VGC 2014 Pokebank Exclusive Help Thread

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Hello everybody,

As I'm sure you're all aware, Pokebank was only momentarily released in japan and has been delayed for a date TBD in america. This is a pretty major annoyance for everybody, but no one is impeded worse by the delay than VGC attendees who need to build and playtest their teams that rely on Pokebank exclusive options. There's a very narrow time frame to prepare in with the first competition kicking off in 1 day.

This thread is designed to help people who need these important Pokemon for their regional teams so they don't have to be hindered by nintendo's fuck up. I guess if you want you can consider it a spiritual successor to the big ol' donation trade threads we had for previous VGCs.

What's Going On In This Thread?

In this thread, we have donors. Donors will have difficult to obtain Pokebank required mons they have listed in this thread. If you're looking for one of the Pokemon, post some information about what you need, offer info on yourself, upload a Luvdisc (more info later on), and a donor will help you.

Please note that this is NOT a thread to ask for non VGC legal Pokebank exclusive Pokemon (ie, Yamask, Snivy etc). Please take those requests to SQ/R. This thread is designed to get the tougher to find options and moves to VGC players for free.

How Are Pokemon Given Out?

This giveaway system is kind of strange compared to what's been done traditionally. With the new innovations that have come with this generation's GTS, I want to experiment with a new system that might be more efficient for a communal pool of donors.

Once you've posted your in game information, go onto the GTS and offer a Luvdisc named VGC asking for the species of the Pokemon you want. From there, one of the donors will hop onto the GTS and send you the Pokemon.

Now it is perfectly possible for people to intentionally snipe out these kind of trades, but the fact that you don't lose anything of value in the process makes it seem like not much of a problem. Worse case scenario means you'll need to catch another Luvdisc. If this does become a major problem though, we can just switch to using the slightly less convenient FC trades.


1) Leave the following information in your post:

Your Username:
Your IGN:
What you need:
What VGC Regional you are attending:

For "What you need", pick what you need out of the list below of important mons donors can donate.

2) Go onto the GTS and offer a Luvdisc named VGC (or leave VGC in the description on the GTS) asking for the species of what you want.

3) Wait for someone to reply to your post saying they've given you your Pokemon or that they couldn't find you and need you to repost your Luvdisc.

Also please note, that Pokemon are only being traded for their moves and / or abilities. You will need to breed for a competitive final product yourself!


...By Donating a Priority Pokemon We appreciate any donations! If you have a Pokemon on the "Top Priority Mons We Need" list, get into touch with me or any of the other donors so we can start breeding the mon and spread it amongst other donors for ease of trading. Also, while we appreciate the thought, we don't need any mons on the "Important Mons Donors can Donate" list since we can simple breed them from that point.

...By Becoming a Donor: We really want as many people as possible to help give Pokemon out as possible. If you want to sign up as a donor, PM me and I'll trade you an assortment of pokemon on the list of "Important mons donors can donate". From there, I need you to monitor this thread and fulfill as many requests for Pokemon as you can. I recommend that for the easiest time managing requests, you subscribe to the thread to get instant notification when someone posts. Remember to reply to someone's post when you trade them their mon and quote them in your post to send them a notification.

Overcoat + Drill Run Karrablast
Perish Song Gastly
Wide Guard Geodude
Wide Guard Roggenrola
Wide Guard + Destiny Bond Honedge
Wide Guard Nosepass
Wide Guard Dwebble
Imprison Sableye
Self Destruct Munchlax
Switcheroo Klefki
Extreme Speed Dratini
Iron Fist Timburr
Heat Wave Litwick
Dark Void Smeargle
Speed Boost Carvanha
Earth Power Deino
Unnerve Aerodactyl
Intimidate Qwilfish
Rain Dish Tentacool
Ally Switch Ralts
Air Cutter Charmander
Inner Focus Kangaskhan
Shell Armor Torkoal
Flare Boost + Tailwind Drifloon
Lightning Rod Seaking

These lists are not exclusive at all, so if you think there is something that gets a major pokebank addition, feel free to ask for it and I'll add it to the list

And that's everything! Let's give everyone all the battling options they can get!
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We talked on irc about this, but I'll post here as well. I'll be glad to help out with this!


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This is brilliant.

ign: Tom
Air cutter charizard is needed!!!
Thanks in advance!!! I shall place a luvdisc in to the GTS now
This is brilliant.

ign: Tom
Air cutter charizard is needed!!!
Thanks in advance!!! I shall place a luvdisc in to the GTS now
Unforunately, Air Cutter Charizard is on the list of things we still need ourselves. As soon as we get a hold of one though, we'll get it to you asap!
so with a really awesome donation for Omegadonut, the range of mons available has shot through the roof. Iron Fist Timburrs and Heat Wave Litwicks among others are now available!
Your Username: Parise
Your IGN: Jon
What you need: Iron Fist Timburr
Went to bed, sorry this took so long. Just traded it to you!

Edit: Also, I completely forgot I actually DO have an Earth Power Deino so that has been added to the list of tradable mons as well!
Username: Moltres006
IGN: Omar
What I need: Deino with earth power.
Hmm, I can't seem to find your luvdisc anywhere. Could you check to make sure someone hasn't already taken it or, at the very least, take it down, then back up to get it back at the front of the GTS search query?
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