WAR STORY: Rileysox's Journey to SF Regional's Top 16.

This is my first warstory so this is probably gonna suck ass. But I'll show you my team xP. If you saw me me there I was wearing a white The Cab shirt with rockets on it. A black and purple CR (colorado rockies) hat, Olimar and Pikmin white vans slipons. Also carried around my purple skateboard.

(pics stolen from magickzzl! thanks :P)

So I come here with Eric Wu (guy on left who went to world's and shit for TCG last few years and going this year) and don't know what to expect. I've never been to any video game tournament in my life. I'm confident as fuck from the training and effort I put in the last few weeks, putting Pokémon over school). But when my first round match started I was scared shitless of going home for nothing. However, my team scrapes the first guy and I'm like alright I can do this. Second round, still easy as fuck and he's going home. I think it was the 3rd round when I played Danukes AKA OnyxTiger. I didn't even know it was this kid til after the whole tourny. But anyway, This guy was the one who taught me everything. I learned the double metagame from him and gave me a shitload of training. He put up a good fight but in the end I made it to the 4th round. This next guy was easier then Danukes but still was a good match. My Palkia outspeed his Special Rending, my Max Timid Speed against his Modest xP. Then later his Kyogre paralyzed mine but then his Kingdra's Draco Meteor missed. But next turn my Top Mach Punched it leaving him at 1HP and gave him another break. My Top was MVP as it got me to the Finalist's Lounge next turn. My friend Eric did fuckin beast too. He knew nothing til Friday night where I gave him a team and taught him everything. He got to Final's too with the Mewtwo/Abomasnow leads double blizzarding everything. He told me his Scarfed Kyogre saved him a few times though. About 2:30 then and we gotta be back by 4:15 for finals.

I thought this was pretty funny, that when we went to Quizno's for some food, I went to have a sip of my drink and was like this is hella fucking shitty. I finished anyway and went to go back to get a refill and turns out it was fucking Pepsi. WTF man. Coke is one millions times better.

So Eric and I are running back almost late cause its like 4:12 and they were calling us in the loudspeaker or whatever. Turns out there 29 people instead of 32 so 3 must have gotten booten out by hacked Pokés or something idk. Three people get a bye including Eric getting a free spot in Top 16 (even though he's going to Nats for card game). So I'm scared shitless I ain't gonna make it to top 16. I face some random kid first round in finals (well maybe he wasn't random I just don't know my Smongonites). And my battle was on one of the TV screens. I had like two fans in the audience which was cool xD. Anyway I knock the shit out of this guy. 4-0 too, as my leads Palkia and Toxicroak were basically untouched. This fool tried to Stone Edge and it missed twice (idk why the fuck you would use that move anyway) But it wouldnt have changed the battle since I still had my Kyogre and my Top. I'm the first one to make in it Top 16. I'm so proud of myself for getting so far. My next match also got up on the screen which was pretty fucking cool. I get some white guy idk who the fuck was but battled fucking beastly. First turn I get a Blizzard crit my Croak and I gave it up from there. I looked down at my shirt and you could see it moving hella fast from my heartbeat pumping like a motherfucker. I send out my Hitmontop next. The turn I protect with Palkia in, he switches in Metagross and also switched in Giratina I think, so my Sucker Punch fails. Next turn I know what's coming and I had no idea what the fuck to do. Gross is going to explode and I can't protect again and my Top doesn't even have protect. I didn't want my Kyogre on the bench to die either so I go after Giratina. Palkia kills that, Top does barely anything to Gross with Mach Punch. And here comes Explosion. Bye bye Palkia and Top. I'm left with Kyogre. And he still has 3 Pokémon. Game over for me. He's got Abomasnow, Weavile, and hail out. And I have a slow Kyogre with a Wacan Berry. watch!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f7oF5X_83g. Anyways, I made top 16, got to meet Danukes and Deagle, the motherfuckers I trained with :D. And I met magickzzl, she was pretty cool. I probably saw some other Smogonites I didn't recognize. Oh and Marriland himself was there.

Well here's my team:


Palkia @ Lustrous Orb
Nature: Timid
EVs: 4 HP/ 252 SpA/ 252 Spe
Special Rend

Toxicroak @ Lum Berry
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 4 HP/ 252 Att/ 252 Spe
Fake Out
Low Kick
Rock Slide
Sucker Punch


Hitmontop @ Life Orb
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 Att/ 252 Spe/ 4 SPD
Fake Out
Rock Slide
Mach Punch
Sucker Punch

Kyogre @ Wacan Berry
Nature: Modest
EVs: 4 HP/ 252 SpA/ 252 Spe
Water Spout

I just put random shit on my reserves. See you guys at Nats (if my parents let me :O)
Why can't you be as unlucky as I am? Can I just borrow some of your luck? Remember the guy with the tatoos the mc pointed out over the microphone. I faced him and barely won. (the last turn involved my latios with +1 speed and 1 health(explosion and I endured activated salac)staring down his full health latios which I okhoed with draco meteor.) Then he mc tells me he made top sixteen last year. (they knew each other somehow) Then I faced deagle afterwards and lost. Why did I have to face two hard opponents in a row. Could you upload your loss on the global terminal and tell us the video number?
nice read, it sucks that you had rock slide on your toxicroak or else i might not have lost...
hopefully you can go to nats and beast it up there!

Oh, and for the battle you lost, I was watching with metabou who apparently was with the guy you were playing, and we both thought you had it in the bag even with the blizzard crit actually. But for some reason you weren't as offensive and weren't attacking his giratina or something with palkia and that really screwed you over. But it won't really matter if you go to nats and just win there anyways. I hope to see you online sometime on netbattle or something...but I think be good practice to go on IRC and talk with all the other dudes there about VGC and enter wifi tournies (on either #skarmbliss or #smogonwifi). Its kinda a different setting you know, and it doesn't have NBS' glitches.

It was nice meeting you and hopefully we'll see each other next year too.
Hey I remember now, I decided to Rock Slide with croak because I was scared of a non-attack and Sucker Punch would fail, and I didn't wanna Low Kick in case of a Giratina coming in, so I just slided to hit both pokés. But anyway Danukes good ass game man, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be going to Indy.
I lost to your mate Eric in Round 3. He Topped me to death. Powerful team. And you were the one who beat my man Danukes.

Duo was not strong enough.
Yeah I think he told me about your match. He said you were hella good and his toughest oppenent (besides the one he lost :P). I think he mentioned some Blizzard freeze hax on you though? Not sure.
Yeah I think he told me about your match. He said you were hella good and his toughest oppenent (besides the one he lost :P). I think he mentioned some Blizzard freeze hax on you though? Not sure.
Yeah, double freeze on the first turn xD But one of my Pokemon had a Lum and the other died by hail so it didn't affect the outcome. I'll be trying again in Phoenix, Dallas, and the LCQ [that's gonna make for 5 tries including Seattle and Phoenix] so hopefully I'll see you guys at Nationals.
Yeah I think he told me about your match. He said you were hella good and his toughest oppenent (besides the one he lost :P). I think he mentioned some Blizzard freeze hax on you though? Not sure.
Can you ask him if the guy he lost to's name was also Erik? I'm trying to find out who all my opponent's were.

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