VGC '12 World Championships - Kona, HI, USA - WON by BlueCookies & Dimsun!

Wishing everyone competing in the LCQ tomorrow and Worlds over the weekend the best of luck, hope everyone had a good trip over and arrived safely. Hope its a great weekend for you all!!

Also Big shout out to my boy Koryo!!
If anything, I want a USA vs. JPN finals again, but as long as the finals are from two players not from the same country, I'd be content. ESP vs. DEU would be VERY interesting to watch, actually....

For Seniors, I'm rooting for good old Kamz or MrFox to take the gold, but I see Aaron making it as World Champion in his last year of Seniors.

Good luck to all!
I don't think I ever mentioned this, but my cousin got 5th at the US nats in juniors and Brian Hough's invite and trip was passed down to him since he already had a trip from last year's Worlds, so my family still has a chance to win even though I won't be attending yeaaaaa! Good luck to everybody competing this weekend!
This is a really nice hotel. Posting from my 3DS. I'm terrible at recognising people, it turns out. They're queuing up for LCQ registration (well, queue should be closed by now). Good luck, everyone!
Worlds 2013 Location to be announced in closing ceremonies. Rumored to be outside of the US.
Round 4: Synre vs Japanese, Chalkey vs. Edgar Fernandez, Biosci vs. dtrain, Duy vs. a person who's name is too complicated, Huy vs. TDS, ZachDro vs. Japanese

Senior and Junior Division registration has begun!

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