VGC '12 World Championships - Kona, HI, USA - WON by BlueCookies & Dimsun!

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god damn it ray why are you so good

i seriously mean it when i say i am stealing your title next year three's a crowd but four's an intimidating mob so i think 3x ray 1x zog would be a good ratio
Wolfe massively screwed up with the Close Combat on Cress. Ttar should have been out of the match. Yes, I know Chople Berry, but it came into play later.

Also, no Fake Out usage?
I wish they would just show seniors to at least kill time :l we don't need (or want very much) their commentary.


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Ray Rizzo, you are inspiration to us all. I have learnt much in Pokemon solely from looking at your teams. Congratulations for the threepeat.

And congratulations to you Wolfe for second place and a very intuitive team. Never thought that anyone would make the finals with Exeggutor!
It really lost him the game/match. I wonder whether it was a misclick or mispredict.
I agree, that Ttar is what cost him the match. Maybe Wolfe wouldn't have won even if Ttar was out of the game, but it would've helped him a lot. Maybe he predicted Hydreigon to come in?

Congrats Ray! Threepeat is amazing!

Congrats Wolfe, 2nd place at Worlds is pretty impressive too.
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