VGC '12 Mid-Atlantic Regional - Doswell, VA - November 13th

Hipoke: Was your Garchomp scarfed/banded? Cause I was wondering why you didn't just take out the opponents Hydreigon with it. Your Zapdos getting critical hitted, and then frozen in the same turn is definitely hax material though. I was thinking that if your Garchomp had the Yache berry instead of Zapdos, you would have won the match. Still, a very solid team. I ran a similar team, only using Jolteon instead of Zapdos.
Stormfront: Your video isn't coming up.
It was scarfed, that's why. Thanks for the compliment, yeah I was working pretty hard on it, and it's kinda sad to drive 5 hours out just to lose to some bad luck. Oh well.

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