VGC, Pokebank Moves and Regionals.

I've been hearing and reading mixed answers on this question, so I'd like to try and get a solid answer. Are my pokebank move pokemon legal for the upcoming regionals, even though they're not technically out in america?
The only Pokebank moves that are legal are the ones that are Sketched onto Smeargle, such as Dark Void, Shadow Force, etc. Pokebank abilities and Egg moves obtained through Pokebank Pokemon are legal, however.
To be clear, if you bring a previous Pokemon that was NOT CAUGHT in the Kalos region (even if they are in the Kalos Pokedex), they are not eligible to participate. HOWEVER, you may use them for breeding purposes, as long as the move is in the offspring's Egg Move List (Note: The offspring MUST BE in the Kalos Pokedex).

Hope that helps.
Two examples of bank legal moves are:

Drill Run Escavalier. It can be bred in XY, but requires a Beedrill father that was tutored it in B2W2

Heat Wave Chandelure. It can be bred onto Litwick, but the only father is Chandelure itself, which requires a B2W2 tutor.

These are legal. Bug Bite on Scizor/Hyper Voice on Sylveon is NOT legal, as it requires a B2W2 tutor and is not an egg move for Scyther/Eevee
I think I understand, but to clarify an example for me. For absol will I be able to breed superpower onto it to use in vgc, given that it is a previous gen move tutor move?
so kalos native means only pokemon caught or breed in x and y? so no pokebank pokemon thats in the kalos pokedex?
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Kalos native is anything with the blue pentagon in the summary screen. Anything from a previous generation doesn't have a blue pentagon, and is illegal for this current VGC rule set.

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