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VGC Classics PL Overview:
  • 6 teams to play in an 8v8 regular season, followed by a 8v8 playoffs stage featuring the top 4 teams
  • Format overview is as follows:
    • x1 VGC Regulation D
    • x1 VGC 22
    • x1 VGC 19 Ultra (can gentleman's to Sun or Moon)
    • x1 VGC 18
    • x1 VGC 17
    • x1 VGC 16
    • x1 VGC 15
    • x1 VGC 13
  • 100k budget for a min of 11 players, no max player cap
    • Bidding prices start at 3k
  • Each team can have a manager + 2 co-managers, one of which can be bought as player for 15k
  • Trades for players can happen until the start of Week 1
  • Standings will follow a points system, 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 for a loss. (Tiebreakers will be specified in Admin Thread later)
This year's managers!

Signup Format:
Name: this can be a different name than your Smogon account if you go by something else in the VGC community
  • A Smogon account older than 30 days OR with a minimum of 5 posts
  • A Twitter account registered in February of 2023 or earlier
  • A Discord account that is 6 months old or older
Bio: A place to tell managers more about yourself! This could be accomplishments, experience, or just more about you!

Blank Template:

Relevant Social Media:
Formats played (please state the actual format names):

Name: Eeveon7
Relevant Social Media: (Discord), Eeveon7 on Twitter and Smogon
Formats played: VGC 2022
Bio: World's best benchwarmer

The tournament will be expected to start in June and run for 5 weeks of regular season with 2 playoff weeks (with potential tiebreaks). Please only sign up if you are willing to make such a time commitment.
Manager Signups: May 20 - May 26
Player Signups: May 20 - May 31

Draft: sometime June 1-2
Week 1: June 3 - June 16
Week 2: June 17 - June 23
Week 3: June 24 - June 30
Week 4: July 1 - July 7
Week 5: July 8 - July 14
Semis: July 15 - July 21
Finals: July 22 - July 28
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Name: LPBvgc/Lilphilyb
Relevant Social Media: Discord, Smogon
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC 2022, VGC 2023 Regulations A-E, VGC 2024 Regulation G, VGC 2013
Bio: I have been getting better recently, hopefully I can play in this. My most recent placement in a tournament is 14th Place out of 35 People.
Name: Draxolotl
Relevant Social Media: Draxolotl_aaaaa on Discord, Draxolotl12 on Twitter, Draxolotl on Smogon
Formats played: VGC 2022, VGC Reg D, VGC 16(i didnt play in the time but i have played the format a ton)
Bio: Least cracked player you will have on your team but i will try my best. I loved 22 and older formats and am excited at the chance to play them again.
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Name: oh the guilt
Relevant Social Media: discord (ohthealt) (Ohtheguilt)
Formats played: VGC 2022, VGC ultra 19, VGC 18, VGC 17, VGC 16,
Bio: I started playing vgc in 2017. I am experienced in it and I can show a good level in sm and ss vgc. I have played these series from the beggining to end.
Lastly, if I am not chosen as a player, I would be still a very good help for the team
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Name: Mogo
Relevant Social Media: .mogo. on Discord, Mogo on Smogon, MogoVGC on twitter
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC 22, VGC Regulation D, limited experience in 17, 18, 19
Bio: USPA player for Team MA, consistent cuts in locals in New England, most comfortable in the two most recent formats (especially Reg D) but I have a bit of experience in the Sun and Moon formats and would be willing to flex into them if need be. Also super down to learn older formats that I don't have as much experience with!
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Name: Pyreon
Relevant Social Media: Twitter - PyreonPT, Discord - pyreonpt
Formats played (please state the actual format names): 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022 and 2023-D.
Bio: Won the first edition with the Samurais, so I hope to be able to defend the title!
Strong preference towards the Gen7 formats where I feel more comfortable but can play the others if needed. Qualified for Worlds in 2019 and have a good record in Classics, VGC PL and Winter Leagues playing VGC17 mostly. Have two x-2 finishes in Regionals in 2018 and 2019, but favorite format and overall most successful one is 2017. Currently on a VGC break but will never pass an opportunity to play the best VGC formats we've ever had.
Name: Hypersonicly
Relevant Social Media: Hypersonicly (Discord, Twitter)
Formats played: VGC Reg D, VGC 2019 (Ultra and Sun/Moon), VGC 2018, VGC 2017
Bio: I started in 2017, I've been playing mainly in online tournaments and locals, went 6-3 in the Reg D/E Smogon Swiss Tournament, top 8ed locals with Justin Tang, Donghun Youm, and Nicholas Donnelly in attendance.
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formerly Carlosmh7
Name: Charliezard
Relevant Social Media: Charliezard7 on discord
Formats played: 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022
Bio: I've been playing VGC formats for years now since gen 5 era. No official tours but I'm pretty active (2013 main)
Name: Void
Relevant social media void25o on discord
Formats: Reg D, VGC 22 2019 Ultra
Bio: I’ve played mons for a few years I mainly got into VGC In Gen 9 but I like playing more recent formats too
Name: christianfinity

Relevant Social Media: christianfinity on Discord

Formats Played:

  • 2019 Ultra Series
  • 2020 Series 1-5
  • 2023 Regulation A-E
  • 2024 Regulation F-G
(I'm willing to learn about how other formats are played so I can do battle in those formats as well)

I don't have the opportunity to go to events in person so I'd love to be a part of this draft league to learn a thing or two from some great people

(If I'm not drafted as a player I'd still love to be a co-manager)
Name: CodeVGC/code_anish
Relevant Social Media: Codeanish on discord
Formats played (please state the actual format names): Reg D, VGC 22
Bio: Been playing mons all my life, got into VGC in 2020; I pick up things fast, have teams for all the old VGC formats. Showdown warrior who plays way too much. Won’t talk abt achievements bc I don’t want to be judged in a good/bad way (ask me if u want)…
Name: Staraptor
Relevant Social Media: staraptor (Discord) and @staraptor44 (twitter)
Formats played: Reg D, VGC 22 ( I've only played these two formats actively, but I can quickly pick up a new format)
Bio: I play more online tournaments, but I was top 9 in the SP regional in 2023
Name: ppyyy
Relevant Social Media: jambounce on Discord, @liquidfiredou on twitter
Formats played: Regulation B to G
Bio: Would like a chance, with a solid team and positive attitude can make anything happen.
Name: Izzywooperstan
Discord: izzywooperstan
Formats played: VGC 2022, VGC 2023 Regulation D (would be comfortable with the 2019 formats too)
Bio: USPA team Michigan player. I frequently play in online tours and grind showdown ladder (mainly bo1, where I've had multiple alts in the top 500 of for Reg E, F and G). I like using underutilized pokemon and I'm pretty good at scouting and developing game plans.
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