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Volcanion is a slot that benefits from the ability to exert a lot of pressure with its Fire and Water Type together with its Water Water Absorb . It becomes a good Tapu Fini Check without having performed two calm Mind . , however its Special defense is its weak point but compensated with its HP it can withstand 2hko of the Metagame Threats like Lando/zygarde/Zapdos/Close Combat - Urshifu rapid Striker/ wood Hammer - Rillaboom/ Diamond Storm Diancie. This gives him a way to counterattack with Steam or Heat Wave accompanied by a good Special Attack. His coverage is wide with Steam and Heat Wave to put pressure on Incineroar/ Rillaboom/ Diancie which are very monstrous and can be annoying in the Late Game where Volcanion tends to be more comfortable.

name: Bulky Attacker
move 1: Steam Eruption
move 2: Heat Wave
move 3: Substitute / Earth Power
move 4: Protect
item: Leftovers / Heavy duty Boots
ability: Water Absorb
nature: Modest
evs: 248 HP / 252 SpA / 8 SpD


* 252 in HP to prolong the life of volcanion.

* Protect to prevent falls and take advantage of the remains + Grassy Surge.

* substutite Generates the pressure needed to hit Incineroar/diancie/rillaboom/zygarde supported by the Fake Out Spam we prevent the same.

* Steam Eruption and Heat Wave to hit for Stab, necessary moves in your Slot.

* Heavy Duty Boots can be a Viable Option if we balance it with an aforementioned partner like Rillaboom or Amoongus and Jail Mew with Pollen Puff that guarantee the Mid - Late Game.

Other Options

Safety Googles is an option to take when the Team is weakened by the Spore making it strong against the redirection of Rage Power, Shuca Berry is an option to be able to counterattack Zygarde/Landorus-Therian/earth Power Heatran. If you are looking for fast recovery you can go for sitrus berry in case your team can't fight against the Electric Type, the Wacan Berry will help only if it's necessary to cover it.

- Written by: [[Sawamura, 419303]]
- Quality checked by: [[username1, userid1], [username2, userid2]]
- Grammar checked by: [[username1, userid1]]
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Earth power is great for heatran as well, which is all over the meta right now
For the first set, do the SPatk EVs ohko the normal incineroar/diancie sets? thats a pretty important role for volcanion
Would also recommend touching on how it does against rillaboom - ie, grassy glide/wood hammer; rilla is huge in the meta


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sawamura I tagged you on discord but it was late so you may not have seen it.

@Zikam MISH I will check your volcanion soon but I'm going to need you to correct your formatting and fix the set. Please copy and paste the template from this thread https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/generation-8-analysis-format.3658659/. The set should be something similar to this, and it should be the only set, not two:

name: Bulky Attacker
move 1: Steam Eruption
move 2: Heat Wave
move 3: Substitute / Earth Power
move 4: Protect
item: Leftovers / Safety Goggles
ability: Water Absorb
nature: Modest
evs: 248 HP / 252 SpA / 8 SpD

Putting speed in gets a little nasty because analyses don't like to mention speed creeping but if anyone has a solid benchmark for outspeeding a 0 speed or 252 speed pokemon feel free to share. You can mention Sludge Bomb in the other options.


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Hi zikam, sorry for the huge delay in ever responding to this. I would like to apologize for not getting around to this sooner.

The QC Team has decided to QC Reject this analysis as it does not meet our quality standards. I hope this does not discourage you as a contributor, since from what I've seen you're doing great work in both tutoring and team rating.

Again, sorry for the long wait and the unfortunate conclusion.

Locking and reassigning.

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