VGC '11 US Northwest Regional - Seattle, WA - May 14th - WON BY biffsterPKMN

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I did my best, I have no regrets!
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Hey guys... it's Nick McCord. I saw this thread and wanted to give you a lowdown on Seattle. I've lived there for a while and the downtown commission on whatever just raised parking fees. There are however the decks on Elliot. There are several parking decks on Elliot just before the art institute heading South that only run like 12 bucks a day if you get there early enough... which, of course, you will. Also, you can park on Capitol Hill (past 21st at about 21st and Madison) for free and bus down on the number 10 line, which'll head straight down Madison and into the downtown core. There's a church I used to park at all the time when I didn't wanna pay the fees. Hope this helps guys! Can't wait to see you there!
And plenty to eat as Pike Place is within walking distance! There's this burrito place about two blocks down that I really loved going to for lunch. Also the Cheesecake Factory across the street.
excited for you guys, good luck to everyone and hope everyone has a great time!

but i hope the ducks win, of course.
I wish each and every player the best of luck I too shall be there, looking forward to meeting seeing you there

Be coming from burien shall be arriving with my group around 10ish will battling with my lol group on black and tourney group on White

Bringing Platinum and HG as well for those who wish battle with 4th gen :)

Azure Demon

Good luck to everyone!!!! VGC season is here get HYPEDDDD!!!!
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