All Gens Victory RoAd [Won by M Dragon]

weeeeee All updated!! Geez Earthworm not being kind to Floppy :/ lol!

Reminder, only 5 days left!! !_! Get going if you haven't! x)

edit: lost against Earthworm :(
Won against Floppy again and lost against Umby, ggs

Me vs Umby was really close, here is the replay:


edit: also beat twash gg
Ahhhhh I've lost to Earthworm again ;_; haha. G_G ermmm I can't find the replay >.>

Anyway are Floppy and Earthworm going to play the final game? :)

edit: found the replay! WARNING: very long!


Haha I haxed Earthworm so much xD
Don't forget Umby just needs to defeat gene to beat this as well~

Floppy or Umby: who will be the second to clear Victory RoAd? Place your bets ;)


I'm gonna bury you in the ground~
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^Confirming. Pokemon happens. That left a sick feeling in my gut. gg

So only Floppy is left in this game! Extension till Floppy and Earthworm get their match done or 24 hours, whichever is shorter because everyone wants to watch right?? ^_^

Good luck! :D Anyone else who wants to post logs feel free to do so! ^_^

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