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vappy can you cmt for
Rapidash (♀)

Mild-Flash Fire
Egg Move: Hypnosis
Hidden Power Grass 70

Raichu (♂)

Hidden Power Ice 67
Caught at Trophy Garden July 31, 2009
Comes as a Pichu Lv. 16 UT



Wi-Fi Blacklisted
Cmt for This:
Ampharos (♀)

Hidden Power Grass 70
Egg Move: Reflect
Hatched at Vista Lighthouse
Comes as a Mareep Lv. 1 UT

UT Please

Hi Vaporeon,

I am interested in your Aerodactyl. Are you fine with semi-redis rights for both of the Pokemon? (My Scyther and your Aerodactyl)
Aqueos--Eh, I feel like that is a bit too hard to pull off, especially since Shuckle is extremely slow and will probably be OHKO'd right after Power Trick is used due to its pathetically low Attack stats. But if anyone wants to try it be my guest xD

Well, I thought of that too, but TR only lasts 5 turns and honestly it's somewhat of a hassle to set Shuckle up to sweep... xD
And if you want to discuss this further please VM me instead of posting here because I don't want this place to get too cluttered with non-trade related posts. Thanks!
Can I get this for the raticate? I'm not available right now, but i'll tell you when i am.


Hatched at Valley Windworks
Comes as a Castform Lv. 5 UT
Or Lv. 50 EVed 80 DEF/252 SPA/176 SPE by Rename Card
EVed Moveset: Weather Ball - Rain Dance - Thunder - Ice Beam

Aww, isn't it so cute :3 Base 70 stats across the board, not too shabby. You can use her in Hail, Sunny Day, or Rain, since with her ability and weather ball she'll be doing a surprising amount of damage, although don't expect OHKOs. The EVed version is for the Rain Dance set, but all the Castform sets use the same EVs, you just need to change the moves around.

CMT for

Furret (♀)

Jolly-Keen Eye
Egg Moves: Trick, Pursuit, Assist, Reversal
Hatched at Floarama Meadow
Comes as a Sentret Lv. 1 UT
Or Lv. 50 EVed 168 ATK/88 DEF/ 252 SPE by Rename Card
EVed Moveset: Quick Attack - U-turn - Super Fang - Trick

Pink weasel. What else can be said? :P
Bred with a variety of egg moves so that you can run a plethora of sets.
As for the EVed version, Rename Card was kind enough to help me get Super Fang tutored on her. Use Super Fang once or twice and finish off your opponent with Quick Attack :)
Is there any way i can get that shiny vaporeon? I'm not really sure what i have to offer at the moment. I'm kind of new at this whole thing. I don't have any shinnies or able to rng for the lack of knowing my SID but i'm trying to get on finding that out and then I might be able to offer something a little more. But until then I can EV train some pokemon for you maybe if that is at all acceptable? I would appreciate it a TON. Thats the exact moveset I am looking for not to mention the shiny awesomeness. Please post back or pm me if it's at all possible that we can work something out =\ thank you =]
Sorry I cannot clone; if I could I would get you a copy. However, I believe my Vaporeon is already pretty widely distributed and you can try asking in the Simple Questions/Simple Requests Thread to see if someone can help you out
hey vaporeon you asked for my igglybuff

i'll take this
Azumarill (♂)

Adamant-Huge Power
Egg Move: Aqua Jet
Hatched at Trophy Garden

Or Lv. 50 EV'd 240 HP/252 ATK/16 SPE by
Magik0722 <<<<---------THAT VERSION
EVed Moveset: Superpower - Waterfall - Aqua Jet - Return

nickname it - ENERGIZER
Can I ev train for or give you a semi redi Jolly Shiny Female Perfect IV Ninjask for:
Tyranitar (♂)

Adamant-Sand Stream
Egg Move: Dragon Dance
Hatched at Ravaged Path Lv. 55 EVed 6 HP/252 ATK/252 SPE by Magik0722
EVed Moveset: Dragon Dance - Crunch - Stone Edge - Fire Punch
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