VGC 98 [ROUND 2]

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what if he kicks the ghost
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The VGC '98 Tournament: Round 2

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Round 1
Round 2

It’s time for a VGC 2011 style metagame with a retro twist. Fight with your original 151 favorites in a modern way!

  • 5th Gen flat battles, Doubles 4v4, Level 50. One Battle, single elimination.
  • Species Clause: A Player may not have two of the same Pokemon on their team.
  • Item Clause: A Player may not have the same item on two or more of his or her Pokemon
  • Self-KO Clause: If a player’s last Pokemon faints due to Explosion, sort of recoil, or faints after using Destiny Bond and brings down the opponent’s last Pokemon, the last Pokemon of those two to faint, wins.
  • Sky Drop Clause: No Pokemon may know Sky Drop.
  • Please use legitimate Pokemon if possible.
    • For those of you who would like to enter the tournament with legal hacks, you absolutely must make sure they are completely battle legal. This includes but is not limited to level / movepool / Pokeball restraints. Making your Pokemon battle legal is entirely your burden, do not ask for assistance here.
    • If your opponent reports you using illegal hacks, you will be disqualified and possibly blacklisted!
  • Wonder Launcher is set to off.
Please note that in the style of VGC tournements, the Sleep and Evasion Clauses are OFF.

  • Pokemon: #150-649 are banned (all Pokemon above Gen 1 + Mewtwo + Mew)
  • Abilities: Unreleased Dream World abilities and Drought (due to lack of opposing permaweather) are banned.

Tournament Schedule:
Your match is due by 11:59:59 PM EST of the end date!
May 7th - May 21st: Round 1
Field of 24
May 21st -June 4th
Field of 12 Several byes will probably be given out this round to narrow it down to 8 players
June 4th - June 11th
Field of 8
June 11th - June 18th
June 18th - June 25th

A lot of you probably noticed that we began with a rather awkward number of players to begin with, 24. At the moment we have (or we should have once R1 matches are done) a field of twelve on our hands. To narrow this down to a field of eight for easier elimination in round 3, several byes have been given out. These byes are not random, but given out on how quickly users completed their round 1 matches as a reword for making my life a lot easier.

Round 2 Pairings:

Eiganjo: 0132 0995 2233 - Bye
Rukario: (Ask for FC) - Bye
Biosci: 2065 2649 9332 - Bye
El Scorcho: (Ask for FC) - Bye
BlaqJstr: 2022 3154 2648 vs Stormfront: 3482 1859 7062
Alphabet123: 4899 5255 5911 vs sandman: (Ask for FC)
Slashmolder: 4556 0047 5591 VS Nightblade7000: 4169 3885 0675
Killah: 4556 5385 0556 VS pokemonrocks777: 4814 2762 5175

Because there are quite a few round 1 matches left to complete, I will increase the deadline to June 4th (two weeks from now) to get your match done. However, all remaining round 1 matches need to be completed by the 28th! If you don't have it done by then, it's coin flip time so at least one of you can get your Round 2 match out of the way.



Maybe somebody could post a log in this thread, or PM me one if they want the team to stay private? I am not always on PO but I just want to see how these battles play out


So who did buy all the stroopwafels?
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Maybe somebody could post a log in this thread, or PM me one if they want the team to stay private? I am not always on PO but I just want to see how these battles play out
these vids are likely to appear on youtube regardless after the tournament has been done.
beat PR777, gg bro

was gonna upload the video, but then I remembered that would be a bad idea to do that before the tournament actually ends :chaos:
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