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Smogon's Video Game Music Thread
Music can completely change how you feel about a game. The whole reason I am a musician now is because of video game music. When I was a kid I would just leave my GBA and DS open just to listen to the music. Some of my favorite moments in gaming is when I interact with something in the game and music changes accordingly, it just feels so right.

Got any favorite soundtracks or specific songs? We can also discuss atmospheres in games and how the music goes hand in hand with it. Even just specific sound effects. Really anything music+gaming can be discussed here :bloblul:

Sonic Rush Adventure
Entire Kirby Franchise
Entire Zelda Franchise (Skyward Sword is a slept on soundtrack!!)
Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Mario Sunshine
Galaxy 1&2
Banjo Kazooie
Banjo Tooie!!!!
Hollow Knight
SSB series (gotta love that HUGE soundtest :blobuwu:
Tons of others that I can't think of but will probably post about later

I'd say that my favorite is probably Kirby's Return to Dreamland. That game is just chalk full of amazing compositions that set the tone for the game. Honorable mentions go to Hollow Knight, BotW, and Sonic Rush Adventure (New Venture LALAAAAALALAAAAALALAAAA)

Recently started The Secret of Mana and its soundtrack sounds pretty nice. Also have been playing Megaman X4-6 and they also seem to have good soundtracks.
You say you like music that sets the tone of a game? Then you've got to try out Transistor. It's from SuperGiant Games, the same people who made Hades. It's gameplay is phenomenal and it's coupled with a great soundtrack to boot. My favorite song in it is "In Circles" which matches the mood the environment is trying to set perfectly.

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Return of the Obra Dinn has one of the best soundtracks of any game I've played.

Oh my god I was gonna talk about this lol

Words cannot express how much I love Obra Dinn. The art style hits me perfectly, the way the story is told is fantastic, and the soundtrack...lord, the soundtrack. Soldiers of the Sea is an absolute masterpiece, the title theme is great, everything about it is just...perfect.

It's the kind of game where you have to play it blind without any context for the best experience, imo.
Idk, but Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had some amazing music, in my opinion. Like, it wasn't a lot of music. Much of that soundtrack was very minimalistic, which really helped me appreciate the open-world feel of the game. However, the champion themes all made me (and continue to make me) really emotional...

Also, Hyrule Castle's theme made the experience of entering the castle amazing. I was literally trembling when I entered the castle for the first time...
Agreed. The Zora's Domain theme in this game is just amazing as well. I have listened to both the original and BOTW version 10 hour loops in like one sitting while doing work/gaming:psywoke:

That game is truly a masterpiece through and through. The music is just so perfect for that game. Not only is it minimalistic, but the town themes are just so good as well, literally all of them. Definitely a dream of mine is to work on a sound team for a game company, and that game just sounds so fun to work on.


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Nintendo in general I think is the creme de la creme of video game music. Zelda, pokemon, kirby, mario all have amazing soundtracks not limited to any specific title either. Literal hundreds of hours of quality listening music with few snoozers

That said, I think Spyro's soundtrack is criminally underrated. Some of the tracks are a little too similar, but on the whole it is wildly immersive and fun to have as background music.

The old Tomb Raider games also have some bangers, especially the original's main theme and 2's Venice Violins, but overall the soundtrack is mostly lacking due to the "stealthy" nature of the series.



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Here's a couple older gems:

Donkey Kong Country (SNES) - Aquatic Ambience

Mega Man X (SNES) - Storm Eagle stage

Streets of Rage 2 (SEGA Genesis)- Go Straight

The Adventures of Bayou Billy (NES) - Main Theme


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+1 to Spyro-related opinions coming from the guy who played Fire & Ice like the cart was going to expire

I’ve had the Gris soundtrack on repeat, particularly “Pt. 1” (if you don’t want to dive in head first), it’s just the right amount of drama and suspense -> payoff. It actually reminds me a lot Ryuichi Sakamoto and alva noto (you might know them from The Revenant soundtrack).

Yall are missin out on some stuff. Here's some full osts you should definitely listen to. I won't include stuff already here.
Professor Layton (music compilations on yt work well)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Chrono Trigger
Ni No Kuni and the Wrath of the White Witch
Octopath Traveler
Ori and the Blind Forest (also Definitive Edition)
Ori and the Will of the Wisps

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As a big VGM fan, I'll try to remember to post here periodically. Picking favorites is never easy, so I'll just post whatever I feel like

Been slowly playing through killer7, will give my thoughts on it in the vg thread when I finish, but for now I'll say that the OST by Masafumi Takada (Danganronpa music guy) needs more love. Sweet Relief in particular, one of the first you hear, feels very proto-Danganronpa, especially from 1:40 on

And since I'm a retro nerd and there was some Streets of Rage discussion, I'll just post more Sega Genesis bangers

The other day I wanted to listen to some Kirby music at work. I put on a playlist and it started to affect me. I started, sweating, I felt I was going to slow, and I felt like everyone was judging me. It felt like Kirby himself was laughing at my struggles. I've never felt more humiliated. Green Greens was poison to my ears. I had to turn it off and stop for a moment because it was getting to me that much.


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Just a quick list and explanation of some of my favourite video game themes and why I love them:

One of my top favourite Pokemon themes. The overall high pitches and movement of the music varying around made it feel so surreal and amazing. A perfect champion theme to wrap up the main game! At points where it got louder to quieter, it always made the battle feel like a rollercoaster. Black and White 2 was my favourite game and the champion along with her fantastic theme never seized to disappoint me.

Another great Pokemon theme. Pairing it along with the game, it always creates a sense of nostalgia with the tone it creates. Just so relaxing and amazing at the same time. Definitely in my top 5 too.

Not only is this song really nostalgic for me but its just amazing, undeniable. The song blends together so well to convert the feelings and emotions it wants to convert and along with the story it can really make you feel what is happening. Its always something I'll think back on throughout the entire story because the whole plot just seems to somehow coincide with these emotions in the theme. Just really one of my favourite music pieces in video games! Also, I've found a website that really explains some of the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess music.
Hyrule’s Lament: the music of ‘Twilight Princess’- By André Dack

Now I'm just going to say that this is AMAZING. It starts off with a creepy persona and slowly at 0:15 it breaks into a full strong theme, still carrying along its scary concept. Now, tell me- scary theme goes with a scary thing. This boss battle came to do that so perfectly. With all the sudden turns, outcomes, changes, we're left in shock as the final battle begins. Slowly as we stare at Luigi being forced into an evil state, the sounds begin setting off the theme and then as he walks away to side with the enemy within all the shock we are given, it just makes the theme resonate so well! If you've yet to see the story behind it I recommend you do: Super Paper Mario - Final Boss: Super Dimentio

Gourmet race was all about the excitement of the theme to me, competing against the CPU. It was one of the things that really made the game exciting. The speed of it along with the fact you are in a race was always something entertaining and joyful. Not only that but for me it is quite nostalgic; I can always think back on playing it when I was younger and how it just felt so unique and exhilarating

And for now I'll say these are top favourite gaming music pieces. Another honourable list of mentions will be most Super Mario Galaxy themes!! Looking at it, music in games is really something to tie into the ending and thats when it comes to make the most impression on me. I really love all these themes especially Midna's Lament and The Ultimate Show! Its all about how its used to convey those emotions and the tone it sets are pretty much the main factors to why I love these in correlation to the in game situation for me. Music in video games will always be something that really shapes my feelings towards a game and I'll always look forward to them.
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Shovel Knight is amazing, surprised to see it not mentioned so far.

Even if I think all the tracks in it are smack dab amazing I'll just dump the songs that got me to buy it in the first place here:

The Defender:

In the Halls of the Usurper:

High Above The Land:

obviously Hyper Camelot but that's better with context imo

to shovelry?

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