VGC '12 World Championships - Kona, HI, USA - WON by BlueCookies & Dimsun!

Kingofkongs is playing Matteo's brother in Seniors round 2 and BABBYTRON MADE IT THROUGH AND IS PLAYING IN WORLDS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!
I hope this is a appropriate place I have not seen it posted anywhere else and thought that people in here would be most interested, but right now there's a new C gear promotion on the global link, its for a World Championship 2012 cgear skin that has this years Pikachu and tiki mask on it, here is the password WCSCGEAR2012
OMG. Can I say that I'm hell jealous that India has no VGCs or Nintendo whatsoever. But the Worlds looks seriously awesome. Best of luck guys! And:


Congrats to everyone who made it in through the LCQs! I can't wait to see who makes it past swiss tomorrow! Good luck to everyone playing tomorrow!

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On some german pokemon website there was a news post about some page streaming matches throughout the tournament. I don't if it's true, but I'll post the link anyway:
To watch the stream you have to sign up there. The stream will start around 10 pm (Hawaiian time)
This niconico stream is live now. I think it'll be showing matches but I don't know right now.
It looks like they actually have a direct link to the video output that will appear on that big screen, as the video briefly switched to a DS menu screen.

Here we go!

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