VGC '12 Mountain West Regional - Colorado Springs, CO - Won by Fishy!


Crowne Plaza Hotel [ Map ]
12886 South Circle Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80906​

Registration: 8:00 AM - 9:45 AM. Play starts at 10:30 AM.

Missed your chance to play in a Fall Regional? Want another chance at winning awesome prizes? Then the 2012 VGC Spring Regional, held on April 15th, 2012 is just for you! Join some of the strongest trainers around the region as you battle for the title of 2012 Spring Regional Champion!

The tournament will be in the swiss format likely with no top cut. Players will be paired up against each other and every round they will play someone else with a similar record to them. After a set amount of rounds, the players with the best scores (with tie-breakers determined by the win percentage of their opponents) will receive their prizes. This means everyone will get to play every round and nobody is eliminated in the tournament!

The Pokemon Tournament Organizer for this event has been able to get discounted rates at the hotel the tournament will take place at. Call 719-576-5900 and ask for the "Pokemon discount" for a better rate. The earlier you book, the better the price will be.

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I'll be attending. Masters Division. This is my first time going to something like this, I hope I fair... decently enough.


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Looking like this will be the least-attended of the VGCs. Which is a shame as Colorado Springs is beautiful this time of year.
Looking like this will be the least-attended of the VGCs. Which is a shame as Colorado Springs is beautiful this time of year.
Why go to Colorado when the drive to California is easier, warmer, and has more players?

Besides, that means that we will play less rounds so we can get back home sooner.


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You're implying that people want to go to California. Personally I could be on Mars and it wouldn't be far enough.

And for me it's a day+ drive either way, or a 2 hour flight either way.


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I'm actually shocked at how few people are going to this regional. Maybe there's a massive non-smogon contingent going. Who knows? Oh well. Best of luck to anyone at this one. Looks like you'll be getting an early dinner for sure...


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Made it to Colorado springs without incident, other than an unruly passenger on the plane that got a "talking to" from the Feds. I saw quite a few Pokemon people at Phoenix-Mesa airport, no idea if they're Smogonites or not though.

Look for me with my Legend of Zelda stuff on Sunday!
Just talked with the PTO for the event and he said that he didn't advertize anywhere because players SHOULD just go to and thats it.

And THAT is why there is such a low turnout - because some PTO's just don't feel like advertizing on other sites.

Good luck everybody!


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Not too many VGCers showdown up during the TCG tourney, but a good number did, including a few fellow Smogonites. For the persistent, you could get some practice rounds in between TCG rounds.

It amazes me how many people showed up and DIDN'T bring their DS! I mean seriously, who besides parents goes to a Pokemon tourney and not bring Pokemon (VG, TCG or otherwise)?

All signs still point to this being the smallest VGC Regional. We may only just have enough players for a top 16 in Masters, but who knows how many people will actually show up tomorrow morning.


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True, cybertron. TCG did though, even for their juniors division which had ~26. Depending how many or few show up, this tourney might be over before lunch :(
If it helps any, I'm dragging my brother along tomorrow. I think we are both in the master's division (birth years are 91 and 94) so please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm looking forward to this so yeah, hope I do decently well.

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