VGC '12 United States National - Indianapolis - WON by Cybertron and Wolfey

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I'm chillin' with Macle and Revery at the Microtel by the airport tonight, will be in town for prereg after picking up people and takin em into downtown.

That was a longish car ride, ended up driving through severe thunderstorms and torrential downpours, quarter size hail, and lightning everywhere. I derp'd a few times but we made it down from Milwaukee in about 7 hours after much Steak N Shake and Walmart action.

Oh, and be ready for an EPIC warstory with all the works once this is all said and done. That is all.
FFFFFFFFFFF Just checked my flights, it'll be delayed for a bit so I won't be getting to Indy until around 5:16 FFFFFFFFFFF

Looks like I won't make it on time for pre-regs


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About to leave for the airport, I'll be wearing a green Monster's Inc shirt with Mike Wazowski's eye staring at you from the center. If you see me, say hello! I don't bite.


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Went through security in about 5 minutes, so we've got over an hour until our flight leaves. We layover at Chicago for another hour, so we won't be getting in until around 3:30 or so. These will be the longest hours of my life!


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My flight somehow got cancelled with extreme prejudice, so I won't be there until tomorrow morning.
My flight leaves at 6:00 PM, and it is right after a baseball game... I'll be the kid with dirt all over his arms and face! I should arrive at around 10:00. Hoping to have a fun time at Indianapolis this year!
Just landed in Indy with Arazzzz. Headed to the hotel then walking to the center to get in lone for pre-registration. I'm wearing a green legend of SMOSH shirt. Say hey!
If anyone wants to do some practice let me know. I'm already gonna do some practice with PokeKid5 after registration (maybe earlier)


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With the official Smogon twitter account kind of in a limbo, I made a twitter for Smogon VGC updates.

So go ahead and follow @SmogonVGC for updates as they come around! VGC mods just send me a message on IRC or wherever and I'll give you the password if you want it. Anyone else who might want to help update, if you have my number you can text me, or send tweets to @SmogonVGC, and we'll retweet them.

Have fun and good luck :)!
Plane just got into Indy, they have an awfully nice terminal. Probably going to catch a public bus over to wherever it is stuff is happening, definitely in time for pre-regs. See you all before too long.
me and branflakes plus 2 other capri nigs are at the crowne plaza if you see us with our scooters say hi we are pretty loud!
Just checked into hotel. Gonna head to convention center soon for registration with my friend and brother here in a little bit!
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