VGC 2012 Updates: April 15th North American Regionals - Thanks for your help!

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Post updates from the North American regionals here! Please don't ask about status updates on particular players - if we know, it'll be here.

Tab 1st Place Juniors
Dozz 6-1, playing top 8

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Good luck everyone!


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We're off! Please try and update us here as often as possible, it'll be a great help.

Best of luck!


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Layell beats Atlas for 1-0
Phiddlesticks 1-0
Snkz 1-0

82 Juniors, 171 Seniors
Cybertron 1-0
Babbytron 2-0
Kinderbro 1-0
PungentFruit 1-0
iss 1-0
NatGeo 1-0

126 Masters
theamericandream38 1-0
Synre 1-0
ZachDro 1-0
Sixonesix 1-0
HagridTwin 1-0
Psycho 0-1

tad vs HagridTwin R2


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48 masters 25 seniors 8 juniors,

Round 3 atLas win. Texas loss, layell win , Snkz loss. Phiddle win. Skarmbliss ragequit.

Round 4 atlas loss, layell loss, Snkz loss, Phiddle win. Texas win.

Round 5 (final?) Atlas bye, Snkz win, layell win,Texas loss, phidle win.

Round 6 atlas loss, Snkz loss Texas won, Phiddle won, layell won. Roz 5/1

First Place: Coleman Fung
Second Place: Ren Zu
Third Place: Johnny Tang
Fourth Place: Roz

phiddle 5th
layell 11th
atlas 43rd


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Right, I'm getting a format running. Organised by division (Juniors through Masters) and alphabetically by state. Keep me posted, so I can keep the country up to date! I'll try and keep this as a base for all the scores!

Firestorm 2-1
Articuno64 2-1
Caffwin 2-1
R_inanimate 3-0
Chinese Dood 2-1
J Leo l 2-1
Shadow Blues 2-1
Skarm 2-1
Feathers 2-1
TRE 2-1

Fishy 6-0
Fish 5-1

194 Masters
Aiya 3-0
Crow350 6-0
Lucariojr 5-1
ncsburt 5-1
everstone 5-1
killah 4-2
TheMantyke 5-1


Layell beats Atlas for 1-0
Phiddlesticks 1-0
Snkz 1-0

82 Juniors
Babbytron 7-0
Kinderbro 6-1
171 Seniors
Cybertron 7-1
PungentFruit 7-1
iss 6-2
NatGeo 6-2
Hitmonrocker 6-2
Drifblim 7-1
Superpokemon67 5-3
Garchompzilla 7-1


LPFan 7-0
Talon 6-1
Lucien Lachance 5-2
lolfailsnail 5-2

126 Masters
theamericandream38 5-2
Synre 5-2
evan 5-1
ZachDro 7-0
Sixonesix 6-1
Shiny Regice 5-1
MangoSol 5-1
Trainer Red 6-1
Psycho 4-3
Jhud 6-1
Calvin Chan 5-2
194 Masters
Aiya 3-0
Crow350 3-0

Also TheMantyke is updating in the regional thread. Masters break for lunch, will resume at 1pm.
Watching hitmonrocker get haxed so badly.

Hitmonrocker 2-1.

Cybertron lost to pungentfruit

Sp67 lost to 3 ice shard misses on garchomp
Drifblim, iss, pungent fruit 4-0

Zheng hitmonrcocker 3-1

350+ masters in philly gonna be 2 flights and a top cut.
Drifblim, Iss, maybe others 5-0.

Garchompzilla 4-1

A good deal of hax in my favor 3rd game, but I guess it's how the game roles.

Me, enfuego, dtrain tds, wolfey, human,chibo, kinderlew ALL in the same flight.

Biffster and jivetime only names I noticed in flight 2
Kinderbro got 5th because of bs resistance :(

Drifblim beat iss, he's 6-0 now. I'm 5-1, LudiImpact is 5-1, iss is 5-1, NatGeo is 5-1, PungentFruit is 5-1, not sure on how the others are doing.
I heard Jhud was 4-0 at lunch break. Tx masters not started yet, me Alaka ryuzaki shiloh are all here and also tr jessi


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Houston Seniors
LPFan 7-0
Talon 6-1
Lucien Lachance 5-2
lolfailsnail 5-2

They're done with Swiss now, Kenan (Lucien) mentioned the possibility of Top Cut but isn't sure, they're waiting on final standings, and if no Top Cut LPFan is the only 7-0 and would be the winner.

EDIT: Standings

1. LPFan (7-0)
2. Talon (6-1)
Between 4th and 10th. lolfailsnail
11. Lucien Lachance (5-2)

should be getting a picture soon

EDIT 2: picture courtesy of Kenan

Alaka edit: not cut, we got bad info from philly, they dont have cut either
Holy shit, Worlds Junior Runner-up Ian McLaughlin got 3rd. Nice job.

I'm 6-1 now. I think iss lost to darkpenguin67, so he would be 5-2 and dp67 would be 6-1. Vince just lost to PungentFruit, so he's 5-2 and pf is 6-1.
Madison Finalists

[TM] Trainer Red vs. ZachDro


Jhud, SixOneSix and 10 others I don't know the online names of.

Edit: Zachdro won


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90 masters at Colorado Springs! Didn't catch the numbers for juniors and seniors, but they both have 5 rounds.

7 rounds for Masters, round 5 is finishing.

My camera quality sucks, so the pictures for the other ranks aren't very good(as in not legible), but here are the top 19 for masters at VGC in Toronto.

See you guys at nationals.
Final Senior Top 4:

1st was the kid that beat iss at RI Round 6 last time, he finished 3rd there
2nd was PungentFruit with a 7-1 record, loss to iss because of a Draco Meteor miss
3rd was myself with a 7-1 record, loss to PungentFruit who just outplayed me
4th was Drifblim with a 7-1 record, loss to the kid that won the whole thing
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