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~*~The Smogon Weekly SpritingContest~*~

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Welcome one, welcome all to the one and only Smogon WSC! A Spiritng Contest (And Possibly an Art Contest if we can be bothered to make one) for all you aspiring digital artists to compete and improve your abilities.

This Week's Theme: back in my day...

Description: a fusion using only pokemon red/blue/green sprites

Credit goes to Ninjabait - in effect as of Week 5:

General Rules

1. All Smogon Forum Rules Apply.

2. You're not allowed to ask when the next contest will be out, or when the next poll will be up.

3. If your entry is turned down, no whining, it broke the rules, get over it.

4. Stealing artwork is prohibited. If you are found to be stealing, you will be disqualified and banned from the current WSC contest, banned for five WSCs after two instances, and permanetly banned after three instances.

5. Have a question, or want to suggest a rule or theme? Feel free to post in the current WSC or PM a judge about it.

6. You are not allowed to reserve spots. There is not a limited amount of entries, and this just clogs up the thread with postcount++ posts, which are spam, if you haven't figured.

7. This isn't a comment thread. Quoting a sprite just to say that it looks good and contributing nothing to the topic, this is counted as spam. Constructive Criticism is exceptable, however.

8. If you have a problem, take it to PM. We don't want you spamming up the topic.

9. Please don't disrupt this thread (i.e. asking stupid questions repeatedly, trolling, etc). Repeated offenses can get you temporary bans from the WSC.

Pariticipation Rules

1. All entries must fit the theme. The Theme will be specified at the top of the first post.

2. All entries should fit the size restraints. A DPPHGSS styled sprite is 80x80, a GSCRSEFRLG styled sprite is 64x64, and a RBYG styled sprite is 54x54.

3. We'd prefer if your entry has a transparent background. It is still acceptable for a white background, though, it's just not preferred. If you want to make a sprite transparent, use the programs Paint.NET, Graphics Gale, GIMP, www.iaza.com, or Adobe Photoshop. MS Paint cannot make something transparent.

4. All entries should be saved as a .png for not animated weeks, and a .gif for animated weeks. .bmp and .jpg/.jpeg distort the qualit of the image, and program exclusive files cannot be uploaded to Photobucket, Imageshack, or Tinypic.

5. As a note about editing your entries: Editing is allowed, but only in small doses, such as small touch-ups to the outline, changing the colors, or shading fixes are acceptable. Completely changing your entry is not allowed.

Judge and Voting Rules and Notes

1. If you want to be a judge, just ask - simple enough. You will become a judge if all the other judges decide so, and/or if a judge doesn't mind subbing out.

2. Judges are allowed to enter the contests, but during judging, they are not allowed to nominate themselves for a poll spot, most humorous, or most original.

3. You are not allowed to vote for yourself on the poll. Anyone caught doing this will have their entry for the poll revoked, and the next runner up in the voting to take their place.

The Current Roster of Judges is:
Igor, XandZero2, Dhjona, Fuzzberry, Dogfish44 and AndroidEdd


The deadline is may 1. You have six (6) days to get your entry in. After the deadline, judges will pick finalists, and a poll will be started over the course of 3 days to decide the winner.


-An inclusion in the Hall of Fame, and after 1, 2, 3, or 4 wins, you will get a medal, or trophy

so this is my first wsc entry, and my first post in the studio in a looong time
i used omastar as the body, with tentacruel's arms and head orb thingamajig, and nidoking's spikes. hope you like it~
Does the sprite have to be 54x54? Because a lot of sprites from RBG aren't precisely that size either, most of them are 56x56.

Anyways, here's my entry :D

Ground/Rock Type
DEX: If anybody becomes a bit
too whiny, BITCHEATER devours
them whole. Great fun at parties.


It's Seed Flare time.
lol that closet monster is WIN XD

We should do scratches next WSC, something I can actualy do!
I know YOU are, but many people aren't. Not that I don't think scratching weeks arent a good idea, but the last two failed terribly (one of them had 3 [IIRC] entries)
I know YOU are, but many people aren't. Not that I don't think scratching weeks arent a good idea, but the last two failed terribly (one of them had 3 [IIRC] entries)
And I'm the exact opposite to you, Doran. I have general trouble with scratch weeks, but I <3 fusions...


Espresto: The Coffee Bean Pokemon

Red Dex Entry: "It is said to brew itself in hot water, then drink the resulting coffee to gain MASSIVE speed boosts."
Blue Dex Entry: "It attacks with its blade-leafed arms. It can utilize the caffeine in its body for rapidly gaining energy."
Yellow Dex Entry: "If it offers you some coffee brewed from itself, don't worry. It will simply absorb more nutrients and regenerate."

Smogon Entry: "It will set up with Substitute, use its signature move Coffee Brew (basically speed version of Belly Drum,) activate a Liechi berry, then Baton Pass the kit and kaboodle to something otherwise pointless like Rampardos."

Leaves: Victreebel+scratched patterns
Body: Hitmonchan's head and fist+semi-scratch shading and eyes
Feet: Hitmonchan
Coloring: Hitmonchan

BTW, here's an alternate version than also incorporates Eevee.

(Eyes are now from Eevee, feet use Eevee aspects.)

Which do y'all like better? (based on a fakemon I've had the idea for for a while.)

Going with #1 if nobody says anything.
first looks better atleast with the eyes...the wite down the middle of the leaves with no outline at the end looks kinda bad, add a line of black at the tips of the leaves...

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