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Week 123 Results: upload_2016-11-16_16-36-30.png
Checks: Slowbro (slurmz) | AV Tornadus-T (Zimzy) | Celebi (HC)
Counters: Jellicent (Cheryl.) | Mega Venusaur (Aragorn the King) | Amoonguss (Littlelucario)

And with Sun & Moon being released this Friday, that's a wrap for this Gen6 thread! It survived much of X&Y and all of ORAS; I'm very happy that it went so well!

I finally updated the Hall of Fame, so for some notable* achievers...

The most prolific users for all of Gen 6 were:

Recreant, with 44 winning entries,
Random Passerby, with 43 winning entries,
and GnralLao, with 29 winning entries.

The most proactive users for the past 6 weeks were:

Littlelucario, with 4 winning entries in this period and 12 in total,
matthewc20090, with 3 winning entries in this period and 9 in total,
and Cheryl., with 3 winning entries in this period and 5 in total.

The users recently added to the Hall of Fame were:

matthewc20090, with 9 winning entries,
CrystalRam, with 7 winning entries,
and SP458, with 7 winning entries.

Fellow OU Moderators (<3) in the Hall of Fame are:

Recreant, with 44 winning entries,
Celticpride, with 14 winning entries,
and bludz with 7 winning entries.

Artist of the best banner ever:

Thanks everyone for participating — it's been great to be able to run this project for the past ≈123 weeks (spanning between the end of my sophomore year in HS and the beginning of my freshman year in college), and I really look forward to running it again for Sun and Moon. And yes, as Martin said, the Mantine hype is real :).

*Thanks to everyone who's ever contributed to the thread, certainly not only the people tagged here. You're all amazing :)​


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