VGC '12 Japanese Championships

Their regionals have a sort of preregistration sign up procedure at first, this seems like a way to bypass that normal procedure to be able to participate without having to worry about getting lucky like that. Or this is just their qualifications for nationals.
They have released the results of the 2012 Japan Spring Cup. I don't know how many people qualify for the Japan Nationals though.

Btw, I've placed a modest 1018 th with 1614 points in very few battles, I didn't want to screw anybody, just watching some japanese stuff.
Any videos of the tournament? Be cool to see their metagame in comparison to ours, and I have watched a good deal of the VGC 2012 vids already on Youtube


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Slow down cowboy, Nationals is still going on for them and Shota just won an hour ago. It'll probably be up soon.


I swear.
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3. TTS told me they only have 2 invites per division, which is really surprising. To put things in perspective, Korea has 2 divisions with 1 invite per division supposedly.


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Hydreigon Rotom-W Conkeldurr Thundurus WIN


Garchomp Salamence Scizor Tyranitar LOSS
(video POV) Final Master Division of Japan. Enjoy that, both teams are amazing o_O
Is it just me, or is the player whose perspective theta we're seeing isn't exactly playing good, for example, he used earthquake when both of the opponents pokémon naturally are immune to it (t1 Rotom-W and Hydreigon) i'm not sure if they're playing on some kind of astronomicly high prediction level, but that is slightly weird or utterly crazy (or did the timer chose his moves as he had not chosen his attacks in time), Regardless, the winner played well and he probably deserved it.
Was their nationals best of three or single elimination?

After watching the video I am a bit disappointed, the guy who got 2nd seemed to use a fairly bad team to begin with. Neither one played that well, but I guess that's acceptable because they already got the trip. But they still made some massive mistakes that if someone I knew well did that I would call them out.

Analysis of the battle:
• First turn choice scarf Salamence targets Hydreigon assuming no Haban or Focus Sash, in case of Metagross in the back also uses Earthquake with Focus Sash Garchomp. Having Haban Berry he knows he survives a dragon attack and that it is more likely that the other guy will not double target he goes for Draco Meteor on Garchomp, which is bulkier than Salamence, and Choice Specs Thunderbolt on Salamence which will get a 2HKO normally.

• Thinking that he can KO Hydreigon with Rock Slide now he goes for that, Draco Meteor Rotom-W because you are trying to have Hydreigon KOd that turn anyways and paralyzed Choice Scarf Salamence with such low HP isn't going to be doing much anyways. Protect with Hydreigon because Garchomp will obviously target and -2 Choice Scarf Salamence is very weak and will target Rotom-W, Rotom-W is Choice Specs and being stuck in Thunderbolt will not help because of Garchomp, so switch out into something: Conkeldurr.

• Keep Salamence into get sacked for a free switch in, it is not going to do anything again, and potential for Hydreigon to switch out now again after using Protect is high coupled with the off chance that Conkeldurr carries Wide Guard so uses Dragon Claw to KO Hydreigon and hope that Conkeldurr is min-speed so Choice Scarf Salamence can still outspeed. Uses Drain Punch on Salamence maybe predicting a switch and to sack Hydreigon for your own free switch? This was the first mistake, best move would have been to Mach Punch Garchomp and try KOing Salamence with a move other than Draco Meteor, but tries to maybe double target Salamence with Drain Punch + unknown move because Garchomp KOd Hydreigon.

• Thinks Conkeldurr doesn't have Mach Punch so tries to do damage to Rotom-W, Flying Gem Acrobatics targets Conkeldurr for the KO. Choice Specs Hydro Pump should KO Scizor (avoid) and Mach Punch now to KO Garchomp.

• Scizor + Tyranitar vs Rotom-W and Thundurus. Choice Specs Hydro Pump hits and gets the 50/50 odds of KOing Tyranitar and Thundurus tries 2HKO on Scizor. Scizor Protects trying not to be KOd, then loses because it can't touch Thundurus or Choice Specs Rotom-W.

There were other mistakes, but those are misplays caused by prediction, you can't really judge them as much on mispredicting if it make sense. Although the person who got 2nd did moves that weren't that good, it makes sense when you realize what he is basing his moves off of. Right now I'm just trying to explain what I think they were predicting and basing their predictions on.
At the match with the misplays, I laughed at the start. It seemed like it was genuinely fun for them to hop around. They took like, 20 seconds to shake each others hands. Overall, it was a decent battle. Maybe they were trying to predict switches, but they made some questionable plays.
I really hate to complain about other people's playstyles, but I have to question how those two made it into Masters finals. There were barely any good predictions, two double weaknesses to Ice on one team(I suppose with good counters to it though), then odd items. A bit surprised their teams didn't look too different from our own, but meh.

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