged
Category: Physical
Type: Ghost
Effect: Gains 20 BP on taking direct damage | per fainted ally, up to 150 BP.
Priority: 0
Flags: Unchanged
Potential Pokémon With This Move: :sableye: :banette: :crabominable: :mimikyu: :annihilape: | :spiritomb: :ceruledge: :brambleghast: :houndstone: :basculegion:
Justification: This would come with an unban of Annihilape. Both of these moves are dumb and they're dumb in the same sort of way, so halving their power and capping it earlier makes them less dumb. Last Respects is still potent, especially on hyper offense, but it's not 350 BP potent, while Rage Fist needs to be hit a lot more before it turns overwhelming. There are depressingly few new Rage Fist users around (Golurk, Dusknoir, AND Trevenant all got culled), so it'll still mostly be Annihilape, while Last Respects gives Brambleghast and Ceruledge an actual physical Ghost STAB that isn't Shadow Sneak.

Name: Dire Claw | Ceaseless Edge | Stone Axe
Power: 65
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 15
Category: Physical
Type: Poison | Dark | Rock
Effect: Sets a layer of Toxic Spikes | Spikes | Stealth Rock on the opposing side. This effect is blocked by Covert Cloak and Shield Dust.
Priority: 0
Flags: Unchanged
Potential Pokémon With This Move: :skuntank: :sneasler: :grafaiai: | :weavile: :samurott-hisui: :lokix: | :drednaw: :kleavor: :klawf:
Justification: Look, Dire Claw is dumb, we all know Dire Claw is dumb, so here it is in less dumb form, along with its buddies. The Covert Cloak thing was from waaay back when mechanics were still being figured out, and adds some counterplay so they aren't the freest moves in existence. Without Sharpness, they're still pretty weak, so they're more utility than anything. I was gonna give Ceaseless Edge to Bisharp but Kingambit doesn't need the help, so Weavile "upgrades" from Night Slash instead.

Name: Trash Talk
Power: 85
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 10
Category: Special
Type: Poison
Effect: Afflicts the target with Taunt.
Priority: 0
Flags: Mirror, Protect, Sound
Potential Pokémon With This Move: :houndoom: :gengar: :salazzle: :swalot: :toxicroak: :umbreon: :muk: :muk-alola: :toxtricity: :grafaiai: :skuntank: :zoroark: :honchkrow: :grimmsnarl: :sableye: :eelektross: :hydreigon: :wo-chien:
Justification: A resub from old Jolte with a slight buff (Taunt now has its standard duration). Toxtricity also gets another new STAB to use with Punk Rock.

Name: Mystical Fire | Chilling Water
Power: 75
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 15
Category: Special
Type: Fire | Water
Effect: Lowers target's Sp. Atk | Attack.
Priority: 0
Flags: Unchanged
Potential Pokémon With This Move: Old distribution + :drifblim: :florges: :skeledirge: | Current distribution + :frosmoth:
Justification: Chilling Water was, I think, supposed to be the replacement for Scald, but they forgot to give it a base power, so that's fixed now. And Mystical Fire is here too, giving Florges some coverage.
Name: Wind Rider | Wind Power
Effect: Immune to wind moves and raises the user's Attack | Sp. Attack when hit by a wind move or on Tailwind activating. Defog, Razor Wind, Silver Wind, Ominous Wind, Leaf Tornado, and Aeroblast are now considered wind moves.
Permanent: No
Mold Breaker: Yes
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: :jumpluff: :altaria: :brambleghast: | :rotom-fan: :kilowattrel: :iron-jugulis:
Justification: These are cool Abilities with two big flaws. One, Defog (and the other Dexited wind moves) should activate them. Two, why is Wind Power so much shittier than Wind Rider? Now they're equal, and they provide a niche in Defog immunity that isn't Good as Gold, while also being spread around to a few more users.

Name: Power of Alchemy | Many-Headed
Effect: A Pokémon with this Ability benefits from the effects of all of its Abilities simultaneously.
Permanent: No
Mold Breaker: No
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: :muk: :muk-alola: :hatterene: :glimmora: | :dugtrio: :dugtrio-alola: :girafarig: :falinks: :scovillain: :wugtrio: :farigiraf:
Justification: This was one of the best concepts from Jolte, so here it is again, this time covering an additional group of guys. Really, this will take off once people are able to customize it for their own subs. Glimmora getting Toxic Debris and Corrosion is cool though.

Name: Overcoat
Effect: Grants immunity to sandstorm damage, powder moves, and entry hazards.
Permanent: No
Mold Breaker: Yes
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: Current distribution + :donphan: :vespiquen::armarouge: :ceruledge: :goodra-hisui: :avalugg:
Justification: Listen, Overcoat has never been a great Ability, but it's more dire now than ever with hail replaced by snow. So many of its users are already immune to one or the other, so here's a universal buff that everyone can get behind. The biggest winner is probably Enamorus-T, but Armarouge and Ceruledge like it too, Avalugg has a real Ability now, and if we get Mandibuzz back in DLCs that's a huge win.
Name: Tera Shard
Effect: After switching in or on gaining the item, user's type is replaced with its Tera type. No additional benefits of Tera are conferred (boost to STAB moves, retaining previous STABs, etc). If the item is suppressed (via Embargo or Magic Room or whatever), type change reverts. The type change happens with the same priority as Imposter (after hazards damage). Tera Blast is unaffected by this item (remains Normal).
Can Be Knocked Off: No
Ignored by Klutz: Yes
Fling Power & Effect: 20, none
Justification: Tera is banned? Nah. This is a niche item, but it maintains what is in my opinion the coolest and most balanced use of Tera, which is defensive Tera. The fact that STAB moves aren't boosted AND you lose your original STABs makes it a hard sell on offensive Pokémon (it's more akin to being hit with Soak than anything), and you can't use it to evade hazard damage, but it means Tera Fairy Garganacl and Skeledirge get to keep existing... sort of. You also can't spring the Tera as a surprise, since it happens immediately on switching in.

Name: Second Skin
Effect: If the user has an Ability that activates on contact, it takes 75% damage from moves that make contact. Otherwise, does nothing. If this
item is removed by Knock Off, the user's Ability immediately activates, unless the Knock Off user has Protective Pads or Long Reach. Abilities affected are Aftermath, Cute Charm, Effect Spore, Flame Body, Gooey, Iron Barbs, Lingering Aroma, Mummy, Perish Body, Pickpocket, Poison Point, Rough Skin, Static, Tangling Hair, and Wandering Spirit.
Potential users: Skuntank, Sylveon, Enamorus, Coalossal, Goodra, Goodra-Hisui, Tinkaton, Garchomp, Bellibolt, Zapdos, Heatran, Overqwil
Can Be Knocked Off: Yes
Ignored by Klutz: No
Fling Power & Effect: 20, none
Justification: Here's a weird defensive item. 75% damage from contact moves is big, but it only works if you already have a contact-punishing Ability, and contact is not physical, so you're still vulnerable to Earthquake, Pyro Ball, Stone Edge, and others. Still, appreciated by certain defensive Pokémon like Zapdos, Garchomp, Goodra-Hisui, and Tinkaton.

Name: Training Weight
Effect: Suppresses the user's Ability. Boosts its Attack and Sp. Atk by 20%. If the user's Ability cannot be suppressed by Gastro Acid, has no effect.
Can Be Knocked Off: Yes
Ignored by Klutz: No
Fling Power & Effect: 80, none
Justification: Slaking meta. Recoil-free Life Orb for Pokémon that don't care about losing their Ability (hi, Enamorus!). That's it, that's the post.

Name: Throat Spray | Punching Glove
Effect: Raises the user's Sp. Atk | Attackone stage the first time it uses a sound | punching per switch-in. Non-consumable.
Can Be Knocked Off: Yes
Ignored by Klutz: Yes
Fling Power & Effect: Same
Justification: Buff to Throat Spray and revamp of Punching Glove. I know there are some things that run Punching Glove even though it's kinda bad, like Urshifu-R, but they can still run Protective Pads, and I think they'd still appreciate this. Not being consumable makes these items a lot more viable, even if it's still only one time per switch-in.
Name: Flutter Mane
Type: Ghost / Flying
Abilities: Protosynthesis / Tangling Hair (Hidden)
New Moves: Air Slash, Defog
Removed Moves: Moonblast
Justification: The sequel to giving Ultra Beasts Hidden Abilities: giving Paradox Pokémon Hidden Abilities. This Flutter Mane is mostly a nerf to bring the poor thing out of Ubers - Ghost / Fairy is just way too good for something with its stats. Ghost / Flying, while still a good typing, is noticeably weaker, leaving it weak to Sucker Punch and Ice Shard, while also making it Stealth Rock vulnerable in exchange for a handy Ground immunity. Flavourwise, Flutter Mane was mistaken for a pterosaur, so it makes sense I promise. Only having Air Slash for Flying STAB means it isn't very strong before a boost, but it makes an effective revenge killer. Moonblast is so it has to run the very mid Dazzling Gleam if it wants Fairy damage so bad. Defog is removal, though it probably doesn't have space for it. Tangling Hair is flavour because I don't think it really needs a better Ability to work.

Name: Sandy Shocks
Type: Electric / Ground
Abilities: Protosynthesis / Earth Eater (Hidden)
New Moves: Shore Up, Shift Gear, Scorching Sands
Removed Moves: None
Justification: Sandy Shocks just needs a few little tweaks to be real-deal good. Earth Eater is huge, turning an Earthquake / Headlong Rush weakness into free health, and making it one of the funniest hard stops to Landorus-T ever because neither of them can do shit to each other. It can also slap Great Tusk around if it switches in on Earthquake, 2HKOing with Earth Power and living even a Protosynthesis-boosted Close Combat, while outspeeding Jolly sets with Modest. Shore Up gives it recovery, granting pivot sets some much-coveted longevity, and Scorching Sands is funny on those sets to spread burns but ultimately probably not great. Shift Gear is the last piece here, giving it the Speed bump it craves on offensive sets - likely not as consistent, but still a very scary sweeper.

Name: Iron Bundle
Type: Ice / Water
Abilities: Quark Drive / Technician (Hidden)
New Moves: Surf, Tidy Up
Removed Moves: Freeze-Dry, Hydro Pump
Justification: The other Uber guy getting nerfed, there's both give and take here. Iron Bundle loses its two defining moves in Freeze-Dry and Hydro Pump, both of which are huge hits, meaning it can't compress its attacks to two moves anymore and use the other two slots on utility or protective measures. In exchange, however, it picks up Technician and a couple of new moves. Technician sets can run Water Pulse for Water STAB, but Surf is there for non-Technician users, because for some dumb reason it doesn't get that already. Tidy Up is cute flavour, provides some utility, boosts its Speed, serves as a callback to Delibird's role as the world's worst Rapid Spinner... What's not to like?

:sv/electrode: :sv/electrode-hisui:
Name: Electrode | Electrode-Hisui
Type: Electric / Normal | Electric / Grass
Abilities: Soundproof / Electric Surge / Aftermath (Hidden) | Soundproof / Grassy Surge / Aftermath (Hidden)
New Moves: Both: Rapid Spin, Terrain Pulse
Electrode: Boomburst, Tri Attack, Overheat
Electrode-Hisui: Strength Sap, Earth Power, Apple Acid
Removed Moves: Volt Switch (normal Electrode only)
Justification: Here's our real Electric Surge user and its cool sibling. I'm not gonna pretend it's easy redeeming Electrode when it has the stats that it has, but it's actually very well suited to be a Terrain setter, and there's justifications for all the cool new toys in its kit. First, Electric / Normal is a super small change, but a good one because it lets it come in on Ghost moves - the Fighting weakness isn't super relevant when most Fighting moves would murder it anyways. To make up for its pathetic Sp. Atk, it has a super spammable STAB moves in Boomburst - and trust me, Boomburst is justified. Its Japanese name is Sound Wave Explosion, and it fits its gameplay identity of using really powerful explosive Normal moves. Tri Attack is so that Boomburst isn't its only Normal STAB, and Overheat is a tech option so it can snipe some Steels and Grasses. But really, Boomburst is the keys, giving Electrode an actual offensive presence.

Electrode-Hisui isn't quite as cool, but Electric / Grass is still a neat typing, and it's a Volt Switcher that Grounds really want nothing to do with, hitting them with its Grass STAB and weakening their Earthquakes. Apple Acid is an upgrade over the Energy Ball it would otherwise be using, while retaining Leaf Storm or Chloroblast as nukes. Earth Power gives it a bit of coverage, particularly for Iron Moth and Heatran, while Strength Sap is the biggest addition, letting it debuff and heal with its incredible Speed all at once. It has a surprising amount of longevity for something so frail.

Lastly, the shared moves are largely tech; Rapid Spin is a gimme when the hazard removal meta is so dire and they're literally spheres and Terrain Pulse feels obligatory for terrain setters.
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Name: Houndstone

Stats: 72/101/100/50/97/50
Abilities: Sand Rush, Fluffy
New Moves: Strength Sap, Knock Off
Justification: Nicey physical wall now with recovery, typing is slightly better and it gets some utility by Knocking Walls and by burning foes.

Name: Last Respects
Power: 80
Accuracy: 100
PP: 20


Effect: +10 BP for each fainted ally
Priority: 0
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): Protect, Mirror
Potential Pokémon With This Move: Old distribution + :zoroark-hisui:spiritomb::annihilape::banette::typhlosion-hisui:
Justification: not broken, I like houndstone don't I

Friend Guard
Effect: old effect + when switching out, lowers BP of moves targeting this Pokémon's replacement by 50%
New Distribution: :alomomola:(hydration):blissey:(serene grace):Hatterene:(healer):diancie::dedenne:(plus):wigglytuff:(cute charm):raichu-alola::raichu::indeedee:(inner focus):falinks::pachirisu:(pickup) + old distribution
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Name: Swift
Power: 70 (140)
Accuracy: 100
PP: 24
Category: Special
Type: Normal
Effect: An attack move that inflicts double damage if used on a target that is switching out of battle.
Priority: 0 except on opposing switch
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): Same flags as before
Potential Pokémon With This Move: All the guys whom get it already
Justification: it'll be skillful and funny and epic, might get used as a Regenerator punish voltturn punish, basically just add some more opportunity cost to pivoting a bunch, I don't think there's any precedent for how it would interact with Teleport so let's just say it does double damage to a teleporting guy


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Name: Crocs
Effect: While held, upon switching in, hazard damage/effects are “doubled” (ie. 1/8th Stealth Rock damage becomes 1/4th Stealth Rock damage, switching in on one layer of tspikes badly poisons the user, webs gives -2 Speed, 2 layers of Spikes goes from 1/6 to 1/3)
Stealth Rock
1/32 -> 1/16 -> 1/8 -> 1/4 -> 1/2 (max 1/2)

1 Layer (1/8) -> 1/4, 2 Layers (1/6) -> 1/3, 3 Layers (1/4) -> 1/2 (max 1/2)

Toxic Spikes
1 Layer (Poisoned) -> 2 Layers (Badly Poisoned) (max badly poisoned)
Sticky Webs
-1 Speed -> -2 Speed (max -2 Speed)
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): Yes
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): Yes
Fling Power & Effect: 80
Justification: Hazard these nuts (gives ur HDB mons omega drip and kills them instantly with chip)

Mossy Sandwich

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Name: Spectral Cape
Effect: Increases the holder's speed by 1.5x. This item is consumed when the holder takes direct damage.
Can Be Knocked Off: Yes but does that matter lol.
Ignored by Klutz: Yes (Not removed when hit if holder has Klutz)
Fling Power & Effect: 20
Justification: Less committal speed boost than Scarf, but is also very difficult to play with. Has a lot of potential to sweep lategame with since you can setup or just have a fast mon that can switch moves, but if you get hit by anything, including priority, you're not that hard to stop. Generally rewards you for avoiding direct hits with a mon which can be pretty interesting.
i, for one, actually like the gen 9 distrib nerfs

Name: Rage Fist
Power: 50
Accuracy: 100
PP: 10
Category: Physical
Type: Ghost
Effect: Same as in base, but now caps at 200 BP.
Priority: 0
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): same as in base
Potential Pokémon With This Move: :annihilape:
Justification: Ape is a skillful Pokemon. Tera was a major part of what pushed it into Ubers, not to mention Home added a lot of checks (namely Zapdos). A slight nerf to the funny move should balance the mon for OU (especially after the inevitable power creep lol).

Name: Spicy Extract
Power: —
Accuracy: —
PP: 15
Category: Status
Type: Grass
Effect: Raises the user’s Attack two stages, and lowers the target’s Defense two stages.
Priority: 0
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): same as in base
Potential Pokémon With This Move: :cacturne::salazzle::scovillain:
Justification: This move’s flavor is kinda really specific lol. Only other mon that perfectly fits in would be Bayleef, but that mon isn’t in the game atm. Anyway, this is what I thought the move was originally when I misread the leaks doc, and Scovillain would be so much better with physical Tail Glow instead of a useless ass doubles move, so I figured we might as well make the change.

Name: Bag of Legos
Effect: On switch-in, the holder sets a layer of Spikes on both sides of the field, and this item is consumed.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): Yes, in theory
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): Yes
Fling Power & Effect: 10 BP, 100% Flinch
Justification: Balanced autohazards?

Name: Eject Gauntlets
Effect: If the holder successfully damages another Pokemon with a contact move, this item is consumed and the Pokemon that was hit is forced to switch.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): Yes
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): Yes
Fling Power & Effect: 80 BP
Justification: Interesting addition to the eject item set. Could be cool both to dissuade sweeps and to force players into tricky situations against wallbreakers.

Name: Martyr
Effect: If this Pokemon faints due to direct damage from an opponent’s attack, the incoming ally will have its Attack and Special Attack boosted by 1.3x.
Permanent (Yes or No): No
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): Yes
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: :gallade::hatterene::lucario:
Justification: Abilities that activate with fainting are an interesting territory, though only Aftermath shows it in base (shoutouts Serpeblim). I figured I’d explore that territory a bit. Should be a great ability for leads on offense, though there’s basically no situation where this wouldn’t be valuable.

Name: Hivemind
Effect: This Pokemon deals more damage for each unfainted ally (same boost as Supreme Overlord).
Permanent (Yes or No): No
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): No
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: :dugtrio::dugtrio-alola::maushold::vespiquen::wugtrio::rabsca:, maybe:sandy-shocks:
Justification: Pokemon copied my solomod with one ability, so I figured we might as well add the other one. Extremely strong for early game breaking power, though early game is also when the opponent is most likely to have answers for your breakers.

Name: Scyther

Abilities: Sharpness / Technician | Steadfast
New Moves: Dual Wingbeat, Encore, Knock Off, Roost, Sticky Web, Taunt
Removed Moves: none
Justification: An idea I saw in I think the Convergence thread. All of the currently available webbers suck, and Scyther is able to set webs while also being reasonably fast and nowhere near passive. Also adding back a few removed moves because Scizor losing Roost was simply cruel. Sharpness was a flavor suggestion for the Scizor/Kleavor duality, but X-Scissor theoretically goes hard ig. Also webs Scizor/Kleavor lol

Name: Meloetta

Abilities: Forewarn (Aria), No Guard (Pirouette)
New Moves: Aura Sphere, Axe Kick, Heal Bell, Mega Kick, Rapid Spin, Recover, Vacuum Wave
Removed Moves: Sing (ghostwritten all along…)
Justification: OU Psychics are very lacking at the moment thanks to Lele being dexited, and shield dog is currently running amok, so here’s a consistent answer to that. Pirouette form also gets noticeably better from this, especially with no competition from Mega Lopunny like last gen, though good luck using that lol.

Name: Articuno-Galar

Abilities: Competitive | Opportunist
New Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Focus Blast, Heat Wave, Taunt
Removed Moves: none
Justification: Opportunist is a very skillful ability, but it’s unfortunately stuck on a very unskillful mon. I think a viable Opportunist user would be very cool, and Articuno-Galar fits the bill perfectly. Stored Power means every boost is valuable, Psychic/Flying means you absolutely cuck shield dog and standard Great Tusk while also 1v1ing most OU Calm Mind mons. Really the only setup mon you can’t safely switch in on is Kingambit, but that’s probably fine considering your other matchups
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under construction
Name: False Leaves
Effect: If this Pokemon is a Sudowoodo, its Grass-type moves have 1.5x power. Electric, Grass, Ground, and Water-type attacks deal damage to this Pokemon with a halved offensive stat.
Can Be Knocked Off: No if Sudowoodo, yes if else
Ignored by Klutz: In theory
Fling Power & Effect: 20 BP. Applies the Forest's Curse effect to the target.
Justification: Sudowoodo has gotten so good at being a tree it ends up essentially becoming one, but with none of the downsides. Thus, the False Leaves item gives Sudowoodo Grass STAB, and the resistances of the Grass type, but not the weaknesses. Sudowoodo is kind of like, really bad. So this item gives it a huge buff, even if it still won't really be good with that spicy 30 base speed.
Name: Iron Fist
Effect: This Pokemon takes 0.5x damage from punching moves. Its own have 1.3x power.
Permanent: No
Mold Breaker: Yes
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: Everything that has it already + :heracross:, :primeape: (NOT dead primeape), :beartic:, :vigoroth: (NOT slaking)
Justification: iron fist is pretty underwhelming. Turning it into a punk rock clone helps it become both more interesting and more good. Punch move resistance is pretty nice considering how many things have them as coverage / priority, and the bonus damage is also very nice.
Name: Delphox
Type: Fire / Psychic
Abilities: Blaze (Magic Guard)
New Moves: +Healing Wish
Removed Moves: none
Justification: no longer rocks weak + increased damage with life orb means that delphox is certifiably better than nu. no mind blown means that it's worse than the uber banned rad red delphox it was inspired by
less to come
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Ability: Light Power
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Name: Tuffy-Tuff
Effect: Only works if the holder is Igglybuff, Jigglypuff or Wigglytuff. Doubles their Defense and Special Defense.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): No if holder is part of the Igglybuff line, yes otherwise
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): No if holder is part of the Igglybuff line, yes otherwise
Fling Power & Effect: 10 BP - Target have -3 Speed on hit
Justification: We tried to buff Wigglytuff a lot back in Jolteons… and it still didn’t managed to get a niche anywhere but the lowest tiers. The biggest problem is it’s awful stat distribution combined with paltry 435 BST by Stone Evolution standards, so, as a throwback to the signature items to a few Gen 1 Pokémon and Clamperl, the first thing to is to introduce an item that help out with it’s poor stats.

This item will help patch Wigglytuff’s awful Defense and Special Defense and turn it into either a mixed wall that can set up Stealth Rock, a cleric with Wish, or even a set-up wallbreaker / tank with access of Nasty Plot and Calm Mind when combining with Competitive, especially in Doubles formats such as VGC. It competes with Scream Tail as that one is faster and doesn’t rely on an item, but Wigglytuff still have a higher base Special Attack in comparison and becomes much bulkier.

As for Igglybuff in LC, since Tuffy-Tuff works like a Igglybuff-line-only superior Eviolite that cannot be knocked off, it can tank hits even better and do what niche it used to have in LC much better than before.
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: Pounce
Power: 40
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 20
Category: Physical
Type: Bug
Effect: Always results in a critical hit
Priority: +1
Flags: Contact, Protect, Mirror
Potential Pokémon With This Move: Everyone who gets it already
Justification: Fun way to buff some of the Bug-types, namely Scizor and Slither Wing.


: Memory Stick
Effect: On switch-out, the user keeps any stat boosts they had accrued, and this item is consumed.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): Yes
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): Yes
Fling Power & Effect: 30 BP
Justification: I think it adds an interesting wrinkle to offensive Pokemon, making boosting when a counter switches in feel less bad.
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Name: Regenerator
Effect: This Pokemon restores 1/4 of its maximum HP, rounded down, when it switches out.
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: :Typhlosion-hisui: (replaces frisk), :Whiscash: (replaces anticipation), :articuno: (replaces snow cloak), :Spiritomb:, :Forretress:, :Pawmot: (replaces Volt Absorb),
Justification: I, for one, do heavily dislike when metas end up getting bloated with Regenerator mons since its has been done to death in so many metas. As such, I decided to hit regenerator with a tremendous nerf, which forces mons with regen to resort less on the ability and makes them have to provide more defensive utility. Did somewhat increase its availability to certain mons, mostly just so that all types get mons with the ability.

Name: Bug Zapper
Effect: If the user gets hit by a Bug type move, burn the attacker. Bug immunity.
Permanent (Yes or No): No
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): Yes
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: :Rotom:, :Pachirisu: (Replaces run away), :Lokix:, :Raichu-Alola:, :Grumpig:(replaces own tempo), :Oinkologne:(replaces thick fat), :Jolteon:, :Delphox:.
Justification: Wild ability that can make various mons into U-turn punishers, punishing the move yet depending heavily on prediction. Also good on bug weaks. Given to mostly irrelevant mons.
Name: Glastrier
Type: Ice
Abilities: Chilling Neigh / Snow Warning
New Moves: High Horsepower, Recover
Removed Moves: None
Justification: Glastrier ended up in Pu while Spectrier got trapped in Ubers last gen. To redeem it a bit I like the idea of introducing Glastrier as a snow setter that doesn't rely on Chilling Reception to set up the weather, especially since with the snow changes, Glastrier gets a hefty buff to its defense making it a very powerful tank. Restrained by the Recovery pp nerf, its awful typing and fact that its still slow as shit. Also added Horsepower since 1.It already has stomping tantrum and would appreciate a stronger ground move and 2. its a fucking horse.
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Name: Seed Sower
Effect: When this Pokemon is hit by an attack, the effect of Grassy Terrain begins. In Grassy Terrain, Sp. Atk is 1.3x.
Permanent (Yes or No): No(?)
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): No
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: Arboliva
Justification: bad pokemon arboliva obtains a cover legend ability but not quite as broken, gives it a tiny niche as a situational breaker

Name: Beads of Ruin / Sword of Ruin
Effect: Active Pokemon without this ability have their Special Defense multiplied by 0.9x / Active Pokemon without this ability have their Defense multiplied by 0.9x
Permanent (Yes or No): No(?)
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): No
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: Chi-Yu / Chien-Pao
Justification: free them. Nerfing the ability makes them much more reasonable to check with the absence of tera. Staple defensive mons can reasonably check choiced sets.

Name: Wugtrio
Type: Water / Ground
Abilities: Gooey / Technician | Sand Veil
New Moves: Swords Dance, Aerial Ace, Ice Spinner
Removed Moves:
Justification: Wugtrio is in contention for the worst new Mon this generation with next to no competitive niche. Urshifu-R was a strong balance breaker now banned from the tier, and a buffed Wugtrio could take up that role while being far less overpowering. Technician makes it's signature move Triple Dive actually strong, as well as buffing the now STAB Bulldoze and added coverage move of Aerial Ace which was an option for Dugtrio in prior generations. Ice Spinner provides an additional coverage option and it already has access to less useful Ice moves like Ice Beam and Blizzard. Wugtrio using Ice Spinner is also a hilarious mental image akin to Dugtrio using Fury Swipes. Swords Dance is a move that was given to it's cousin Dugtrio this generation and gives Wugtrio the option of running CB or SD, similar to the aforementioned Urshifu-R or Weavile from last generation. The added Ground-type shouldn't be too much of a stretch considering it's move pool and connection to hiding in the ground.

Name: Chi-Yu
Type: Fire / Dark & Ice / Dark
Abilities: Beads of Ruin & Sword of Ruin
New Moves: None / Hone Claws
Removed Moves: Nasty Plot, Overheat, Fire Blast / Swords Dance
Justification: free them pt2

Name: Wyrdeer
Type: Normal / Psychic
Abilities: Intimidate / Frisk | Simple
New Moves
: Body Press, Curse, Howl, Sucker Punch, Axe Kick, Aura Sphere
Removed Moves: Stored Power
Justification: The ostrich is free so here's a funnier psychic sweeper, aiming to make use of Psyshield Bash + Body Press. Curse and Howl help give it extra set variety without being too strong. Sucker Punch returns from Stantler's old learnset as a priority option while Axe Kick and Aura Sphere are helpful fitting coverage moves. Simple Stored Power would be a bit too silly I think hence the removal
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Name: Snowdrift
Power: --
Accuracy: --
PP: 5


Effect: The user heals ½ their max HP; ⅔ in Hail.
Priority: 0
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): Heal
Potential Pokemon With This Move: :abomasnow: :glaceon: :beartic: :cryogonal: :avalugg: (both forms) :glastrier: :cetitan:
Justification: makes snow a little better. also buffs some defensive ice types because they need all the help they can get

Name: Dragon Claw
Power: 90
Accuracy: 100
PP: 10


Effect: 20% chance to make the target flinch.
Priority: 0
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): Contact, Protect, Mirror
Potential Pokémon With This Move: og distribution + :flapple:
Justification: gives dragon types a more consistent stab option than outrage

Lagging Tail
Effect: Holder’s attacks do 1.2x damage if they move last.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): Yes
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): Yes
Fling Power & Effect: 50 BP, raises the user’s Speed by 1.
Justification: an item that gives some slower attackers a power boost without having to take residual damage from life orb, or be locked into a move from choice band

Name: Healer
Effect: If the user faints by an attack, the next ally to switch in receives 33% of their max HP back.
Permanent (Yes or No): No
Mold Breaker (Yes or No): No
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: og distribution + :wigglytuff:(replace frisk),:chansey::blissey:(replace healer), :oranguru: (replace telepathy),:tinkatink::tinkatuff::tinkaton: (replace pickpocket), :scream-tail:
Justification: basically a built in wish, but it can only be used once unless u revive whoever has this ability. mostly given to either caretakers, cute pink things, or mons whose preevos had them before


Rivalry / Flash Fire / Competitive (HA)
New Moves: Earth Power, Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Spikes
Removed Moves: non :P
Justification: pyroar but better. fire + ground + dark is at least neutral on everything except hydreigon, and competitive is a decent ability to have with lando and webs around.

Name: Eelektross

New Moves: Gunk Shot, Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Surf, Hydro Pump, Toxic Spikes
Removed Moves: nada
Justification: eelektross gets a better defensive typing with levitate (only weak to psychic, 8 resists) and is immune to toxic damage. also eels blood is poisonous so it somewhat fits thematically

Name: Avalugg-Hisui

Solid Rock / Battle Armor / Bulletproof (HA)
New Moves: Gyro Ball, Ice Shard
Removed Moves: nada
Justification: havalugg but without a terrible typing
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Name: Tera Blast
Power: 80
Accuracy: 100
PP: 10
Category: Special
Type: Normal
Effect: Changes type based on held Tera Shard type. Physical or special depending on user's highest attacking stat (like Photon Geyser).
Priority: 0
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): -
Potential Pokémon With This Move: All of them?
Justification: One time coverage option.

Name: Brick Break/Psychic Fangs/Raging Bull
Power: 80/85/90
Accuracy: 100
PP: 15
Category: Physical
Type: Fighting/Psychic/Normal
Effect: Destroys screens and substitutes, unless the target is immune (removes the substitute first before dealing damage).
Priority: 0
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): Contact
Potential Pokémon With This Move: Original distribution
Justification: Slight buff to Brick Break and added utility to make it worth using in more scenarios as a coverage option. Psychic Fangs and Raging Bull also get the benefit since they behaved the same. Raging Bull keeps its typing mechanic (just to be clear).
Name: Tera Shard
Effect: Changes the type of Tera Blast. Single use.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): Yes
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): No
Fling Power & Effect: same as before (30BP)
Justification: Bring back Natural Gift. Volcarona has to forgo its drip in order to hit Heatran.

Name: Miracle Lens
Effect: Negates the opponent's type immunities granted by their Dark, Normal, and Ghost typings.
Can Be Knocked Off (Yes or No): Yes
Ignored by Klutz (Yes or No): No
Fling Power & Effect: 30BP
Justification: Mainly if you don't want to run Miracle Eye/Foresight/Odor Sleuth.
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Name: Good as Gold
Effect: This Pokemon is immune to status moves, including self-targeting status moves.
Potential Pokémon With This Ability: :gholdengo:
Justification: Gholdengo is annoying and now it annoys itself. Someone should give Gholdengo another ability if this wins so it can actually use status moves.

Name: Dragon Claw/Dragon Pulse
Power: 90
Accuracy: 100
PP: 15 (24)
Category: Physical/Special
Type: Dragon
Effect: Has an increased critical hit ratio./Has a 20% chance to lower the target's SpD by 1.
Priority: 0
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): Unchanged
Potential Pokémon With This Move: Original Distribution
Justification: Why are these moves so awful. No one considers either as they are completely outclassed. Now they are potentially worth looking at.

Name: Play Rough
Power: 90
Accuracy: 100
PP: 10 (16)
Category: Physical
Type: Dragon
Effect: Has a 10% chance to lower the target's Att by 1.
Priority: 0
Flags (ex: Contact, Sound): Unchanged
Potential Pokémon With This Move: Original Distribution
Justification: No more 10% chance to miss on this, already not that great, move.

Name: Rotom (All Forms)
Type: Unchanged
Abilities: Levitate (H: No Guard/Speed Boost/Refrigerate/Flame Body/Grassy Surge/Water Absorb)
New Moves: Metal Sound/Hurricane/Chilly Reception/Lava Plume/Energy Ball/Surf
Removed Moves: ---
Justification: Resub from Joltemons but my take (probably worse). Base has No Guard with WoW, Thunder, & Metal Sound for very good utility and decent power. Fan has Speed Boost NP for set up with Hurricane for being better than Air Slash. Frost gets Refrigerate Hyper Voice with Chilly Reception or something. Heat has Flame Body as a very niche option and Lava Plume as a much more reliable option. Mow has its iconic set with more reliable Energy Ball. Wash has a more reliable move in Surf.
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Name: Crabominable

Abilities: Fur Coat / Iron Fist | HA: Anger Point
New Moves: Jet Punch, Bullet Punch, Mach Punch, Hammer Arm, Knock Off, Slack Off, Swords Dance
Justification: Crabominable is now the defacto physical wall of the metagame look at him take all of your measly physical attacks for pitiful damage. Or you can run Swords Dance and be goated with Iron Fist. Lastly, Iron Fist Belly Drum for the HO kings and queens.

Name: Uxie | Mesprit | Azelf

Abilities: Levitate / Volt Absorb | Levitate / Water Absorb | Levitate / Flash Fire
New Moves:
All: Heal Bell, Defog, Aura Sphere, Recover, Power Gem
Uxie: Volt Switch, Thunder Cage, Nuzzle, Discharge, Electric Terrain, Charge, Magnet Rise, Eerie Impulse, Parabolic Charge, Hurricane, Rising Voltage
Mesprit: Life Dew, Surf, Hydro Pump, Dive, Liquidation, Aqua Cutter, Soak, Brine, Bubblebeam, Water Spout, Whirlpool, Ice Beam, Flip Turn
Azelf: Mystical Fire, Heat Wave, Overheat, Fire Lash, Raging Fury, Flare Blitz, Fire Spin, Flame Charge, Burn Up, Will-O-Wisp, Scorching Sands, Burning Jealousy
Justification: Last time we did this we gave the Lake Guardians generic typings. I did that again, but this time, they each get a type based on the "mysterious Pokémon" that died that time Ho-Oh made the beasts. It's not supposed to 100% correlate, but its a cute enough tieback. Uxie has god like bulk and a pretty solid Psychic / Electric typing, which it runs with Recover to be a very solid defensive Pokémon. Mesprit on the flipside is the balanced Water type that fits with it's playstyle of being the middle mon. Water Psychic is pretty good though, and allows it to check a bevy of threats in the tier while still being held in check. Finally Azelf has a fiery temper so it gets the Fire type, and immediately established itself as a potent wallbreaker that threatens to take out threats with it's stunning Nasty Plot boosted coverage.

Name: Avalugg-Hisui

Abilities: Ice Body / Earth Eater | HA: Sturdy
New Moves: Headlong Rush, Spikes, Earth Power, Ice Shard, Explosion
Justification: I don't think this makes Avalugg great, but this does make it significantly better than it is in standard OU. Earth Eater is a better fit than Strong Jaw, being a glacier and all. Headlong Rush is just to be a better fit if it's being used alongside Grassy Terrain.
Name: Shelter
Power: -
Accuracy: -
PP: 15


Effect: Removes Spikes and Stealth Rock from off the field. For every type of hazards removed, the user's defense is raised by one stage.
Priority: 0
Flags: Snatch
Potential Pokémon With This Move: :sliggoo-hisui::Cloyster:
Justification: Easy way to introduce some fun form of hazard removal while bolstering he viability of everyone's precious Pseudo Legendary Goodra-Hisui. Probably do not vote for this with Overcoat buff that might get real troublesome to fight.

Name: Wild Charge / Take Down / Submission
Power: 100 BP
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 15


Effect: If the target lost HP, the user takes recoil damage equal to 1/4 the HP lost by the target, rounded half up, but not less than 1 HP. 30% chance to confuse target.
Priority: 0
Flags: Snatch
Potential Pokémon With This Move:
Justification: These moves suck. Normal and Electric types especially lack decent physical damage dealing options. Damage output buff in addition to a solid chance to inflict confusion makes these three moves a bit more worthwhile.

Name: Recharge
Base Power: -
Accuracy: -
PP: 10


Effect(s): Heals 75% of max HP for the user, removes the user's Electric type and traps them for one turn. Fails if the user is not an Electric type. If the user is under the effects of Charge or Electric Terrain is on the field, these are consumed and the typing remains.
Priority: 0
Flags: Snatch, Heal
Potential Pokémon With This Move: Every Electric type that learns Charge.
Justification: Game Freak nerfed the good recovery. Here is an alternative that is good but not consistent, making it trickier to use.
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Name: Stealth Rock
Power: N/A
Accuracy: N/A
PP: 20
Category: Status
Type: Rock
Effect: Sets a hazard on the opposing field that makes incoming Pokemon lose 1/8 max HP. Factors in Rock-type weaknesses: dealing double or half damage if the incoming Pokemon is weak / resistant respectively
Priority: 0
Flags: N/A
Potential Pokémon With This Move: (unchanged distribution)
Justification: Only change is that it only deals 1/4 or 1/16 to quad weak or resistant mons respectively. Quad rock-weak mons are no longer legally required to wear drip

Name: Typhlosion
Abilities: Blaze, Adaptability
Justification: Funny fire ferret fetches a free force boost

Name: Glaceon
Abilities: Slush Rush, Filter
Added Moves: Chilly Reception, Moonblast, Psychic
Justification: Haha blizzard go brrr

Name: Ursaluna
Removed Moves: Facade
Justification: I love cocaine bear, you love cocaine bear, but guts facade is just too much
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