VGC '11 US South Regional - Dallas, TX - WON BY ryuzaki vgc & Lucien Lachance

Congrats to Ryuzaki and Alaka!! The competition was fierce, it was a great regional! I finished top 8 losing to Ryuzaki ( I had no chance lol ).
Congratulations everyone, especially Ryuzaki!
EDIT: How did I forget about MILAN!? Congrats, was nice talking to you on PO and here during the VGC 2010 season and hope we'll get to talk in person this VGC season!
I lost in the first round...
Here is the video no.: 35-31886-93834
Congrats to everyone who participated! It was a lot of fun.
Congrats to both finalists, and everyone else who got an invite.

If a duck wasn't gonna win this one i'm glad it was ryuzaki, great player who deserves it
I lost to Ryuzaki in top 16 after telling her numerous times on numerous occasions I didnt want to battle her, but alas, cant friend rule finals lol. Fortunately I made top 16 so nats here I come! Congrats to Ryuzaki, I'm glad I lost to the winner!
Congrats to everyone who got an invite and congrats once again to ryuzaki! Each week I become more and more excited for Nats, can't wait to see you all there! =D


/me cresselias
Heck yes ryuzaki for the first female champ! Congrats girl and congrats to everyone else who qualified for Nationals!!


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ryuzaki can i have your 3ds

im fuckin serious

also, who was that girl who got top 16 with endeavor whimsicott, i was going to give her something but oh well!

EDIT: was it just me or was rock slide hax especially prevalent today (lost 1st round to flinch, ryuzaki creamed pimp with it, etc)

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