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Hello and welcome to the VGC forum. As you might know, I am co-leading Smogon VGC with Ksh13. We are actively making an effort to promote VGC from what it has been in the past, and are hoping you will contribute to the subforum with us! Hopefully we'll see you at an event! (most of the following OP was written by ksh13, Hibiki, and RBG).

The VGC forum has its own set of rules (that expand beyond the usual Smogon-wide rules), and not following these or the standard Smogon rules will lead to possible infractions and posts being deleted, you have been warned!


1) Ask a VGC moderator before making a thread

SUBMIT ANY PROJECT IDEAS IN THIS THREAD: Submit-a-Project!. New ideas are nice, but it's usually a good idea to check in this thread before impulsively posting something that's of low quality, too similar to another project, or anything of the like. This thread includes what we have in the works and who's approved to host or work on it. There is an exception to this rule though, which is reports/warstories from events you have been to. If you have any questions or want to ask us about a project individually, please contact a moderator. For reference the moderators of the VGC forum are Ksh13, blarajan, and SamVGC, and kamikaze.

2) Posting guidelines

Here are some posting guidelines

- Don't double post. There's an edit button for a reason. If you need to delete one of your posts, the delete button is an option after selecting edit.

- Make the effort for your posts to be grammatically correct and coherent. We understand that not everyone speaks English as their first language, and we're willing to give some leeway here, but if English is your first language you really have no excuse to be making incoherent posts. Bad formatting not only makes your posts unpleasant to read, but they also lessen the positive impact of the points you're trying to make.

- Don't put your opinion in hide tags. This isn't really infract-worthy but if you're going to write a paragraph of your thoughts and opinion, make it visible. Hide tags have their place, but hiding your opinions in hide tags is apt to make people not read them at all. There is enough censorship on the internet already, don't censor yourself here.

- Don't reply to a quote by putting bold text inside the quote box. This is execeedingly difficult to properly respond to. If you feel the need to break up a quote, you can do so by editing the quote tags. For example:

[ QUOTE=User's Name]
Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

(The spaces in the tags shouldn't be there, this is just to show you the format)
Would become:

[ QUOTE=User's Name]
Paragraph 1


Paragraph 2

-Do not insult or flame other users. Correcting users when they say something that's clearly wrong is fine. Calling them a (BAN ME PLEASE) or saying they are stupid/retarded is an automatic 2 point infraction, no exceptions for anyone, badged users included.

-Do not make posts that don't contribute anything to a thread. Short posts that are corrections when people say something wrong is okay (although you should not overdo this, don't go all out and check people's grammar or something like that), but posts that are just "I really agree with you" are unnecessary, the like button is something you can use to show your agreement to posts. You can respond to posts you agree to and add more on top of what the user said though. Also, if you disagree with a users opinion, do not reply with something along the lines of "lolwtf are you out of your mind", explain why you think they are wrong, preferably more than just one sentence.


Post it in the Team Building Help Subforum, which has its own rules. Please don't just post 1-2 mon teams, have an actual idea or progress and we'll help you put it together! If you have a finished team that needs rating, we can post it here, but I'll make a permanent redirect to the RMT subforum!



On-Site Resources and Discussions:

Official Smogon VGC Discord

VGC Player Location and Carpool Thread

VGC 17: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer
VGC 17 Discussion Thread
The VGC 2017 submit-a-project thread!

[SPOILERS] Early VGC 2017 Interesting Pokemon
[SPOILERS] New Mechanics and Viable Pokemon for VGC 17
VGC'17 Complimentary Pairs

VGC Articles (click the VGC tag!)


Primal Tag! Top 32 Worlds Report--Jibaku
Unleash the Power of the Sun: 2016 World Championships Multi-User Report--MajorBowman
Bless You X-Ray - 2016 World Championships Report -- n10sit
7th Place Worlds 2016 Report! -- Baz Anderson
#smogonvgc: A Season Report -- blarajan


VGC Pre-Worlds SmogCast (featuring blarajan, MajorBowman, Nails, SamVGC, Porengan, TFC)
VGC Post-Worlds SmogCast (featuring blarajan, mrbopper, Jibaku, Ezrael, Porengan, TFC)

Official Sources:

Event Finder
Pokemon Official Rules and Resources
Pokemon Strategy Articles

Prominent Youtubers:

Aaron 'Cybertron' Zheng - Road to Ranked series, VGC laddering
Alexander 'Hibiki' Kuhn - Hibiking of the Hill series, VGC laddering primarily with teams from Japan
Gabby 'iBidoof' Snyder - Player interviews and showmatches
Jakes Baek - Baek to Back Battles series, VGC laddering
Markus '13Yoshi37' Stadter - Mark us on Top series, VGC laddering with various teams
taroimo (Japanese) - VGC laddering
Wolfe 'WolfeyVGC' Glick - He is a World Champion (2016), tends to lose his keys
Baz Anderson - VGC laddering and discussion

Prominent Streamers:

Alexander 'Hibiki' Kuhn - VGC laddering and viewer battles
Alex Ogloza - VGC laddering, also drunk 80% of the time
Gabby 'iBidoof' Snyder - VGC laddering and viewer battles
Tommy V. 'Tman' Cooleen - VGC laddering
Trista 'ryuzaki' Medine - VGC laddering

Other Youtube Content:

Lee 'Osirus' Provost - VGC Tutorial Series
masaVAmpharos - Coverage for Japanese tournaments
Matteo Dorrell - Goldenrod Live Podcast

Other VGC Websites:

trainertower - competitive VGC website, fantastic resource, alternative quality forums, owners are cute, what's not to love?
AMALGAME - Japanese eSports website, frequent articles about offline tournaments in Japan and team reports
Nugget Bridge - Competitive Pokémon VGC Community
Saffron City Post - VGC eSports coverage
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