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Send me fresh songs and win if you send good ones.

Judging will be out of 10. No bonus points, just do I like it. If I don’t want to keep a song in my YouTube history to listen to later it will max out at 6.9 points.


1. Send Your Best Synth
This cat seeks a good synth song. It must have at least one synth. No other requirements.
Duran Duran - Electric Barbarella

2. Pop Trash Movie
Send a song that has been on the Billboard Top 10 at any point in time.
Katy Perry - Waking Up in Vegas (Peak #9)

3. Safe Space
Send a song that has absolutely no vocals provided by a white male. Any other race + gender combination is fine.
Marnie - G.I.R.L.S
Not-Duran Duran

4. Volume 3
Send a song that is likely to be on the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 soundtrack. The actual movie could very well have 90s songs but we will say no songs made after 1990.
Sweet - Fox on the Run

5. Tea Time
Send a song by a British band/artist.
Lily Allen - Air Balloon
The Beatles

6. Hipster Wanna-Be
Send a song by a band nobody has ever heard of. Don’t send some folky indie bs just some nobody band synth. If you struggle search for synth pop compilations on Amazon or iTunes and look for some big CD set.
Well if I told you then you’d have heard of them
The Sixths - Falling Out of Love

7. Properly Medicated
Send a happy song. No downers or juxtapositions allowed. Upbeat and cheery lyrics.
Duran Duran - Beautiful Colors
Not-Hey Ya

Bonus: Weirdest Music Video
A song of any genre with a really bizarre official music video. Cannot be a YouTube parody account's song/video. You will be judged on how Dank your video is. This category is optional but can augment your score.
Anything 80s


I like synth pop. The more synths the better.

I also like rock. Like on the soundtrack of an early 2000’s PS2 racer rock or CSI-franchise themesong rock.

I don’t really like metal or rap, but you can try if it's fresh. I hate country and bluegrass-folky stuff. I don’t generally enjoy slow songs as much as fast songs. I prefer lyrics to instrumentals (read as: don’t send me instrumentals).

Bands I Like:
The Ramones
The Birthday Massacre
Pet Shop Boys
The Bangles
The Go-Go’s
The Cure
Echo & The Bunnymen
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Electric Light Orchestra
No Doubt
The Killers
New Order
Relient K
Smash Mouth
Lily Allen​

You can send a song from the above artists if you want but it will cap at 8 if I already jam to it. You can ask if I do so you know/can send a different one.


If you send country or death metal it will get a 0. If you fail to follow a category it will get a 0. If you send KPop it will get a 0. If you send a live version it will probably get a 3 or less.

You will receive a 0 if you send a song by any of the following bands as I own their entire discographies. I’m not looking for pandering to my pre-existing favorites but new songs.

However, it would probably be a good idea to submit something similar to them!

Duran Duran
Crystal Castles
Tegan and Sara
Magnetic Fields
The Dollyrots
Studio Killers
Depeche Mode*​

* I haven’t heard all their songs but I’ve heard A Bunch so send at your own risk, you can ask if I’ve heard one.

Granny Pie

Da Letter El
Lord Gaius
Steven Snype


You can PM me the links to your songs here or on MU. I will reveal on the usual Discord server we are using for these, link: https://discord.gg/HKMaVG4

I will accept submissions for a week and then start reveals.
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Qs from Discord:

is folk rock ok

Yeah sure. It's like bluegrass waily about your tractor leaving you folk I don't want.

how many views for hipster/is X band ok

Under 1 million would be like, GOOD, but I don't want to put a hard cap. Magnetic Fields spinoff band vs Nickelback, you've heard of the latter, you almost assuredly can't name one of the 3+ options for the former. I don't want to be too strict here and rule out any good bands so just y'know, try to look for an artist who isn't Really in the popular sphere yet.

Don't be intimidated by my initial list and how a lot of the bands are fairly similar to each other. I picked ones I have in great quantity in my library or had in my YT history but there are a great many other songs I like with a much wider range of music!

Just send something with lyrics and a faster beat and I have good odds of liking it.

And you can ask if I've heard a song by any of the listed bands, if I haven't that might be good to send!


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A special bonus category has emerged: the Weirdest Music Video.

This song does not have to be good, it just has to be an insanely bizarre music video.
For instance, did you know Culture Club's hit had blackface jurors? Apparently no jobless Tumblr bloggers do or they'd be typing furious posts over it.
This video came to be after controversy on the original video, filmed with only hot women, something about the song only being popular because of the women. He remade this with himself in place of all the women.

The 80s often produced some very-80s, very-unique videos, but your weirdest vid can be from any decade.

Must be the OFFICIAL video to the song (produced by the band)
Must not be a PARODY song (IE someone had to genuinely believe such a weird video with a 'serious' song was a good idea, there are a lot of parodies out there intentionally making zany videos but this needs official industry professionals slam jamming the video out on cocaine)
Exception: Weird Al since his parodies are like, Actual Stuff

You do not have to submit to this category, but you can get bonus points if you do.


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if u think mods on a pokemon forum mean anything to me

u'd be right a decade ago but i have since entered a state of zen above the thirst


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RODAN - complete
shubaka17 - incomplete
KnightsofCydonia - complete
Granny Pie - complete

Da Letter El - incomplete
Jalmont - complete sans bonus if wanted
Walrein - complete
Lord Gaius - complete
Myzozoa - complete
Steven Snype - complete
vonFiedler - complete
Blazade - complete
atomicllamas - complete
LightWolf - complete
UncleSam - complete

Asek - incomplete
Oddish. - complete

I will be closing this in two days and beginning my CATEGORY 1 listen-through, please have your entries in by Monday 10pm PST - or, at the least, your Cat 1 in. If you are still deciding on later cats, I can cut you some slack as long as I have 1 to judge. Anyone else looking to join is welcome to submit (at least Cat 1) within the next two days to get a slot!

Cat 1 Reveal will be early this upcoming week, pending ensuring no conflicts with the other reveals.

Excited 4 ur good jams.
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