VGC '12 Mid-Atlantic Regional - Doswell, VA - November 13th


VGC 2012 Seniors Champion
Haha, My dad is driving me under the condition that I find a church to go to with him in the morning.

The lengths we'll travel >>
Ahahaha, Cocy. Do you still play Yu-Gi-Oh!? You should bring your cards so I can beat you with watts. Good luck in the event though.

My dad would never drive me though lol.
I haven't played since summer (break for soccer, musical, this, etc...)
But at this point I'm not 100% sure I can go.
I didn't manage to get my pokes in time and my parents said I probably would have to bike to the event. Which is 80 miles away ;_;

I could do it, but it would just literally ruin my weekend
What will everyone be wearing to the event? I'll be the 13 year old with a real moustache, in a red hoodie. Also, if anyone is staying at the Country Inn and Suites, let me know!
; _ ;

danny andrea chad and bears can't go???? D=

wahh ;-; this is BS, I hope a smogonite wins it to avenge you >:D!
cant wait to see people :B

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