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I recently started breeding for competitive Pokémon in Sun and Moon, and i got a lot of Pokémon with 4 or 5 IVS and i want to give them away to prople who want them instead of releasing of trading away on WT.
These Pokémon are not 6IVS but are Pokémon with 4 or 5 IVS but a missing stat like Def or Sp.Def. All my Pokémon are legit and breeded in Pokémon Moon and are not cloned so i dont have unlimited amounts of breedjects!


Put a Pokémon on the GTS and ask for the Pokémon that you want (ask for LV1-10), I will sent your asked Pokémon As soon as possible!

Pokémon asked: name,lvl,male or female
Pokémon deposited:name,lvl,male or female
IGN: your username in-game
GTS MESSAGE: The message that you have chosen.

Devices, Programs and Pokémon used:

-A Nintendo 2DS
-A Pokémon Moon Cartridge (OT: JUSTTHIJS)
-A Pokémon Sun Cartridge (OT:JustThijs176)
-Pokémon Bank software
-My 6IV Ditto
-My Flame Body user: Fletch (Talonflame)


These Pokémon are gonna be added:

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Pokémon asked: Noibat - Male
Pokémon deposited: Porygon - lvl 1
IGN: Doobzi
GTS MESSAGE: Please trade pokemon with me. Thanks in Advance!

Much appreciate it, thanks!
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Pokémon asked: female quick ball wimpod (I want one with a perfect Attack IV)
Pokémon deposited: Lv. 1 Male Ledyba in Ultra Ball
IGN: Vince
GTS MESSAGE: I want to trade for a Pokemon that is strong in battles.

Thanks in advance! :)
Pokémon asked: level 1 Growlithe any gender
Pokémon deposited: level 1 male Magikarp
IGN: Daniel
GTS MESSAGE: I want to trade for treasured Pokemon that has been raised from an Egg.

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