All Gens Victory RoAd [Won by M Dragon]

All updated!! Also lost to Earthworm again despite my full team of gimmicks ;-;


Lost Dugtrio too early... How uses SR Ttar?? T.T Also Leftovers should have told me that ;-; Mirror Coat + Screech Zone was a fun gimmick I made quite a while to counter other Magnezones bar Substitute variants and sometimes CMRachi. I guess it was the only one that managed to shine in the match >.> This Magnezone the best :> gg again Earthworm .-.
WTH M Dragon you're fast!! O.O Who will be the first to conquer the Victory RoAd or will the veteran players defend against them to the end?? Also if anyone saved logs and your opponent has agreed to it, you're strongly encouraged to post your replays here!! ^_^ It would be nice to watch a couple of great matches (and learn from other gens if you don't play them) :D Thanks! ^_^

On another note, updated! :)

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