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Is it possible to fix the timer for VGC and make it 45 seconds like it is in real tourneys? And it should be on by default. Also, a 2/3 option for simulating top cut would be nice. Finally, the moves Sky Drop and Assurance are bugged, the first has many strange glitches such as targeting a different mon than you targeted the first turn, and preventing mons from moving on the second turn. Assurance doesn't double in power even if an enemy has taken damage before Assurance hits it.


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there's a thread in policy review about the timer in PS!:
basically (or from my understanding anyway, i haven't looked at the thread in ages), it would take a lot of work to make an accurate timer in PS!, and people doubt how much of an impact it would make. i'm all for looking into timer adaptation in PS!, and i'm perfectly willing to test battle animation length, but it's really just a matter of getting people on board for that.

for top cut matches, you can just challenge a person more than once. if you mean bo3 ladder matches... idk if anyone has the patience for that if they just want a quick ladder match. bo1 is what most people do in vgc tournaments anyway (objectively, since top cut is like 8/100 people).

@ the sky drop and assurance bugs, you should take that to wherever it is you report bugs for PS!.

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