VGC '11 US Northwest Regional - Seattle, WA - May 14th - WON BY biffsterPKMN

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Washington State Convention Center [ Map ]
Hall 4B
800 Convention Place
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (206)-694-5000​

The first VGC Regional Qualifier takes place once again in the marvelous Seattle, Washington area! Come join us for the first official regional tournament in the world and set the metagame at the pace you desire! More information will be posted in this thread as it becomes available.

If you end up recognizing anyone from the photo album thread or in general, please, please do not be afraid to introduce yourselves. Most of the fun from these tournaments is the ability to meet people that share an interest in Pokemon and making new friends!

There are 512 spaces in Juniors & Seniors and 1024 in Masters.

Masters Division
  1. Bug Maniac Marc
  2. Chinese Dood
  3. Fishy
  4. Articuno64
  5. kap^^
  6. Huy
  7. skarm
  8. DDWest
  9. TeeJay
  10. Eraddd
  11. Team Rocket Elite
  12. Ninahaza
  13. moot
  14. Diesel
  15. shadowh511
  16. Omni-
  17. BEACH

Senior Division (Born in 1996, 1997, 1998, or 1999)


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I'm so disappointed I won't be there =( Washington State Convention Center is great too. Better venue than last year. There's a nice burrito place about half-way between it and Pike Place. Also pretty damn close to Pike Place and plenty of nice places to eat.
Aw, too bad you cannot come, Firestorm.

I should probably be able to make it (for Masters Division). I have so much catching up to do though. I just beat Elite 4 last night, haven't done any breeding / 5th gen RNGing, etc.


tits McGee (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
breaking news i am going to seattle!! oh man i'm just super pumped to attend a regional, since otherwise i'd just be hitting up LCQ at indy. :D :D :D looking forward to meeting new smogon faces.
Hellow there!

well, i want to play, but i dont have pokemons of this gen with good IV, can someone help me? if someone can help me with this stuff

ill be gratefull :)
I am thinking about it, not sure if it's worth it for me right now.

A shame you can't get there this year Firestorm... when you get back we need to get everyone together and go for some sushi again. I guess I'll see what Caffwin is doing and work with that but I'm really not sure.

EDIT: never mind, I graduate that weekend. I totally called it too. :/


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this will kick off the beginning of my farewell tour. after the end of this season, i'm hanging up the jersey. here's to a good season.


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this will kick off the beginning of my farewell tour. after the end of this season, i'm hanging up the jersey. here's to a good season.
As stated the previous two seasons.

Going to break the Seattle curse this year. Hopefully.
Hmm, I've never been to one of these before, but it's right in my neighborhood... :P There's no way I could actually compete, but is it fun to just hang around at these sorts of things, do you guys know? I could just bring my sketchbook and doodle some pokeymans or whatever, I dunno :B


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ahh yes, it is that time of the year again. a new vgc adventure and a fun filled summer awaits, it is good to be back.
mark me down, masters. see you all soon in seattle
I hope I'll be able to be there, but I haven't even gotten BW yet and my parents are really busy; I live just north of Portland OR. If everything falls into place, I'll be able to attend, but otherwise, I'll have to wait for VGC 2012.

Also, even if I do qualify for Nats, I probably won't be able to attend. Barf.


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i currently have no intention of going, i didn't buy b/w, spendin my money on clothes/college soz m8s.
if someone had black and white and wanted to lend me one i would consider going but currently my plans are: nope

have more of a cry
I dunno what it'll be like, but I think I'll go, now that I think about it. Obviously I can't actually participate, but maybe I'll finally meet cool folks from Smogon '_' and do pokeymans sketches for people that want em and so forth.
i'll obviously be there since i'm the one who flew fishy out

it'll be great to:
- see all of you
- see you laugh at me when i get knocked out R1

also if you live in the area and don't plan on attending you should come anyway

that was my plan initially and there's really no excuse for not seeing everyone
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