Media Videos you go back to when feeling down

What the title says, here are my choices:
- Back when I was into competitive 'mons I watched this when I lost important ladder or tour games to hax or any off-meta gimmicks and even now I sometimes watch this for giggles.

- This ordeal has happened to me once except I was holding an In-N-Out burger and there were a few more people to witness the stupidity. Easily one of the worst moments of my life but because of how relatable the video is to me I can get laughs out of it.

- It's not because of the game itself but I go back to this video often because I feel a weird charm from a game commentary video that uses TTS and has almost uncensored adult humor. If you can keep up with how fast this video talks then I'd say give it a shot.

- I barely ever played Minecraft and I don't think I will go back to it again, but I learned about this video when one of my friends was watching this and I was passing by as I heard the laugh at 6:09 which I think was pretty golden. The video itself was a 'challenge' but it was more of a shitfest which does its job when I want to feel a little better.

I have about 10 more but posting them will likely make this post more suited to SmogOff than it is now so share yours if you'd like
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I'm not sure if this counts as a video, so much as this counts as an entire channel. These guys upload 24/7 relaxing background music livestreams for us to enjoy. I found their channel during the peak of last school year, and haven't looked back sense. Go check them out if you ever need some sensory calming or anything.

Channel Link:

(This post has been re-edited since they've fixed the issues from my second post, which has since been deleted.)
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Okay, so, uh… a bit of an interesting live update from about two hours ago now if I’m not mistaken. There’s a little something going on with this channel right now, and for your own sake it’s best if if you stay out of any drama you run into here. The short version of the story is that this channel’s livestreams have been… changed. Aaaand not for the better. I won’t be recommending this channel anymore, and if I really, really wanted to, I could argue that what’s happened here could qualify as a criminal offense. I don’t want to get into any discussions about topics I’m not very educated in, though. Apologies to anyone that this post may concern.
I can’t find anything thru my own searches, so I’ll speak for everyone: wtf happened?

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I've been really enjoying a TikTok user named Sylvia (@ailaughatmyownjokes) recently. Here are some of their videos:
French Teacher
Biology Teacher
Funny Eyes
Whenever I'm in a bad mood, I usually hop on my phone / computer / whatever and watch some of her videos. Even though I've seen them a bunch of times, they always make me laugh and I'm smiling just thinking about them!


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more so a video i revisit just for the hell of it rather than when i'm feeling down

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