VGC '11 World Championships - San Diego, US - August 14th - WON BY BlueCookies & kamz


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good match man, congrats. I don't get excited for battles, but that shit literally had me glued watching it. ~__~


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yeah cossack is mad

[18:30] <drcossack> though it doesn't really matter. Winning this year doesn't prove a hell of a lot, given how limited the meta is

also bs parahax on 2nd match


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Ray Rizzo the world champion after playing flawlessly all three matches. Seriously inspiring Pokemon play by the two-time world champion in that final series and the other matches I managed to catch recorded on stream. Way to go buddy. Enjoy your two week long trip to japan now!

Congrats to kamz also for being the first Seniors world champion.

And a big shout out to all the other players. Without you all it wouldn't be the same experience. I, for one, was certainly surprised at the level of competition that existed under the radar. Good showing everyone and here's to next year!

(also Danny is an excellent commentator. Made the battles so much easier to follow than usual. Great job, even though I crashed yr phone.)

((also also: best line from stream "And they've dropped Ray." followed immediately by the stream cutting out.))
congratulations, ray

(19:45:54) +SoT: RAY WINNS

(19:45:59) TropiOUs Weather: find battle button is a lie

(19:46:01) +SoT: RAAAY WINSSSS

(19:46:02) +Yamata no Orochi: Shao Kahn wins

(19:46:04) +Yamata no Orochi: gg

(19:46:05) Lady Salamence: yahooo

(19:46:06) TropiOUs Weather: Lex wins

(19:46:06) TropiOUs Weather: gg

(19:46:07) U1uru: Oh shit I didn't think of that, thank you for pointing it out.

(19:46:09) +Sarenji: lol the stage is going crazy

(19:46:12) Lady Salamence: party now

(19:46:18) TropiOUs Weather: Also fuck shao kahn when you suck at mk

(19:46:26) RageCrit: congratulations ray on your sucsess!

(19:46:28) +Yamata no Orochi: The stage is on a feeding frenzy

(19:46:36) +SoT: ray just got raped by smogon

(19:46:43) Oklahoma Swag Team: what's going on

(19:46:46) RageCrit: atrooolololloololl

(19:46:48) TropiOUs Weather: a cat died

(19:46:51) Practice: o,O

(19:46:55) Woodchuck.dw.chall: remember the victory screechers group

(19:46:55) +Yamata no Orochi: Pokemon World Championships

(19:46:56) +Sarenji: bluecookies won finals

(19:46:56) +Lamppost: lol i cracked up at that ending

(19:46:57) Woodchuck.dw.chall: "OLOLOLOL"

(19:46:58) U1uru: cats are evil.

(19:47:07) +SoT: damn

(19:47:10) +SoT: that's good for bc

(19:47:13) RageCrit: was it a crit?

(19:47:22) +Lamppost: no

(19:47:26) +Lamppost: everyone just freaked out tho

(19:47:26) RageCrit: flinch?

(19:47:30) +Lamppost: funniest thing ever

(19:47:31) +SoT: no

(19:47:32) Woodchuck.dw.chall: lol

(19:47:33) +SoT: he just raped

(19:47:33) Chazolton: woooo 8 people in LC

(19:47:34) +SoT: won 3-0

(19:47:38) +SoT: and then everyone from smogon

(19:47:40) +SoT: and or his friends

(19:47:42) CoD Is Just Bad: |\/ | (, (, 3 |>.

(19:47:44) +SoT: pretty much just attacked him

(19:47:44) RageCrit: lol was it a kingdra sweep?

(19:47:45) +SoT: lol

(19:47:52) CoD Is Just Bad: i think you can make that out :)

(19:47:53) +Lamppost: ya they picked him up

(19:47:54) +Yamata no Orochi: Smogon kills our winners

(19:47:58) Chabarator [TEST]: lol

(19:48:00) +Lamppost: then they realized they couldnt take him anywhere

(19:48:01) *** Stellar muted cod is just bad for 30 minutes.

(19:48:02) +Lamppost: so they dropped him


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