VGC '12 United States National - Indianapolis - WON by Cybertron and Wolfey

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Been here all day playing TCG with all the people at the convention center. It's fuckin crazy down there. If anyone cool wants to hang out text me at 417-434-8551.
Getting in around Noon tomorrow, should be at hotel by 2. If TCG is happening tomorrow might drop by that just to see people and root them on, I don't know the rules much.
Just printed my tickets and shit. I guess it's a matter of waiting before my flight(s).

If anyone gets to Indy around 3:30 pm tomorrow let me know.
Anybody know what the deal is for people who received travel awards? Like how/where/when we will collect them, etc?
Im heading out today after my class lets out (10 pm) and driving straight through with my brother and friend. We will hopefully be there just before pre-reg opens. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Anybody know what the deal is for people who received travel awards? Like how/where/when we will collect them, etc?
If it's like last year then you can pick up your money (in the form travelers checks) from the information desk in the event hall beginning Friday. Be sure to bring an ID.


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I'll be chillin' there tomorrow! PM me if you'd like my phone number. I'll be trying to have dinner that night with a few people and prepare for the event mentally, I'm not sure if everything will work out though.
Anyone near the JW Marriot or near the convention center that would like to do some practice battles?
I'm right next door to the convention center. Where and when would you want to meet?
I'd like to do it tomorrow at the convention center's food court.
I'll be in the TCG masters tomorrow if someone wishes to meet. I'll check my PM box before I split in the morning, so just throw me a message. Plus I'll be up a little more tonight, so we can totally arrange something.

so tired and the weather + lack of sleep is really taking a toll on my body... I'll be up bright and early for TCG tomorrow though, so if you're in the hall, you know where to find me!

If you guys see me (On the left, although I'll have shorter hair lol) or my little brother, say hi :3 I'll be on the plane to Denver at 3, and I should be arriving before registration.
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