Warm Up With Some Cuddles (Completed)

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So I've been working on breeding a shiny Fennekin, and trying to get a flawless one as well. Unfortunately, I've ended up with several 5 IV Fennekin with the nature I wasn't looking for so I figured rather than releasing them I'd ship them off and see if someone else wants to try and breed a Fennekin for themselves this gives them a headstart. This Fennekin is full redistributable. Considering I've taken more than I've given, it's only right that I do my own Giveaway.

Nickname: None
Level: 1
Nature: Timid
IV: 31/x/31/31/31/31
EV: None
Attacks: Scratch, Tail Whip
Ability: Blaze
Pokeball: Pokeball
Hatch Location: Battle Resort
Stock: 18

1.) All Smogon Rules apply.
2.) Put up any Pokemon on the GTS asking for a Fennekin between Level 1 and 10. There are both females and males. After putting it up, post what you have up and I'll try and find it.
3.) Please be patient, I work and I have a social life so if I don't get to you immediately please don't fret.
4.) I will NOT be allowing people to reserve them. I'm MMing for a shiny Fennekin, I'll probably end up doing more of this giveaway later.
5.) Enjoy.
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Sure I'll take one.

I put up a level 36 Klink. IGN is Cara and the message is "smogon"
UPDATE: I released all of my poor natured Fennekin. Instead, I've now got 18 Timid Fennekin that are 31/x/31/31/31/31. This offer is open for 48 hours or when the stock runs out. Whichever comes first.
Deposited a lv 35 male tentacruel for a fennekin and put ur nickname in the message for easier finding :)

tyvm in advance
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