VGC 13 European dates revealed: only 3 tournaments, no Spain

Italy VG National Championships – May 11th – 12th, 2013
Mediolanum Forum
via G. di Vittorio, 6 - 20090 Assago (MI), Italy

Germany VG National Championships – May 25th – 26th, 2013
RuhrCongress Bochum
Stadionring 20, 44791 Bochum, Germany

UK VG National Championships – June 1st – 2nd, 2013
National Exhibition Center (NEC)
Birmingham, West Midlands B40 1NT United Kingdom
I think they will announce the other two tournaments later. If not, then I think it is strange of TPCi to exclude two tournaments this late in the season.
Whooow, if those are the only venues in Europe, that would suck soo bad ! o_O. I mean, France excuded from VGC ?? That doesn't make sense !
We, the Spanish players, are VERY angry with this new system of only 3 VGCs....

We disappoint with TPCi, because we think that Spain is one of the best countries in the world (in fact, IMO we are the 2nd in the World, being obviously USA 1st), as we could see in the last WCS, where Spain got the 2nd place in Senior, and the 3rd and 7th place in Master. We had also a lot of players in Worlds, being 5 in Junior, 5 in Senior and 7 in Master.

I think that there is an economic reason, or the last issue in Birmingham, but I don't know why Spain hasn't got a VGC this year, and for example Italy has one. France well, is the most centric country, but they even accept this decision.
If I accept it ? Not even a second ! I guess the loss of our triple AAA last year really has consequences after all... Anyway, this decision makes me very angry. As if it was not cost-full enough to travel to a country's unique venue for some people, here we are, having to go abroad to play our game. Hours and hours of preparing just to learn that it'll cost me hundreds if I want my work to mean something.
Yes, I know that a lot of players don't accept it, but for example Galooks has said that he admit that France is the country whose VGC he thought it would disappear.
I'm french and sorry for spelling mistakes.
I live in Paris and the cancellation of vgc shocked the comunity French. lot of people were prepared for the new vgc and this is a great disappointment to the French
Really glad to see the venues up now, and woop! Swiss rounds! And top 8 get a travel award.

I really hope there will be France and Spain nationals. Not that I'll go, it'll just be interesting seeing what's popular over there as it always is.
I'll probably end up in Birmingham - Assuming I go at all. I'm not thrilled at the date - purely because it interrupts plans that have been in place for a while. If I can make it, I'll go - if not I'll be annoyed.

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